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Seattle vs. Miami: The Best Of The West vs. East Coast Excellence

Seattle vs. Miami: The Best Of The West vs. East Coast Excellence

The finest that the west coast has to offer comes face to face with east coast majesty, in the comparison that is Seattle to Miami. Welcome to Seattle, the home to Mariners and a world-famous Space Needle, where cloudy days are easily overshadowed by diversified entertainment, renowned seafood, and the finest coffees ever to grace the face of this planet.

By comparison, Miami exists as an east coast paradise fit for royalty. This metropolitan haven for art, culture, and vibrant nightlife, boasts a timeless portfolio of tantalizing Cuban foods, excellently paired with massive environmental efforts, and a skyline to die for.

So, which will it be? Will you settle into Seahawks territory in the west, or take a chance on the finest of Florida? Read on to decide for yourself!

1. Budget

The best vacations are the ones for which you budget beforehand, allowing you to experience everything on your bucket list, while simultaneously not burning a hole in your wallet! It’s always a good idea to take an honest look at the amount of money you’re comfortable spending, before you allow yourself to spend more than you’re comfortable with!

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Seattle: 4/10

Sunset seattle

Unfortunately, money-saving deals in the Coffee Capitol of the World are few and far between. Welcome to Seattle, where amazing eateries and sensational landmarks are actually at times overshadowed by the sheer price of living. With prices which exist 80% higher than the national spending average, you’re going to be dropping more cash than normal, should you elect to make Seattle your next destination getaway.

Visitors can expect to spend, at rock bottom, 129 USD per night for even a basic hotel room, at least when it comes to an in-city stay. This rate is good for the tenth-highest per-night hotel room rate in the entire United States! If you’re the type of travel that needs to constantly find yourself on the better end of a ridiculous bargain, Seattle might not be the place for you. Locals and visitors alike regularly shell out larger sums, for even basic items. Fortunately, prices seem to drop once you exit the city and enter the suburbs, so rest assured that the region isn’t without its deals.

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Miami: 5/10

Miami sunset 3

If you’re looking for a massive price improvement over Seattle, think again. Given Miami’s status as an entertainment hub, one of the worldwide leaders with regard to consistent nightlife, prices are going to be accordingly high. You can again expect price inflation to plague your purchasing needs in the city, where monthly rent breaches $1,500 in any essentially decent stay. Furthermore, groceries and other essentials have experienced a recent spike; you’d be much better off purchasing anything and everything outside of the confines of the dense Miami city, instead locating lower prices for food, gas, and lodging in suburban areas.

That said, Miami offers a plethora of options if you’re looking to vacation on a budget. In fact, many of its locations and activities are free to see and to experience! Miami beaches are free and are open to the public, as is the Holocaust Memorial, a testament to militant resilience. You can also take a free bike tour of locations like Coconut Grove, or take in the unabated majesty of Biscayne National Park. From free jazz showings in local parks to affordable Miami MetroZoo options, Miami still has plenty to offer if you’re looking for a taste of Florida, without its accompanying high price tag.

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2. Weather

Don’t find yourself unprepared when it comes to the weather patterns of two of America’s largest tourist cities! Discover all of the ways that climatic conditions can augment your getaway experience, and make sure to take into consideration those attractions which are not contingent on weather conditions!

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Seattle: 5/10

Just another rainy day. #SeattleRain

Posted by Manjunath Clicks on Tuesday, 1 November 2016

You didn’t really expect a high weather rating for one of the rainy day capitols of the world, did you? That said, although Seattle is essentially known for its cloudy days, and for its 152 days of rainfall every calendar year, that doesn’t mean you need to let these sometimes inclement weather conditions get between you and a sensational Washington experience!

