12 Best Things To Do In Mandurah, Australia - Updated 2024

8 best things to do in mandurah australia
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Adrian Chew 
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An ideal day tour destination less than an hour from Perth, Mandurah is a popular weekend getaway for locals and tourists alike. Mandurah is adapted from Mandjar, the aboriginal name for the area. The city center foreshore is home to an abundance of marine life like the blue manna crab as well as a variety of wildlife like shags, dolphins, and pelicans.

The once-sleeping fishing village has come of age in recent years, evolving into a stylish and modern getaway with its numerous restaurants and cafes famous for fish and chips, clear blue water, and spectacular beach sunsets. The relaxed holiday atmosphere and plenty of accommodation choices, such as Stayz accommodations and Airbnb vacation rentals, make this place an ideal weekend holiday destination. Find out more about the best things to do in Mandurah, Australia.

1. Lunch cruise across Mandurah's waters on board a pirate ship (from USD 28.0)

Looking for a unique way to spend your lunchtime? Hop aboard a pirate ship and sail across the waters of Mandurah on this fun sightseeing cruise. Bring your kids along to this family-friendly affair, as guests dressed as pirates keep you energized with a clever mix of entertainment and learning.

For one and a half hours, you’ll get to enjoy stunning views of the city’s iconic seaside scenery as you pass through several houses, marinas, and attractions such as the Mandurah War Memorial monument. You may also get the chance to spot a pod of dolphins swimming in your direction, as well! Apart from the amazing views, you’ll also be offered a complimentary lunch treat to lighten up your appetite.

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Short Mandurah Pirate Ship Lunch Cruise

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

22 reviews

2. Full-day brewery tour with scenic drives (from USD 106.0)

This full-day bar-hopping tour sees you and your mates visit some of the city’s top breweries, each offering several unique varieties of beer to chug on along the way. Of those breweries, one is a family-owned business, with a strong focus on sustainability that sets them apart from others.

If you have booked your short-term accommodation, you can request the organizers to be picked up from where you’re staying. The brewery tour runs for 7 hours, and within those hours, lunch is offered for free. If you’re seeking things to do in Mandurah that has to do with booze - and lots of it - then this experience may be right up your alley.

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Mandurah: Breweries and Scenic Drive Private Day Trip

Duration: 7 hours

4 reviews

3. Cicerello's Seafood Restaurant

It's the weekend, why not celebrate with some Fish & Chips and maybe a cold drink from our selection of beer, wine and soft drinks available.

Posted by Cicerello's Mandurah on Friday, 2 September 2016

Cicerello’s Seafood Restaurant is the best place to enjoy fish and chips. It has done so for over 100 years and its restaurant is located in a great location. Besides, one can enjoy champagne, wine or beer while eating freshly caught seafood including crayfish, oysters, crabs and mussels at the water’s edge. The iconic Cicerello’s is known as Western Australia best seafood eatery offering a range of family friendly dining options on the water’s edge. With alfresco seating overlooking Mandurah’s Peel inlet, Cicerello’s succulent fish and chips are world renowned and not to be missed. Apart from that, you can choose from a wide array of treats from the café such as coffee, waffles, homemade gelato and cake.

Cicerello's Seafood Restaurant

Address: 2/73 Mandurah Terrace, 6210 Mandurah, Western Australia

Website: Cicerello’s Seafood Restaurant

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4. Beach and waterfront activities in Mandurah and Peel Region

Posted by Linda Proto on Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Posted by John Dacosta on Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Mandurah and Peel Region delivers an amazing range of sporting, adventure and action options. Choose your adventure from the miles of beautiful island waterways and incredible ocean coast. As for the beaches, simply enjoy relaxing on a sandy beach, there are many family friendly sheltered beaches right next to Mandurah’s Marina. Find fun exploring the open ocean, estuary, lake and rivers by Jet Ski, canoe or fishing. Besides, you can spend the day swimming at Mandurah’s beautiful beaches like the Falcon Bay, Silver Sands, Blue Bay and Doddis Beach or you can head further south to Preston Beach. While you are here, you can also find perfect waves in Mandurah at popular surf spots such as Tims Thicket, Pyramids, Avalon Point or Gearies.

Peel-Harvey Inlet is Mandurah’s jewel in the crown and a true aquatic playground. It is ideal for crabbing, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, dolphin cruises, jet skiing and house boating. Mandurah is a beautiful boating haven. You can either go for a lunch cruise and spot dolphins or take in the scenery. Besides, there is an option to book a boat.

As for crabbing and fishing, the famous lip smacking blue manna crabs make the Peel-Harvey estuary a super popular fishing location. While you are here, try your hand at scooping for Mandurah’s famous crabs on shallow waters. Also, stand up paddle boarding through the canals or around the estuary is a magical experience in the afternoon or early morning. In short, families and kids can immerse in various activities.

