Indonesia is an archipelago with one of the most diverse cultures and natural wonders in the world! From Weh Island in the northern tip of Sumatra to Papua in far eastern Indonesia, there are about 1,100 tribes spread throughout its more than 5000 inhabited islands! These tribes practise their own traditions and cultures, making each island, town or village unique. Be it the Balinese Kecak and Barong dances or Javanese Buddhist temples and wayang puppets, there are unlimited attractions to cater to different needs!

For the adventurous, Indonesia promises adrenaline hikes amid vast natural beauty. In fact, this archipelago is where many of the earth's most active volcanoes are. Its lands and seas are among those with the most biodiversity. You may have heard of the beauty of Mount Bromo's crater in East Java, the perfect surfer’s waves in Bali, the living ‘dinosaurs’ (komodo dragons) on Komodo islands or the world-recognized underwater biodiversity at the Raja Ampat islands but that’s not all! For city-dwellers, Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan are just a few examples of developing cities that provides affordable glamour for the jet-setter wannabes. Indonesian cuisines come in various form – but most make full use of spices, ensuring each culinary experience to be full of flavors.

Accommodation isn't an issue in Indonesia. From luxury to budget, five star hotels to backpackers’ lodges – there’s a space to fit all budgets. So, wherever you are in the globe, visit Indonesia and be amazed!

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