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Your Guide To Staying In A Yurt In Chester, Arkansas, USA

Your Guide To Staying In A Yurt In Chester, Arkansas, USA

Chester is one of the towns located in Crawford County in Arkansas. It’s one of those places that is just waiting to be discovered by nature lovers. With abundant reserves of forests, trails, and natural watering holes, it seems to be a big playground for those who want to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. But of course, this place does not have any shortage of modern amenities as well. With more and more people dropping by to enjoy the area, accommodations have also improved. In fact, this is one of the few places where tourists and locals alike can have their staycations in a yurt!

If you are planning something new and unique for the family or for your friends, then pack your bags and make your way to Chester! It might just give you a new perspective on what local tourism has to offer!

What is a Yurt?

Interior of a yurt
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A yurt is a type of tent dwelling that has a conical roof. It’s not a new trend, but rather, one that was adopted from its origins in Central Asia. Genghis Khan and his horde used these kinds of tents to house their people since they were constantly on the move. Even at present, yurts are still a prominent type of lodging for countries like Mongolia and Siberia because of its good reputation as a durable but portable type of accommodation.

Coming to Chester, Arkansas, you will be able to see a modernized yurt that has all the amenities for that perfect staycation. It’s stronger, more stable, and equipped with all the right things to provide comfort. It’s one of the most unique experiences for tourists who are aiming to celebrate romantic getaways, anniversaries, or family and friends bonding time! There are beautiful sceneries all around, peaceful sounds, and different activities to enjoy!

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Choosing the right YURT accommodation for you

Like any other listings, yurts in Chester also have varying levels of comfort. Choosing an accommodation that is out of the box does not mean that you have limited options – in fact, it quite the opposite! Whether you want to go for the basic or indulge in some luxury, it is your choice!

Yurts as Suites

Like hotels, yurts also have their suite equivalents. Utmost privacy is guaranteed and all the amenities you can ever need! There will be majestic views of the surrounding mountains, king-sized beds, hot tubs, comfortable furnishings and a graceful ambience that gives off the feel of luxury during your stay. There will be private gardens and breakfast guests that are perfect for guests who want privacy in their accommodation. Whether you choose the equivalent of an executive suite or a junior suite, rest assured that all of them will provide a one of a kind experience.

Basic Yurts

There are suites, then there are also basic accommodations for yurts in Chester. They would still have 360 views of the surrounding mountains, but the grandeur of the interiors will be on a smaller scale. It’s perfect for guests who want to enjoy modern amenities without over-indulging.

If you want to check on different locations for yurts, you can check out the campsites and state parks in the area and try to make your reservation online. These unique dwelling will provide all the comforts of home while providing the best chance for outdoor adventures!

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Unique activities you can do while staying in a Yurt in Arkansas

1. Stargazing

Source: Pixabay

Who isn’t interested to gaze at the sky during nighttime? Communing with nature also means that you can stare at the stars without the disturbance of light pollution from the city. This is one of the biggest advantages of staying in yurts during your vacation! It’s not every day that you can see the clear night sky! Also, you can sleep and wake up with the relaxing sounds of nature at your disposal.

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2. Explore the forests

Another thing to do is to explore the National Forests freely! Arkansas has no shortage of greens and it will be the chance to go on a different kind of adventure. Whether you want to camp, or just stay for a day, there are numerous ways to enjoy the outdoors! Go biking, ride a car through the bigger trails, or take a stroll and enjoy the scenic views all around. There is something unique about spending your day in a wild and new environment before going back home to your comfortable yurts.

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3. Conquer the walking trails

Walking trails
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If you want to savor the whole adventure scope, why not take a walk? There are numerous types of trails that run along Lake Fort Smith. Go with friends and a reliable tour guide to get the most out of the experience! Don’t worry if you are a beginner because there are all kinds of trails that will cater to beginners and experts alike! As they say, some things are worth the climb, right? These walking trails might lead the path to your future favorite hangout!

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4. Enjoy the natural water holes

After all that hiking and walking, everyone deserves some refreshment! Take a dip at the many watering holes that you will pass through. Don’t be scared because the natural waters will be cool and mostly untouched. Swim around, take your time, and enjoy the overall sensation of running water on your tired body! There is no better way to relax before setting down for the night!

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5. Birdwatching

Sandhill cranes
Source: Pixabay

Lastly, because there are different kinds of flora in Chester, you can also expect to see various types of birds flying about. On random, you may see them in flocks flying from tree to tree. You can get to know what types of birds they are and how they are living in their natural habitat. Some people make a hobby of birdwatching so it’s something you can try for yourself! You can relax in your yurt and just look in the distance. There is no doubt you will be able to see them!

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Check into a Yurt for your next trip to Arkansas!

Chester, Arkansas is indeed one of the gems that you need to visit soon! Stay in your yurt of choice and enjoy the comforts of home in the outdoors! It will count as one of the unique travel experiences to have. There are so many experiences that are waiting to be discovered and there are all types of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Chester might just surprise you in the best ways!

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