Beach and waterfront activities in Mandurah and Peel Region

Address: Mandurah and Peel Region

Website: Beach and waterfront activities in Mandurah and Peel Region

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5. Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

Posted by Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on Saturday, 6 May 2017

Officiated in June 1997, this beautiful building overlooking the bay host various children’s show, international arts, performances, comedy shows and theater. It was funded by the City of Mandurah and Western Australia government. The 16 million AUD (12 million USD) project won the Civic Design Award. The Centre is featured in the International Architecture Year Book 5, which showcases the best public buildings in the world.

The Centre’s facilities have been designed around glassed foyer areas, which offer sweeping views over the Mandjar Bay and city center. Comprised of the Alcoa Mandurah Art Gallery, Boardwalk Theatre and The Fishtrap Theatre, the center is an icon for the performing arts in the Peel region. Other facilities within the center include retreat areas, dance studio with a spring tarquette floor, artist dressing rooms and standard and executive meeting rooms.

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

Address: Ormsby Terrace, 6210 Mandurah, Western Australia

Website: Mandurah Performing Arts Centre

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6. Dolphin Quay Marina

Spoil the missus on Valentines Day! Cruize down in the boat and have a cocktail or two and watch the amazing sunsets here at Dolphin Quay.

Posted by Dolphin Quay on Monday, 13 February 2017

The once sleeping fishing village has come of age in recent years, evolving into a stylish and modern getaway. These days you may be just as likely to be shopping in a funky fashion boutique, dining in a swanky waterside restaurant or posing in a wine bar. The relatively new Dolphin Quay Marina is a particularly popular tourist attraction in Mandurah, with a wide array of waterside shops, restaurants, markets and cafes to choose from.

Besides, it offers live music, delicious food, unique gift ideas and old fashioned service all within a stunning picturesque and fun holiday atmosphere. The stunning view overlooking the ocean provide the perfect backdrop for the many market style shopping, restaurants and specialty stores. Dolphin Quay provides an unforgettable day out for the whole family.

Dolphin Quay Marina

Address: 4 Zephyr Mews, 6210 Mandurah, Western Australia

Website: Dolphin Quay Marina

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7. Abingdon Miniature Village (Amaze Miniature Park)

Posted by Amaze Miniature Park on Saturday, 18 June 2016

Amaze Miniature Park is the new name of what was previously Abingdon Miniature Village. The park is located 50 minutes south of Perth. To get here, one can either take a train or by car. This point of interest has an extensive display of scale model miniature railways and buildings.

Most of the models are exact replicas of popular historical buildings from parts of Germany, the Abingdon Village and United Kingdom. There are plaques for each building that tell you more about the original. Some of them like the birthplace of Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway’s Cottage are well-known buildings. Others including mills and farmhouse are just as delightful.

Amaze Miniature Park is a must-see attraction for everyone. Get ready to explore a hedge maze, playground, circular mazes and secret garden. Take your time to walk through the extensively landscaped gardens, past the barges and canals, ornamental lakes as well as miniature diesel and steam trains. It is indeed a sight to behold. After exploring the garden, visitors can choose to visit Decadent Chocolate Factory Café across the road and enjoy cold drinks, an ice cream or hot coffee available from the kiosk.

Abingdon Miniature Village

Address: 24 Husband Rd, 6069 Barragup, Western Australia

Website: Abingdon Miniature Village

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8. Mandurah Foreshore and Inner City Heritage Walk

Posted by Jos Coufreur Artist on Thursday, 7 April 2016

Posted by Sharon Rowe on Sunday, 13 September 2015

When visiting Mandurah, book yourself a free walking tour. You will get to see various sights along the Mandurah foreshore while on a trip down memory lane. The Foreshore Heritage Tour will take about one hour and start at the Mandurah Community Museum. It provides information on the history of Mandurah pioneer settlers, which is an accurate portrayal of life as it once was. Besides, tourists and visitors will get to know and learn about the pioneer families’ stories and homes, the past, places of interest, the present and Mandurah’s indigenous cultural history.

The tour passes through the centuries-old buildings, including Sutton’s Tea Rooms, Turley House, Santoy Ballroom, Scotts Garage, Brighton Hotel and Eureka Cottage, many of which have been lovingly restored to their original condition. Free Heritage Walk Tour is a must-see once you are in Mandurah. Do note that the walking tour is only available on Friday and Saturday. Also, do not forget to book in advance.

Mandurah Foreshore and Inner City Heritage Walk

Address: 3 Pinjarra Road, 6210 Mandurah, Western Australia

Website: Mandurah Foreshore and Inner City Heritage Walk

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9. Mandurah Ocean Marina

While dolphins are a common site in this area, there were an unusual number in the marina this morning. They had herded...

