Top 11 Things To Do In Fallon, Nevada: Enjoy The Racing, Vineyards & Trails

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They say that nothing gets your heart pumping like a good race and if you’re looking for that kind of thrill, then a trip to Fallon, Nevada is in order. This city has a lot of history to offer its visitors as well as a culture of good food and good fun. Whether you decide to watch a race on the race track or ride your own vehicle down the sand dunes, you will be in for some wild times. And plenty of great places to stay are available in Fallon, Nevada - from cozy vacation rentals to lovely hotels.

Fallon is home to a variety of natural surroundings that give you the opportunity to explore ancient caves or trek through a wildlife refuge. And when you’re ready to settle in for a good meal, there is no shortage of local cuisine and wines that the community has to offer. Some of the top things to do in Fallon, Nevada will have you amazed and in awe of the history of this land and those that are making new memories in it.

1. Rev your engines, because Fallon is a racing hot spot

HIMOINSA Racing Team
Source: Photo by user HIMOINSA Racing Team used under CC BY-ND 2.0

If you’re wondering what to do in Fallon, then head over to one of the many outdoor recreation spots in the city. Home to the Top Gun Raceway, Fallon gives car enthusiasts a reason to cheer, with streetcar, door car, motorcycle and drag car racing. This raceway is open to all drivers on Friday nights where you can pay a small fee to test your vehicle and take a spin on the track. Or head on over to Rattlesnake Raceway where you can watch ride all types of karts on a dirt track.

But if you’re looking to ride on more rugged terrain, then just outside of Fallon there are also sand dunes for off-roading enthusiasts. Known as the Sand Mountain Recreation Area, these 1,900 hectares (4,795 acres) of sand dunes are not only home to off-highway vehicles racing across the sand but also to the Sand Springs Desert Study Area and the 1860 Pony Express Station. This is an incredible location if you’re looking to witness the action or be in the heart of it.

Top Gun Raceway

Address: 15550 Schurz Hwy, 89406 Fallon, NV

Website: Top Gun Raceway

Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Address: 5665 Morgan Mill Road, 89701 Carson City, NV

Website: Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Rattlesnake Raceway

Address: 2000 Airport Rd, 89406 Fallon, NV

Website: Rattlesnake Raceway

2. See nature up close and personal from a historical perspective

Near Fallon, you can find the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, which has an international following due to it being an important location for the migratory patterns of shorebirds. Here you will find an extensive trail system that will allow you to observe the interesting wildlife or perhaps practice your wildlife photography skills. You can also head to the Lahontan State Recreation Area where there are many activities that you can enjoy that range from camping to water skiing.

If you’re looking to wander through an ancient terrain then check out Grimes Point Trail. It is home to one of the largest petroglyph sites in the world where you can check out Native American art from over 6,000 years ago. There is also the Hidden Cave that you can tour through the Churchill County Museum. This cave has been home to human activity since 3,500 BCE and many of the artifacts found there were relatively undamaged when discovered. Whatever way you choose to observe and interact with nature in and around Fallon, you are guaranteed to be amazed.

Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge

Address: 1020 New River Pkwy, 89406 Fallon, NV

Website: Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge

Lahontan State Recreation Area

Address: 1971 Fir Ave, 89429 Silver Springs, NV

Website: Lahontan State Recreation Area

Grimes Point Trail

Address: 5665 Morgan Mill Road, 89701 Carson City, NV

Website: Grimes Point Trail

Hidden Cave

Address: 1050 South Maine Street, 89406 Fallon, NV

Website: Hidden Cave

3. Enjoy a wine tasting or explore local cuisine

Source: Pixabay

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Local cuisine is all the rage across the US and Fallon is not one city to fall behind on the trend. Along with many farms and restaurants that provide excellent cuisine, there is also a local vineyard and a local distillery that has earned a good reputation for themselves. Churchill Vineyards is known for their Nevada made white wine.

There is also the Frey Ranch Estate owned by the same people that own Churchill Vineyards. Tastings and tours are held on Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m. The Slanted Porch, located in a refurbished house, is a recommended spot for a good lunch or dinner. These local businesses are a wonderful asset to Fallon’s identity as a town that has much to offer!

