What To Buy In Detroit, Michigan

what to buy in detroit

Shopping is always an integral part of the travel experience. Every time you visit a new town or city, you will desire to have a feel of how the shopping experience is, check on the quality of their merchandise, and also do a comparison of what they may have but you don’t have in your home city. For a place like Detroit, there are not just lots of things you can do and see, but there are a plethora of things you can buy. If you ever visit Detroit, here are some of those nice little items that are unique to Detroit, and which you should experience by sampling a few. They are simple stuff with simple price tags, and you are free to buy as many as you want. Think of them as souvenirs that you will use to carry along the memories of your trip. Scroll down to find out what to buy in Detroit, Michigan.

1. Artisan pottery

Posted by Artisan Pottery on Sunday, 5 November 2017

Artisan pottery is one of the truly diverse forms of art you will ever find in the places you travel to. Nearly every country has its own style of pottery, given that this is a practice that has been around since the beginning of time. There are simply lots of pieces of pottery available in a variety of designs and functions, and irrespective of how many you have purchased in the past, you will always find unique ones that, whether or not you are a collector, you will love to have. As such, artisan pottery is one of those souvenirs you shouldn’t leave Detroit without. There are so many artisan shops in the city, and all you have to do is dedicate some time so that you shop for the very best that the city has to offer.

2. Baseball swag

Posted by Anthony Young Piazza on Saturday, 17 November 2018

Baseball is a very popular game in the United States, and one with millions of passionate followers in the country alone. When you are in Detroit, you are in the home of Detroit Tigers, and there is no better souvenir you can get to show your love or appreciation for the Tigers other than buying their swag. You should know that Detroit Tigers is one of the respected, perhaps one of the most feared teams in the championship and having their merchandise comes with a unique sense of pride for the team. If you happen to visit when the league is on, you should make an attempt and watch the Tigers in action. Get baseball caps, t-shirts, and other swags to remind you of the Detroit Tigers.

3. Beer opener


Posted by Ref Magnet Wedding Souvenirs Manila on Monday, 30 May 2016

When it comes to manufacturing, you will be surprised to know that at one point, Detroit had more production breweries than any other country in the world. As such, the beer culture is deeply rooted in Detroit, and you will find more than fifteen beer brands manufactured in Detroit. For the love of the drink, it makes sense to get a beer opener as a souvenir when you visit Detroit. This is something you may use occasionally when you are back home, and every time you open a beer bottle, you won’t help but remember the trip you had in Detroit.

4. Chocolate

Posted by Chocolate Lovers on Sunday, 6 January 2019

Chocolate is nearly in every city you will ever visit, but why is it included in the list of the things you should buy in Detroit? Well, Detroit is the home of Bon Bon Bon chocolate. You have probably had a taste of chocolate manufactured in other countries, but you have never been so close to where they are being manufactured. This is why you should try the Bon Bon Bon chocolate and carry some home with you. There are also other brands native to Detroit that are worth checking out.

5. Rock-inspired clothing


Posted by Rock Clothing on Monday, 6 May 2019

Detroit was the epitome of rock music in the late 70s, and the influences then shaped the mainstream hard rock music that is played up to today. This indicates a strong rock culture in Detroit, and purchasing rock-inspired clothing is a nice way not just to appreciate this music genre in the city, but also have a befitting souvenir for your trip to Michigan.

6. Handmade glass night lights

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Posted by Blenko Glass Company on Wednesday, 1 May 2019

This is another high form of art that will make a great remembrance for your trip to Detroit. Just like with pottery, you will find handmade glass night lights in various sizes, styles, and shapes. Your duty, then, will be to choose the most appealing ones to you. With every ray of light that they will emit at night, memories of your trip to Detroit will flood your mind. Again, this is another befitting souvenir because Detroit is known for this kind of glass which is very unique to the region.

7. Handcrafted watches

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Posted by HandCrafted Men Watches on Sunday, 12 May 2019

When we talk about watches, we think about Switzerland and other European countries which are known to be the hotbeds for manufacturing watches. However, when you are in Detroit, you should strive to get a handcrafted watch. It will interest you to know that Detroit is the home to Shinola – a luxury watch brand based in Denver. You should go specifically for the Shinoal handcrafted luxury watches if you are interested in a watch souvenir. They are classy, elegant, and since they are made in Detroit, checking the watch on your wrist will always remind you of where it came from – Denver.

8. Tote bag

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Posted by TOTE BAG on Thursday, 18 October 2018

Tote bags are handy and unisex – you can comfortably use them on a daily basis irrespective of your gender. These bags are not unique to Detroit since you will find them in nearly every city you visit. However, getting one with Detroit graphics is what will make all the difference. There are several shops with various designs you can purchase, and since they are not expensive, you will carry along your memories of Detroit without spending a lot of money.

9. Leather goods

Posted by Brucker Crafts on Thursday, 9 May 2019

Everyone loves leather. They are durable, stylish and will never get out of fashion. Whether it is a bag, wallet, or jacket, these are items you will have for years and you will never get tired of using them. Detroit happens to be the home of some of the leading leather brands in the world, and getting a leather product as a souvenir will never hurt.

10. Sanders hot fudge

Posted by Sanders Hot Fudge on Friday, 15 October 2010

The Sander’s story dates back to June of 1875 when Fred Sanders opened the first chocolate shop in Detroit. Currently, Sanders products and chocolates are intertwined in the lives of Michigan families and this is one of their major identities. You will find the chocolates in national supermarket chains in and around Detroit, and don’t be surprised to find the incredibly popular Sanders hot fudge abroad. This is one of the things you must indulge in when you get to Detroit. It is their pride and you should share in their joy by getting hold of Sanders hot fudge so that you can also appreciate the delight that made it win the hearts of many Michigan families.

Don’t leave Detroit empty handed

Source: Pixabay

You should never fail to leave a new city without something to remind you of your time there. You don’t have to be a collector so that you go heavy on unique items. Sometimes, the small things that mean the world to the locals are what make the difference. If you ever visit Detroit, don’t fail to get any of the above items.

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