History & culture

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Knowing a bit about an area’s past is not only interesting, but it can also help you to understand how a place has become what it is today. Our reviews take you from prehistoric sites, ancient kingdoms, and the medieval period, right through to the present day. Places of historic interest may include architecture, artefacts, sites related to former royalty, old hotels, fortresses and other sites connected with battles and war, people from civilisations of yesteryear, and more.

Learning about the local culture is also often interesting for many travellers. Again, a basic knowledge can help you to understand more about, and sometimes feel a greater connection with, the people of today. See how culture helps to shape societies and learn more about traditions, rituals, and everyday activities from different cultures around the world.

Stroll through the leafy Greenwich Park in London and enjoy a variety of historical delights. Take a step back in time at Lukang Old Street in Taiwan and explore San Francisco’s colourful Castro District. Learn more about different ethnic groups in Borneo at the Sarawak Cultural Village and tour Victor Hugo’s Parisian apartment. Eager for more? Check out our History & Culture section!
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