Kamakura, Japan

Kamakura, located South-West of Tokyo, is a historical city which is known for its beautiful temples and shrines. Its convenient location allows many visitors to enjoy a glimpse of Japanese traditional life. If you are visiting Japan for the first time and only have limited time to explore places near Tokyo, this is the place to go. Just by taking a train for 30 minutes or so, you will find yourself in a historical city filled with much beautiful Japanese architecture. Take a picture with the famous Great Buddha at Kotoku-in temple and try riding a rickshaw. It is a very tourist-friendly city so you can walk around to visit many places on foot.

Kamakura is also known for its beach and surf culture. This is one of the places where you can catch waves all year round in Japan.

If you visit Kamakura, make sure you also stop by at Enoshima and Yokohama, which will show you yet another side of Japan!

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Kamakura, Japan
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