Churchill Vineyards

Address: 1045 Dodge Lane, 89406 Fallon, NV

Website: Churchill Vineyards

Frey Ranch Estate Distillery

Address: 1045 Dodge Lane, 89406 Fallon, NV

Website: Frey Ranch Estate Distillery

The Slanted Porch

Address: 310 S Taylor St, 89406 Fallon, NV

Website: The Slanted Porch

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4. Revisit the past at Churchill County Museum

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Curious to see the ‘Best Little Museum on the Loneliest Road in America?’ Then, head over to Churchill County Museum, a museum that contains a collection of objects and artefacts about the county’s past. Every year, the museum hosts a variety of exhibits and programs that seek to inform and educate the visiting public to the collective story of Churchill County residents. Here, visitors will see a tule home and authentic relics of the pioneers who braved the Forty Mile Desert. Plus, they will also discover that Churchill County is the only county in the USA to own its telephone company through a telephone history exhibit in the museum.

Churchill County Museum

Address: 1050 S Maine St, Fallon, NV 89406, United States

Website: Churchill County Museum

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 10am - 5pm; Sun: 10am - 3pm (closed on Mon)

5. See great performances at Oats Park Arts Center

Oats Park School, Nevada Historical Marker No. 263, Fallon, Nevada
Source: Photo by Flickr user Ken Lund used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Boost your creativity with a visit to Oats Park Arts Center. It is the premiere spot for all things art-related here in Fallon, Nevada. It is also one of the select historic places that is part of the prestigious ‘Save America’s Treasures’ project. This designation honors the history of the arts center that served as a public school before. The arts center is composed of a 350-seat theater and a sprawling gallery. The theater hosts a variety of performances, some from distinguished artists. Looking for art inspiration? Visit the gallery and take a peek at the local creations of Fallon’s best and brightest.

Oats Park Arts Center

Address: 151 E Park St #3443, Fallon, NV 89406, United States

Website: Oats Park Arts Center

6. Pick up fresh produce from Lattin Farms

Farm Kartoffelfeld Schweden
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user BASFPlantScience used under CC BY 2.0

Photo is only for illustrative purposes

Lattin Farms is one of the oldest family-owned farms in the Lahontan Valley. It started way back in 1909, producing alfalfa and small grains. Today, the farm grows a variety of produce and is a favorite attraction for residents and visitors alike. The Lattin family specializes in growing cantaloupe, corn, tomatoes, raspberries, and more. Drop by their farm and choose from a variety of seasonal produce. Better yet, get lost and find a way out through their corn maze. Experience farm life to the fullest by taking a hayride to the pumpkin patch. Supporting farmers has never been easier by taking a trip to Lattin Farms and buying their local produce.

Lattin Farms

Address: 1955 McLean Rd, Fallon, NV 89406, United States

Website: Lattin Farms

Opening hours: Mon - Thu: 8:30am - 6pm; Fri - Sat: 8:30am - 8pm (closed on Sun)

7. Hang your old shoes at The Shoe Tree

The Shoe Tree - 5
Source: Photo by Flickr user Wheeler Cowperthw... used under CC BY 2.0

Just a few minutes’ drive away from the center of the city is an odd and quirky Fallon tourist attraction. This lone tree along the US Highway 50 is decorated with footwear of different kinds. The legend goes that a couple had a fight under the tree and as a sign of reconciliation, they hung up their shoes on the tree. As years went by, onlookers also put up their shoes under the tree until it became a tradition. Take part in this odd tradition and hang your old footwear too. There’s nothing or no one to stop you from doing so; authorities even encourage it. And if you’re just passing by, marvel at the tree and the hanging shoes which look like fruit from afar.

The Shoe Tree

Address: 41763 Lincoln Hwy, Fallon, NV 89406, United States

Opening hours: 24 hours (daily)

8. Commemorate the past at Sand Springs Pony Express Station Historical Marker

2015-04-02 15 47 05 Central Overland Trail - Sand Springs Station trail marker at Sand Springs Pony Express Station, Nevada
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Famartin used under CC BY-SA 4.0

For a bit of Fallon sightseeing, visit Sand Springs Pony Express Station Historical Marker. During the 1860s, Pony Express was established to deliver parcels and goods from Missouri to California. This 1,800-mile (2,896-kilometer) journey took 10 days to traverse with riders on horseback traveling for long distances before changing horses. However, the introduction of a telegraph service throughout America meant an end to this service. Today, a historical marker serves as a reminder for this bygone era. One won’t see much in this area, except for a few remaining walls and makeshift water springs that inform people of the hardships braved by horseback riders just to deliver important documents.