Sure, Seattle gets a bad rap when it comes to its weather conditions. Very few, if any, individuals will travel to Seattle for a taste of its gorgeous climatic atmosphere. However, it might be time that we gave this city’s temperate marine climate a break, because between its wet winters and oceanic conditions, Seattle can still serve up some gorgeous days. Notably, Seattle receives 37 inches (93.9 cm) of rainfall a year, a figure which actually exists two inches (5.08 cm) below the national average of 39 inches (99 cm). Furthermore, the city averages between 65° and 70° Fahrenheit (18.3-21.1° C) for nearly half of the year! Somehow, no one seems to mention the fact that when rain isn’t typifying this western gem of a city, the resulting weather can approach paradise.

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Miami: 8/10

A post shared by Verena (@flying_vreni) on Oct 20, 2017 at 12:13pm PDT

And then there’s Miami, a location seemingly characterized by more sunshine than it knows what to do with. No offence to Seattle, but there’s simply no keeping up with the sheer amount of good weather that is heaven-sent Miami’s way. Its tropical climate, warm weather, and balmy breezes establish Miami as a foremost authority in nearly picture-perfect eastern weather.

Nearly perfect. Miami, for all of its sunshine and clear weather, is not without its inclement climate from time to time. Afternoon thunderstorms often frequent this coastal paradise, especially during the region’s wet season. From June through the conclusion of November, Miami is also on hurricane watch, given its proximity to warmer waters which so often catalyze hurricane activity. Worthy of note is the fact that early 40% of those homes constructed within the city limits of Miami sit upon floodplains, in areas that are considered verifiable flood-risk zones.

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3. Sightseeing

What’s a certifiable American treasure without its accompanying sights and sounds? Ensure that any location you visit has enough landmarks to more than keep your attention. Fortunately, when it comes to both Seattle and Miami, you won’t find yourself the sad witness to any shortage of excitement, whether you’re in search of historical staples, man-made sites, or natural majesty!

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Seattle: 7/10

A post shared by Space Needle (@spaceneedle) on Oct 19, 2017 at 9:53pm PDT

There’s so much to see, and so very much to experience when it comes to Seattle, Washington! This city plays host to so much more than a coffeeshop on every street corner, and the frequent rain cloud. Nestled in Seattle’s folds is a fully diversified portfolio of award-winning sights and sounds, the likes of which easily succeeds in entertaining locals and visitors alike!

Begin your holistic Seattle experience by taking in those items which typify so many Seattle bucket lists. Check out the Space Needle, one of Seattle’s most identifiable landmarks, a site which has captivated since its inception in 1961. This Washington observatory tower stands 518.8 feet (15812 m) above the ground, and boasts a spectacular, 360° view of the immediate and lasting Seattle area.

Find yourself easily falling in love with the city’s historic Pike Place Market, where for the first time you’ll understand why the smell of oceanborne life comes to mind when so many bring Seattle to mind. This retail center specializes in the finest seafoods that you’ll find in the region, and has operated continuously since 1907. Statistically Seattle’s most popular tourist destination, Pike Place Market is known as much for its unique sound as it is for the way it easily captivates all of the senses.

After perhaps taking in other Seattle must-see landmarks, like the Puget Sound, Olympic Sculpture Park, and the Seattle Great Wheel, it’s time to take advantage of some of Seattle’s hidden gems, those items which only the eagle-eyed tourist can locate. These include the Seattle Pinball Museum, home to more than 30 working, antique pinball machines, which are all free and playable! You’ll also want to find yourself taking in Kerry Park, a tiny space on the edge of Queen Anne Hill, which features excellent views of the downtown Seattle area, from a comfortable distance. Read our article for more things to do in Seattle.

What Seattle lacks in spectacle, it easily earns in sheer quality. From the historic to the majestic to the man-made, each and every site in Seattle is well worth your indulgence! Make sure you don’t forget your camera!

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Miami: 7/10

We all know where to get the best #NewYearsEve kiss. 😘 🐬

Posted by Miami Seaquarium on Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Much like Seattle, what Miami lacks in sheer magnitude of attraction, it easily recuperates in quality and in diversification of spectacle. Furthermore, given the fact that many individuals mistakenly think Miami is a one-trick pony when it comes to sightseeing, it should come as a pleasant surprise to learn that this Florida staple features one of the most diversified arrays of sightseeing opportunities in the state!

