19 Activities You Can Do In BG Junction, Surabaya

19 Activities You Can Do In BG Junction, Surabaya
Shierly Octaviana
Shierly Octaviana 
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BG Junction was an iconic shopping plaza and movie theater named Wijaya before fire damaged it in the 1990s. Fast forward to mid-2006, a private company in Indonesia rebuilt the theater and transformed it into BG Junction. While we can still go to a movie theater (CGV) in this mall, it now also has plenty of other attractions and shops to see and explore.

The roaring dinosaur opposite the Funworld and food stall area is my favorite! Playing the “test your strength” game is also convenient in BG Junction, as you can do it in the fitness and game center.

Keep reading to know more about other fun activities you can do in BG Junction, Surabaya!

1. Grab super-cheap plant-based local onigiri in Sego Njamoer

I love this store’s original product, which is called Sego Njamoer Ori. It is as affordable as 7,000 IDR (0.45 USD)! On the other hand, the 10,000-IDR (0.64-USD) Sego Njamoer Jumbo is slightly larger than the Ori version. But both versions are great for dinners. Plus, these two products’ plant-based nature means they are great for our health. I’ve also tasted their pentol (meatball) and satay products, and they are delicious!

P.S.: Sego Njamoer in English translates to mushroom rice or onigiri.

Sego Njamoer

Address: Mall BG Junction, Jl. Bubutan No.1-7, Bubutan, Kec. Bubutan, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60174

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm (daily)

2. Take your best selfie in the K-pop-themed Selfie Time

Selfie Time’s ordering process is interactive. I chose which photobooth package I wanted to have. Then, I paid with my e-wallet and provided my email. This is so they can send you a QR code. All I had to do was scan the QR code in the email when I wanted to start the photoshoot.

The editing process will begin after the system generates eight photos. Here, I could choose which five among eight photos would be displayed, along with frames and stickers.

A staff member told me when she helped me print my photoshoots that sometimes, K-pop-themed elements, such as those featuring Seventeen or NCT, can appear as editing options.

Selfie Time BG Junction Surabaya

Address: dekat Transmart, Jl. Bubutan.1-7 (Lobby Level: D18, D19, D20, D21, Bubutan, Kec. Bubutan, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60174

Price: Starts from 45,000 IDR (2.86 USD)

3. Shop for clothes from local brands

If you’re looking for streetwear-style hoodies and trousers, 3Second is the best place to shop. I always look for their soft pink items whenever I visit the mall’s UG floor.

I also discovered My Style recently. The price is on par with 3Second, and they have more variety. Their pastel-colored dresses are a must-buy!

3Second and My Style aren’t the only local brands in BG Junction. Cahaya Department Store on the LG floor also sells streetwear clothes. You can also register for a membership to make use of promotional offers for these gorgeous clothes!

4. Enjoy the sight of an angry, almost life-size, dinosaur robot

BG Junction’s Funworld transports visitors’ minds to other realms through the angriest dinosaur robot in Surabaya. The almost life-size robot will turn around and roar angrily at visitors when it detects footsteps. I stomp at least three times to get the dinosaur to show its teeth while roaring at me.

You will notice several signs below the angry dinosaur saying things such as “don’t feed the animal” and “danger: high voltage.” I’m pretty sure the dinosaur is electrified!

5. Test your strength at Mr. Token's arcade game center

Do you dream of attacking the angry dinosaur in Funworld with your special moves? Or, have the people around you annoyed you until you wanted to unleash your anger in one finishing blow? Mr. Token is the place for you! One of the “test your strength” games here is next to anime music games such as Sound Voltex.

I am a big fan of anime music games in arcade settings. So, earning game tickets from powerful punches after playing a music game is fun for me.

P.S.: The more powerful your punches are, the more tickets you can earn! Remember to top-up your Mr. Token gaming card balance first before you play.

Mr. Token

Address: BG Junction, Jl. Bubutan No.116, Bubutan, Kec. Bubutan, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60174

Opening hours: 10am - 11pm (daily)

6. Take care of your fitness needs at The Strongest Fitness

I have met travelers who were in Surabaya for around one to two months. I am guessing these travelers would want to also take care of their health during their long-term travels. The Strongest Fitness can accommodate your needs! The trainers won’t disappoint you, as they have lots of experience helping customers reach their goals. Their Zumba classes are always fully booked several days before D-Day.

Like all gyms, your body weight is the first thing The Strongest Fitness team will assess. To me, the accuracy of their assessments and analysis is stunning!