Sand Springs Pony Express Station Historical Marker

Address: Fallon, NV 89406, United States

9. Relish some delicious burgers at Middlegate Station

Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Davemeistermoab used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Driving along US Highway 50 can be tiresome, and you may need to refuel your energy before heading back to the road again. Luckily, there is Middlegate Station, ready to serve its hungry customers. This tiny, rustic spot preserves its Wild West heritage; after all, it was originally a stop for riders on Pony Express. A neon sign invites customers to come in and order from a choice of American cuisine. It is a must that you try their signature Middlegate Monster Burger. Those brave enough to finish the calorie-heavy burger get a free t-shirt. Leaving a tip? Just hang it from the ceiling, where you’ll find numerous other dollar bills hung up as well.

Middlegate Station

Address: 42500 Austin Hwy, Fallon, NV 89406, United States

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 7am - 9pm; Fri - Sat: 7am - 10pm

10. Sip a cup of joe at Stone Cabin Coffee

Source: Unsplash

Photo is only for illustrative purposes

After munching on fries and burgers at Middlegate Station, why not wash it all down with a good cup of coffee? Head down to Stone Cabin Coffee and order a coffee, hot or iced, to lighten up your mood. Stone Cabin Coffee is set in a small cabin house, and you’ll surely feel like being you’re in a cozy cabin once inside. Enjoy your cup of coffee with a serving of pastries. Alternatively, you can head down for a glass of wine or cocktail. Whatever your choice, Stone Cabin Coffee has it all for you. So, don’t miss the chance to visit this tiny coffee spot; after all, it’s one of the best in town.

Stone Cabin Coffee

Address: 480 E Williams Ave, Fallon, NV 89406, United States

Website: Stone Cabin Coffee

Opening hours: 5am - 6pm (daily)

11. Stay overnight at Overland Hotel & Saloon

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Of course, exploring all the things to do in Fallon, Nevada will only be possible if you stay back for a few days. And the best place to stay for the night is at Overland Hotel & Saloon. The hotel and saloon are located in a historic building that is listed on Nevada Register of Historic Places. As for the hotel, expect to be transported to the good old times since it has been meticulously preserved in its 1900s style, including the guest rooms. Head down to the saloon and enjoy a game of pool or play some music from the jukebox. When you’re hungry, drop by their Basque-style dining room for a delectable pit-style barbecue.

Overland Hotel & Saloon

Address: 125 E Center St, Fallon, NV 89406, United States

Website: Overland Hotel & Saloon

Live through excitement and history in Fallon, Nevada

Be prepared to either have sand in your boots or mud on your shoes as you make your way through the awesome attractions in Fallon, Nevada. This city has so much to offer when it comes to wildlife preservation, the study of human civilizations and local culture and cuisine. Each attraction has so many facets to it that you could come back to the same spot again and again and find something new to discover each time.

It could take you days to fully explore all the things to do around Fallon. With proximity to so many natural wonders, this destination is a must see for environmental enthusiasts as well as thrill seekers. And with so many choices of participating in the action or simply being a spectator, one thing is for sure, no matter how much time you spend in Fallon, you know you are in for a ride!

Frequently asked questions about the things to do in Fallon, Nevada

1. Which are the top attractions to visit in Fallon?

Fallon has a range of interesting spots to see. Some of the top attractions to visit in Fallon are Oats Park Arts Center, Churchill County Museum, Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, Sand Springs Pony Express Station Historical Marker and The Shoe Tree.

2. Which are the best outdoor activities in Fallon?

Many amazing outdoor activities are available in Fallon. Watch a streetcar, door car, motorcycle or drag car race at Top Gun Raceway or go off-roading at Sand Mountain Recreation Area. You can enjoy wildlife viewing at Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge or go camping or water skiing at Lahontan State Recreation Area.

3. Which are the most popular things to do with kids and family in Fallon?

Fallon is a very family-friendly destination. You can take your kids to the century-old Lattin Farms to pick up fresh produce or check out the ancient petroglyph sites at Grimes Point Trail with them. Your entire family can admire the exhibits at Churchill County Museum, watch riveting performances at Oats Park Arts Center and chow down amazing grub at Middlegate Station.

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