Communist East Germany/ GDR and the Berlin Wall


3-6 hours

Up until 1990, much of Berlin stood in a completely different country: the socialist German Democratic Republic (GDR). What was life like in the GDR and what marks has it left on Berlin and the German people?

We will see some remnants of the Berlin Wall, check-out some communist art and architecture and generally get nerdy about the extinct socialist Germany!

GDR tours could also include sights like Checkpoint Charlie, the former Stasi headquarters, former GDR Council of Ministries building, East Side Gallery or other sections of the Berlin Wall, escape sites, memorials and former ghost tunnels.

For those with an interest in the backstory of the history of socialism/ community in Berlin, we can also trace the history of events like the 1918 revolution, 1919 Spartacus Uprising and even go back to Karl Marx’s time in Berlin.


DAY 1 -

I tailor the specifics of my tours to the guests. Either we meet either at your accommodation or at our first site. We then travel through the sights together. For this tour we are likely to use the public transport system (tickets not included in tour price). Sometimes we have a brief break at a cafe (snacks not included), based on your needs.

Good things are meant to be shared!
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