Address: Jl. Bubutan 1No 7 BG Junction Mall Level 2 floor, Bubutan, Kec. Bubutan, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60174

Opening hours: 10am - 9pm (daily)

7. Practice your billiard and bowling skills

Toko Wijaya, which is what the mall used to be known as, might have been burnt and replaced with the trendier BG Junction. Yet, locals can’t separate this mall from its history.

The bowling center was one of the entertainment places in Toko Wijaya before it transformed into BG Junction. Today, the same game has become the primary focus of BG Junction’s Funworld.

The mall’s dedication to offering the most attractive entertainment to tourists doesn’t stop there! You can also head to Billiard Junction on the L1 floor, the same floor as the Multifunction Hall. I suggest you play on Thursday evenings, as the crowds are better, and you can get a more competitive price of 30,000 IDR (1.9 USD) per hour.

8. Impress your clients by renting a meeting room in Multifunction Halls

Are you working while traveling in Surabaya and wish to rent economically priced meeting rooms? If your answer is yes, I would recommend adding BG Junction’s Multifunction Hall to your list of places to check out immediately!

You can negotiate with the shopping mall’s management on WhatsApp to rent any halls on the L1 or L2 floors. Let’s not forget that each Multifunction Hall has a lift with a panoramic view. The lift will lead you to Choice City Hotel.

Multifunction Room

Address: BG Junction, Jl. Bubutan Lt. 1, Bubutan, Kec. Bubutan, Surabaya, Jawa Timur 60174

Opening hours: 10am - 11pm (daily)

9. Savor local coffee selections

I make sure to stop by Angonjiwo whenever I visit this shopping mall. Their outdoor views are fantastic, and you can also see antique architecture and paintings indoors. Plus, Angonjiwo’s way of serving hot coffee is straightforward. Manual brew is the method of preparation regardless of the coffee you choose.

Kopi 27’s slightly cheaper price range makes it one of the best alternative places in Angonjiwo that I would recommend. Lately, Belikopi has also intrigued me due to its resemblance to Es Teh Indonesia.

Locally sourced coffee selections enrich BG Junction! Go ahead and visit the mall if you wish to see more cafes.

10. Fulfill your children's needs for clothes, toys and accessories

BG Junction’s stores indulge children’s five senses through clothes, toys, and accessories. Even so, the products are still very economically priced. What I love most are the designs of the toys and accessories. Some unnamed stores also sell imported shoes and toys at much more affordable products than the average store. Some even sell inflatable private pools, which I never see in other shopping malls.

Barangbayi.id has the most comprehensive collections for every child’s needs. I adore the designs of the baby chairs and beds here!

11. Get a massage while waiting for your children to finish playing

Parents with children make up the majority of tourists in BG Junction. The reason is that almost all floors in BG Junction have at least one place for children to play. And since it’s not safe to leave children unsupervised when they are overly focused on their toys, parents need to be nearby.

If you’re looking for something to do while you watch your kids, I recommend you head over to the Relax & Go part in BG Junction’s playgrounds. These are massage chairs, and you will need to insert cash inside the machine to operate it.

If you need additional time, all you need to do is to insert more money inside the machine! Then, you can take your time to relax as you see your children exploring the wide selection of interactive elements in the playground.

12. Eat healthy at Suka Salad x Vitus Coffee

I believe Suka Salad x Vitus Coffee can provide your tummy with great nutrition. You can sip on locally sourced and processed coffee products (they always have at least one blend ready for the V60), while also eating the healthiest salad.

I like the vegetarian salad wrap. It is not only the cheapest dish, but it is also the healthiest. Look at the greens!

Suka salad x Vitus BG junction

Address: Area, Depan Sale Zone, Bg Junction, JI Jl. Bubutan No.1-7 Lantai Ug Extention, RT.1/RW.1, Bubutan, Surabaya, East Java 60174

Opening hours: 10am - 9pm (daily)

13. Get yummy ice cream for your kids

As one of the most kid-friendly shopping malls, ice cream products are a must-try when you wander around BG Junction. In my opinion, Haus’ and Cooler City’s ice cream cups are similar in their prices and flavors. My only complaint is that I wish I could choose my toppings in Cooler City. That way, I could omit the mango jelly.

Cooler City has a more pronounced chocolate taste in its sundaes. Haus’ taste is more subtle, but you can pair it with the soft bread selection to amplify the taste.

