With beautiful scenery, peaceful rural areas, delicious cuisine that comprises Asian and French elements, and a laid-back way of life, Laos is a fantastic destination for people who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

The capital of Vientiane has more of a small-town atmosphere than that of a nation’s capital city. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find plenty to keep you amused for a few days. Wander along the Mekong River, visit one of the country’s strangest attractions at Xieng Khuan Buddha Park, see Laos’s most significant Buddhist temple at Pha That Luang, and admire several colonial gems. Vang Vieng offers various outdoor activities, from river tubing and kayaking to rock climbing, caving, hiking, and cycling. It is also the best place for party animals.

Luang Prabang is a culture lover’s dream, with evocative old temples, remains of grand colonial buildings, and many saffron-clad monks. Phonsavan and the Plain of Jars provide greater insight into Laos’s past, and the Four Thousand Islands might entice you to rest and recharge whilst lazily swinging in a hammock. Whilst the entire country offers marvellous scenery, some favourite spots are the Bolaven Plateau, Nong Khiaw, Luang Namtha, and Huay Xai.

For more ideas of places to go, how to get around, estimation of costs, places to stay, and, essentially lots of useful and practical advice to help you plan your own epic adventure in Laos, don’t miss the reviews and articles in our section dedicated to Laos.

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