Posted by John Fairweather on Friday, 15 July 2016

The Mandurah Ocean Marina is an aquatic playground offering magnificent piazzas, beaches, parks and boardwalks. The marina offers modern facilities for both recreational and professional boating enthusiasts as well as a colorful mix of waterfront restaurants, stalls, cafes and shops.

Many of the restaurants at the Ocean Marina offer not only delicious food but stunning picturesque and views over the ocean. The various market style shopping and specialty stores provide a fun holiday atmosphere for not just couples looking for romantic things to do in Mandurah, but also for families, friend groups, tourists, and just about everybody else.

Mandurah Ocean Marina

Address: Fathom Turn, 6210 Mandurah, Western Australia

Website: Mandurah Ocean Marina

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10. Three Rivers Brewing Company

Posted by Three Rivers Brewing Company on Monday, 6 March 2017

Welcome to the Three Rivers Brewery, the newest brewery set up in Western Australia. It is a small family owned and run micro brewing located in the beautiful Peel Region of Western Australia. The Three Rivers was chosen as a name for two main reasons. Firstly, it refers to the Harvey Estuary and Peel Inlet fed by the three rivers, which are Harvey, Serpentine and Murray. Secondly, the brewery is run by three members of the Rivers family. They produced a range of award winning beer made from the only finest ingredients and nearly all conforming to the strict German beer law.

Also, they use yeast, water, hops and malt in most beers. Apart from that, there are no cheap sugar, additives, coloring and preservatives in their beers. Among the beer range is Jester Kolsch, White Knight Belgian Witbier, King Henry English, Rude Boy ESB, Cu Chulainn Irish Red and Ducks Nuts Brown. Due to Western Australia licensing law, the brewery is a production, so there is no onsite consumption other than for tasting. In other words, they can only supply to restaurants, pubs and clubs or sell to retail direct to the public from the mini kegs or cellar door in bottles.

Three Rivers Brewing Company

Address: 2/6 Harlem Pl, 6210 Greenfields, Western Australia

Website: Three Rivers Brewing Company

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11. Orchard, Aussie Farm & Mandurah day tour (from 103 USD)

8 best things to do in mandurah australia | orchard, aussie farm & mandurah day tour

Enjoy a full day tour to Raeburn Orchard, discovering great-tasting fruits and full-bloom greeneries. Then you will get to experience an authentic Australian farm where you will have a taste of BBQ kangaroo meat and freshly cooked damper. After this, you can relax and have some pet time with a face to face experience together with the farm animals. To enjoy all of these and for a truly authentic Aussie farm experience, book with Experience OZ!

Orchard, Aussie Farm & Mandurah day tour

Price: from 103 USD

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12. Mandurah Dolphin Cruise (from USD 23.0)

8 best things to do in mandurah australia | mandurah dolphin cruise
Source: Experience OZ

As you glide through the world-class calm inland waterways of Mandurah, your captain will take you through a network of canals lined with stunning homes. You may come across the resident bottlenose dolphins that often surf our boats, wake or jump high in the air showing off, making this a memorable experience. As you cruise by the wetlands, you will see some stunning shorebirds ranging from the massive pelicans to the tiniest birds.

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Mandurah Dolphin Watching and Scenic Marine Cruise

Duration: 1 hours

Enchanting Mandurah

Mandurah Foreshore (3143284322)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Michael_Spencer used under CC BY 2.0

Mandurah offers a unique blend of beach activities, fishing, and swimming in some of the finest waterways in Australia. This busy Peel region is constantly abuzz with laid-back tourists and lively locals. Apart from that, its ideal weather conditions and absolute water wonderland make planning a holiday to Mandurah so much easier.

Mandurah is an excellent gateway to southwestern Australia, and with this list of recommended things to do, you’ll certainly have plenty to discover in the area. While you’re looking for activities and attractions to visit upon your next vacation, don’t forget to consider your short-term accommodations as well - Mandurah has several homestays and vacation homes on offer, including Airbnb vacation rentals in Greenfields, one of its many neighborhoods.

Frequently asked questions about the best things to do in Mandurah, Australia

  • What are the top attractions in Mandurah?

    Mandurah is best known for its several beaches and waterfront activities that await guests of all ages. These include popular seaside places such as Dolphin Quay, Silver Sands Beach, and Mandurah Estuary. For exciting entertainment, the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre is highly recommended.

  • What exciting activities await adults in Mandurah?

    Adults will certainly have a ball when they join this full-day brewery tour with scenic drives across Mandurah’s top brewing factories. Alternatively, they can head over to Three Rivers Brewing Company (now All Malt Brewing) to satisfy their cravings for booze just as well. For diverse food options, Cicerello’s Seafood Restaurant offers delectable seafood dishes paired with wines and beers.

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