Step aside, nightlife - the rest of Miami is well worth seeing! First on the list is the Miami Seaquarium, the go-to saline attraction in what is already one of the foremost marine authorities on the east coast. Located on the Virginia Key island, the Miami Seaquarium has something for every wildlife fan. Adventurous visitors will love the amusement park feature of the location, where it’s always easy to enjoy the rides and the high-octane shows. Those nature-lovers will find opportunities for close-up views of some of the Atlantic’s rarest creatures early and often during their visit. The Miami Seaquarium also proves an excellent historical and educational opportunity, for those aiming now to waste such an indulgent experience.

Then, there’s Jungle Island, a location which exists as an absolute Miami necessity. Miami’s own zoological park plays host to more than 3,000 species of animal, bird, and plant, and allows visitors to get up close and personal with furry, feathered, and downright intimidating creatures! Family-friendly as Miami adventures come, Jungle Island allows kids to run and to play, while adults can learn more about the conservatory efforts of some of the world’s most endangered species.

For some of Miami’s hidden gems, check out locations like Manatee Bend Park and Stoneage Antiques, locations with which even locals aren’t familiar! We’ll leave the discovering up to you! Read our article to learn more about the best things to do in Miami.

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4. Food and Drink

You have to eat sometime, right? Between award-winning sights and sounds, you’re going to want to relax, and to take in some of the finest culinary examples city-wide. Rest assured that we’ve combed through an extensive variety of food and drink, to bring you nothing except the finest culinary options. A taste of local heritage is only an easy decision away!

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Seattle: 9/10

A post shared by seattlefood (@seattlefood) on Jul 8, 2017 at 12:41pm PDT

What Seattle might lack in spectacular weather, it more than makes up for when it comes to food and drink. This oasis for sensational taste ranks among the finest culinary regions of the entire United States; in fact, Seattle ranks within the top five US cities when it comes to quality and diversity of food and beverage. Suffice to say, you won’t find yourself disappointed by anything that you happen to consume in Seattle.

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to the many distinct flavors that Seattle offers, ask a local! They’re undoubtedly going to point you in the direction of the nearest source of organic, locally grown food, given that Seattle has fresh, locally sourced produce to thank for its high culinary ranking. Also, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a location that doesn’t sport some type of apple beverage or dish, given that Washington supplies 70% of America’s total apple production!

When it comes to the meals you’ll experience while in the heart of Seattle itself, the price tag is more than worth the product. Try the Flintcreek Cattle Co. on for size, a bite-sized eatery that allows its guests to sample only the finest in local meats, including elegant dishes like quail, bison hanger steak, and even wild boar! You won’t believe that so cozy a venue can seat 120 individuals at once, but with a reputation to uphold, the more the merrier!

When you’ve exhausted well-known options like Wataru, Harvest Beat, and Windy City Pie, venture into the lesser known regions of the city, for hidden treats like The London Plane, a part-bakery, part-cafe location that allows guests to routinely indulge in top-tier organic produce. There’s always the Dough Zone Dumpling House, for those individuals yearning for potstickers, noodles, and world-famous dumplings. If you need help deciding, check out our article on the best restaurants in Seattle.

Simply put, world-class culinary experiences await in mass quantities when it comes to Seattle. Apologies to anyone attempting to compete with this series of award-winning eateries; a portfolio of food and beverage staples like this simply cannot be overcome.

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Miami: 7/10

Carnitas Weekend at Chanchitos Food Truck. Call ahead so you dont miss out 305.910.5079. Open tonight till 1am #tacos...

