7 Best Cafes In Saga, Japan, You Might Enjoy Visiting

7 Best Cafes In Saga, Japan, You Might Enjoy Visiting
 Imtya Rahmi
Imtya Rahmi 
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Located right in the heart of Saga Prefecture, Saga is a city that offers a unique blend of serenity and vibrancy, characterized by its stunning natural scenery, rich history, and delectable cuisine. Saga is a special spot where the old meets the new. I noticed this in the beautiful mix of traditional Japanese culture and new modern styles, especially in the cafes dotting the area.

If you enjoy spending time in cafes like I do, Saga offers some truly amazing options. In this article, I’ll introduce you to seven cafes you won’t want to miss when you’re in the city. Whether you’re a resident or simply visiting, these cafes feature a delightful blend of delicious food, comfortable ambiance, and that unique atmosphere only found in Saga. So, check out these best cafes in Saga, Japan, you might enjoy visiting!

1. Yumesaki Coffee Ufufu

Yumesaki Coffee Ufufu is one of my absolute favorite cafes in Saga. From the moment I walked into this cafe, I was welcomed by a warm atmosphere ideal for cozy family meals. Unlike many cafes that focus on drinks and light snacks, Yumesaki Coffee Ufufu surprises its guests with an extensive selection of main courses — ensuring that there’s something delectable for everyone.

Drawing from my personal dining experience, I recommend trying their pasta selections and beef or chicken steak for your main course. Each dish is expertly prepared and full of flavor, making them a must-try. When it comes to dessert, don’t skip their pancake ice cream. The mix of creamy and fluffy textures will make sure your meal ends on a sweet note.

Yumesaki Coffee Ufufu

Address: 2 Chome-25-22 Hyogokita, Saga, 849-0919

Opening hours: 7:30am - 12am (daily)

2. Isola Coffee

Although Isola Coffee isn’t directly located in Saga, it’s close enough to the city center to be on this list. I remember the first time I entered Isola Coffee, I was struck by its coziness. The cafe’s interiors, replete with wooden accents and greenery, exude a zen-like vibe. Isola Coffee is a perfect spot for moments of solitude — whether you’re reading a book, jotting down thoughts, studying, or working. Here, time seems to slip away effortlessly.

If you’re a fan of sugary delights, you won’t want to miss out on ordering the chocolate frappe. As for snacks, give their ‘Croffle’ a go — it’s a fusion of croissant and waffle that offers a balanced taste of sweet and savory, along with a texture that’s both crispy and soft.

Isola Coffee

Address: 1280-2 Kanzakimachi Motoorimuta, Kanzaki, Saga 842-0013

Website: Isola Coffee

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 11am - 6pm; Sat - Sun: 11am - 8pm

3. Komeda's Coffee

A staple in the Japanese coffee scene, Komeda’s Coffee in Saga does not disappoint. It embodies the vibe of a classic Japanese ‘kissaten’ or a traditional coffee shop, providing an array of sandwiches, toasts, and coffee. If you’re looking to enjoy a relaxed chat with someone special in Saga, I’d recommend visiting this cafe.

As for the culinary delights, what captured my palate and my heart was the Shiro-Noir, which is a decadent Danish served with soft-serve ice cream. When complemented by their sweet iced chocolate, the experience becomes sheer perfection that any visitor would cherish.

Komeda's Coffee

Address: 3 Chome-7-14 Hyogokita, Saga, 849-0919

Website: Komeda’s Coffee

Opening hours: 7am - 11pm (daily)

4. Hoshino Coffee Saga

Hoshino Coffee Saga takes great pride in its artisanal hand-drip coffee and features a diverse menu that blends Western and Japanese cuisines. For me, the standout item on the menu is their French toast — it’s heavenly light, and when paired with cream and maple syrup, it almost feels like you’re savoring a sweet cloud!

I was with a group of friends when I visited Hoshino Coffee Saga, and it quickly became apparent that it’s a perfect cafe for those looking to engage in laid-back conversations. The setting, featuring a harmonious mix of wooden elements and contemporary design, invites you to slow down and savor quality time with your companions.

Hoshino Coffee Saga

Address: 3-4-12 Hyogo Minami, Saga 849-0918 Saga Prefecture

Website: Hoshino Coffee Saga

Opening hours: 8am - 8pm (daily)

5. Seattle's Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee is internationally known, and there are several outlets in Saga. But my favorite is the one in Saga Station, which has a certain unique charm. Overlooking the city, the cafe offers stunning views, making it an ideal spot for both early-morning risers and those looking to unwind after a long day.

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll find their Americano to be top-notch; it’s both robust and aromatic. However, if coffee isn’t your cup of tea, give their iced cookie and cream a shot. Beyond beverages, the cafe serves an array of dishes, from light bites, such as donuts and cheesecake, to heavier options, such as sandwiches.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

Address: 1 Chome-11-1 Ekimae Chuo, Saga, 840-0801

Website: Seattle’s Best Coffee

Opening hours: 7am - 9pm (daily)

6. Cafe LX Youme Town

Cafe LX in Youme Town Saga is another favorite of mine, especially when I need a work-friendly cafe. The atmosphere here is exceptionally conducive to tasks that require a peaceful environment. Plus, the wooden furnishings offer both a visually appealing and Instagram-ready backdrop!

Speaking of the menu, personally, I recommend their iced caramel latte. Although I don’t often eat here, the cafe also offers a variety of food options, such as pasta, paninis, and hamburgers.

Cafe LX Youme Town

Address: 5 Chome-14-14 Hyogokita, Saga, 849-0919

Website: Cafe LX Youme Town

Opening hours: 10am - 9pm (daily)

7. St. Marc Cafe Youme Town

St. Marc Cafe Youme Town
Source: Imtya Rahmi

As I wrap up my list of the best cafes in Saga, I can’t leave out St. Marc Cafe in Youme Town. The atmosphere here is incredibly inviting, effortlessly blending sophistication with warmth. Plus, the soft jazz music playing in the background just adds to the experience.

St. Marc Cafe is famous for its ChocoCro, a chocolate croissant that truly lives up to the hype. The crust is the perfect level of crisp, effortlessly giving way to a rich, gooey chocolate center that’s just heavenly. It’s the perfect companion to the cafe’s extensive selection of coffees and teas.

St. Marc Cafe Youme Town

Address: 5 Chome-14番1号 Hyogokita, Saga, 849-0919

Website: St. Marc Cafe Youme Town

Opening hours: 10am - 9pm (daily)

Discovering the best cafes in Saga, Japan

If you’re thinking about Japan’s cafe scene, you might first think of the big cities, such as Tokyo. But there are also other great cities worth noting, such as Saga. Even though it’s a quieter city, the cafes in Saga are just as good. Some might even argue they offer something uniquely special.

Whether you’re seeking solace, a spot for reflection, or simply a great cup of coffee, these cafes have you covered. For me, every visit to a Saga cafe is more than just a quick coffee break; it’s an experience, a story, and a lasting impression that keeps calling me back.

So, why not take the time to explore these seven best cafes in Saga? This way, you’ll get to experience all the unique flavors and special touches that make this quiet city a place you shouldn’t underestimate!

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