14. Invite positive energy to your residence at Amber Moon

How can you attract positive energy? Meditation, which is one of the reasons why travelers go to foreign parts of the world.

Amber Moon is where you can find scented candles and diffusers for your meditation needs! They have themed scents, such as Midnight Fantasy. I love this one, as it smells like cinnamon ashes with some lavender. It’s so relaxing! You can also choose the one-of-a-kind Thai spa scents or the calming cookie smells to help stimulate happy feelings.

15. Enjoy some self-care massage sessions

Expect to spend around 100,000 - 250,000 IDR (6.33-15.84 USD) per hour when you book a massage session in BG Junction. Apart from the competitive price, their direct booking sessions are attractive to me. The therapists will always be available to serve you; you’ll see them standing in front of the store.

Gio Refleksi, MM Refleksi, and Sae Reflexology are some of the best places to get a massage in BG Junction. Their 60-minute body spa is worth trying!

There’s also another massage parlor named RX Relaxology on the hidden P8 floor, which you can access through the travelator connecting to The Strongest Fitness Center. RX Relaxology’s prices are slightly higher than the previously mentioned massage parlors. Yet, the place offers a calmer atmosphere, as it is also next to Nurul Falah Mosque.

16. Buy oleh-oleh at JJ'Nanku

Are you departing soon to the nearest train station (less than 2 km driving from BG Junction), Surabaya Pasar Turi Station, and thinking of buying oleh-oleh before your departure?

Head to JJ'Nanku, and you will find tons of unique batik and art collection designs to bring home. JJ'Nanku itself is a slight abbreviation of Jajananku, which translates to “My Snack” in English. So, you will find delicious snacks from Surabaya’s SMEs in this store!

The 8,000-IDR (0.51-USD) Mie Taben is my favorite in JJ'Nanku. The train station also has it, but they sell at almost double the price. I also found Keropok Puyur from Kampong Lawas Maspati’s SME recently, and the price is identical to Mie Taben’s.

17. Chill around the L2's food court area

As far as I know, competitive prices and food courts always come in one package. BG Junction’s food court on the L2 floor, the same floor as Mr. Token, is a great example.

Almost all areas of BG Junction’s L2 floor are eating places that remind you of Surabaya from the 1990s to the 2000s! Mama Ayam Goreng, Tahu Campur Kapasari, and The Bakmi Gili are three legendary Central Surabaya eating places at the food court.

Nasi katsu or katsu noodles are my favorites when visiting The Bakmi Gili, as the katsu (fried chicken) gives a modern touch to The Bakmi Gili’s legendary reputation.

Hungrypedia’s spaghetti is my choice if I’m looking for a more economical price than The Bakmi Gili. Many people also love their chicken steaks!

18. Renew your passport and other paperwork

There are four shopping malls in Surabaya where you can renew your passport, including BG Junction. BG Junction’s additional places where you can take care of paperwork other than your passport make it one of the most reliable places to go to.

If you’re bringing your car or motorcycle or wish to rent one, you need to head to SIM Corner on the L1 floor. The same floor will also provide visa assistance if you want to travel to Saudi Arabia. Moving up to the L2 floor, you will see a place to arrange for a police clearance certificate.

I suggest you prepare for their aptitude test. You need to pass the test to have your letters issued. Wednesdays until Fridays are their busiest days.

19. Immerse yourself in Islamic fashion, culture, and teachings

BG Junction is one of the friendliest malls for Muslim travelers. Karita, a fashion store for youthful Sharia-compliant looks, is one of the things I don’t find in other shopping malls in Surabaya.

I love the vibrant colors and designs in Karita’s fashion collections! I recommend you buy their prayer accessories. Then, you can head to the mosque on the P8 floor.

Nurul Falah Mosque is always crowded on Fridays and Ramadan seasons a few hours before Muslims break their fast. People love hunting for snacks (“takjil” in the local language) in the mosque.

BG Junction has everything you need and more

The 3-star Choice City Hotel’s connectivity to BG Junction means this shopping mall will be the first shopping hub for tourists staying at the hotel. Even if you stay in Airbnbs or capsule hotels near BG Junction, you might want to consider walking around this shopping mall!

BG Junction’s affordability matches well with the varying entertainment it offers. It doesn’t matter whether you want to punch a dinosaur or eat economically at any of the food court’s stores, alone or with friends.

You will have the greatest time in BG Junction if you visit any of the spots mentioned above!

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