Posted by Chanchitos Food Truck on Friday, 25 August 2017

Though not routinely included on a list of the foremost authorities of award-winning foods, Miami surprises early and often when it comes to a meal you can be proud of. In a city dominated by a reputation for nightlife and high-octane adrenaline, Miami quietly delivers on its promise of cultural cuisine, and has already begun to create for itself a reputable niche in the culinary field.

Recent culinary innovations have put Miami on the map, so far as edible excellence is concerned. Unsurprisingly, Miami’s close proximity to the shore leads organically to some of the best seafood you’re going to experience anywhere on the east coast. Whet your whistle with some seafood perfection, at local seafood staples like The River Seafood Oyster Bar, and Joe’s Stone Crab. From freshly fished oysters to tantalizingly delicious crab to choice lobster, there’s proof early and often that Miami is a fast-forming seafood paradise.

Also home to Miami is a somewhat stunning series of culinary diversity, in the form of respectively unique new restaurants. This genesis of new options, in the form of individual eateries that selectively showcase the finest of national and international foods, has taken Florida at large by storm. Bachour Bakery and Bistro is one such location, which has broken from the norm of shoreline bistro long enough to establish a bakery well worth your indulgence. Barbecue staple KYU also showcases some of the finest in Asian-inspired meal selections, making the Miami location a budding scene for food as diverse as it is delicious.

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Location is nothing without security. Ensure that no matter where you elect to travel, there is ample safety, with regard to transportation, hospitality, and day-to-day activity. A location without sufficient safety is a location you may wish to do without, but a location that can promise safety as part of a dazzling tourist portfolio is one well worth your presence.

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Seattle: 7/10

A post shared by Juanita 🇨🇴 (@juaniprieto) on Oct 20, 2017 at 12:39pm PDT

First and foremost, it’s encouraging to note that Seattle has earned a safety rating that is 2% higher than that of the average American city. Perhaps more importantly, Seattle is not a city where you will feel at all intimidated when walking around even the darker lit streets. Seattle, by all accounts, is represented not only by a spectacular police and security force, but also by a friendly populace, one which does well to actively avoid and to prevent danger. Especially if you stick to those areas which are most populated, you shouldn’t have any sort of problem while frequenting the Seattle area.

As with most metropolitan regions, there are certainly those areas of the city which you will want to avoid, if at all, during nighttime hours. The Seattle police force suggests that those looking for particularly safe neighborhoods should look at staying in Sunset Hill, Ballard, and Magnolia areas. Furthermore, the police force has published a color-coded map of the city in its entirety, available online, which outlines in significant detail those areas to visit, and those to avoid.

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Miami: 6/10

The largest city in the state of Florida is also rated a safe city, by most security standards. However, as with Seattle and every large metropolitan area, Miami has its areas to avoid, and they appear slightly more expansive than those of Seattle, perhaps due to Miami’s vibrant nightlife scene. Ranked 51 out of 162 major cities, Miami is for the most part a safe city.

It is worthy of note that those areas distinctively north of the downtown district are particularly risky, especially during the nighttime. Travelers are advised to be on particular lookout for large groups of teenagers, street performers, and all individuals offering to help with luggage. As always, visits and locals alike are advised to use caution, to stay alert, and to at all times know their whereabouts within the city. Nonetheless, those areas of Miami best for sightseeing are also those most conducive to safety; rest assured that the majority of those individuals in Miami are there to enjoy the region.

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The Result?

Seattle: 32/50

Miami: 33/50

Though Miami and Seattle are vastly different cities, interestingly they rank similarly with regard to score. Concerning food and drink, sightseeing, safety, budget, and weather, Seattle ranks a 32/50, with its highest score coming in food and drink. Miami ranks slightly higher, at 33/50, ranking highest in weather conditions.

Essentially, allow those preferences which are most important to you to determine which location is to be your next preferred getaway. If you’re looking for fine weather and more bang for your buck, take Miami up on its offer of authentic western hospitality. If you’re in the mood for a top-notch culinary experience, and more peace of min with regard to immediate safety, it’s time to check out everything that Seattle has to offer!

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