Best Time To Visit Azerbaijan

Best Time To Visit Azerbaijan
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Nine out of eleven climatic zones are present in Azerbaijan. Temperatures vary inland depending on the region’s proximity to the sea, the regional landscape, and the influence of arctic and moderate winds. Because of this, mostly any time can be considered the “best” time to visit Azerbaijan. It all depends on what type of vacation suits you best because in Azerbaijan you can find yourself in an ideal winter fairy tale or in the best summer resort. To make sure of this, I will tell you about all the nuances, and you can choose the best time to visit Azerbaijan depending on your preferences.

1. In winter, during New Year's Eve

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If you’re traveling to Baku in Azerbaijan during the winter months, you will be glad to know that the temperature rarely falls below 0°C (32°F) in the capital. However, you must be prepared for strong Caspian winds. January and February are the coldest months in Azerbaijan, with significant temperature differences across the country.

You must be wondering about what to do in Azerbaijan during the winter. To have the best time ever, visit the country during Near Year’s Eve. The country’s capital combines modern European culture and Transcaucasia’s age-old national traditions. That is why New Year’s Eve is so popular here, and locals know exactly how to throw a big party. Baku is simply beautiful on New Year’s Eve, with vibrant decor, traditional and cultural activities, and excellent food. You can explore the sights of the Old City, visit museums and theatres, or go shopping. The best way to make the most of your time is by exploring the city on foot!

Skiing is another excellent activity to enjoy in Azerbaijan in the winter. Visit Shahdag Mountain Resort or Tufandag Mountain Resort, two of Azerbaijan’s most famous ski resorts that are becoming increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world. Shahdag has 13 different ski slopes, hotels for lodging, a free-ride park, a ski school, a children’s area for young skiers, and artificial snowing equipment. Tufandag, on the other hand, has 17 km (10.56 mi) of slopes with different difficulty levels. It offers equipment rentals, a ski school for adults and children, and a spa. Gabaland Amusement Park’s freeride zone, restaurants, cafes, and motels are also open and ready to serve you.

If you prefer reconnecting with nature with a quiet family vacation amid a snowy forest or on the shore of a lake, I recommend that you visit Azerbaijan’s southern zone. Head to Lankaran and explore the Khanbulan recreation center in Hirkan village. What could be greater than staying in forest cottages with mountain views and enjoying excellent local cuisine consisting of fresh fish, hot bread straight from the ‘tandir’ covered with cheese, and lamb skewers? For leisure, walk through the snow-covered forest, where every step on the crisp snow is sure to delight you, and have a snowball fight with the kids.

You may also take your family to Shamakhi for the weekend if you don’t have much time for long trips. Located less than two hours away from Baku, this city will welcome you to a completely different world, free of traffic and the usual hustle and bustle, where you will breathe in pure mountain air. Go to the village of Pirkuli, which is famous for being home to Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory, not only to observe the starry sky through a powerful telescope at night but also because the area gets covered in soft snow during winter.

There are several excellent hotels in Shamakhi where the staff can arrange for you to go mountain skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, and horseback riding. Some hotels have small lakes on their grounds where you can enjoy some winter fishing. After all, self-caught trout is always tastier than store-bought ones!

2. In spring, during the holiday of Novruz

Spring is one of the best times to visit Azerbaijan if you, like me, enjoy experiencing the country’s authenticity. This is because Azerbaijan celebrates its most important holiday in spring, and also because of how the weather changes and the surrounding natural world comes to life.

Novruz is a holiday that is widely celebrated by the entire country and that I particularly enjoy. It is customary to celebrate this ancient holiday (usually) on March 21, the day of the spring equinox. It is associated with agriculture and is regarded as the start of the agricultural year. Novruz was first celebrated about 3000 years ago during the golden age of Zoroastrianism. It is the most important holiday of the most ancient religion that once dominated Azerbaijan’s territories.

Azerbaijanis begin preparing for Novruz a month ahead of time. Every Tuesday leading up to the holiday is dedicated to a different cycle element. When you arrive here in spring, you can see how the locals slowly begin to celebrate Novruz every Tuesday, preparing sweets, delivering gifts, and practicing the ritual of jumping over fire in the evenings. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature in addition to experiencing this vibrant event. Get ready to also feast on some mouthwatering local delicacies while you’re here.

Spring arrives in Azerbaijan in early March. Of course, the weather at this time is still cold and the mountains are covered in snow until mid-April, but you can still enjoy the picturesque sceneries of Azerbaijan’s natural surroundings. Take the time to visit a nearby national park or simply spend some time amidst nature.

3. In summer, to enjoy the Caspian Sea

Because of its convenient location along the Caspian Sea coastline, Azerbaijan is an excellent beach vacation destination. Even in the city, and especially in the surrounding villages of Baku, you can have a relaxing beach vacation. The coastline is sandy and the entrance to the sea is secure and free of sudden depth changes. There are numerous beaches on the Absheron Peninsula in Azerbaijan that you can visit in the summer. These beaches come equipped with showers, toilets, umbrellas, and changing rooms, as well as a diverse range of entertainment options.

Sumqayit, 36 km (22.37 mi) from Baku, also has many beaches covered with small shells that glisten in the sun. You will find no issues with changing cabins, sunbeds, umbrellas, or water activities on these beaches as the infrastructure is well-developed.

Lankaran, too, has beautiful beaches for you to explore. The coast is covered in fine black sand with healing properties. There are numerous sanatoriums in the area that use water from nearby thermal springs in their programs, as well as a plethora of cafes, clubs, and bars for partygoers.

Azerbaijan showcases true summer vibes only in July. The first month of summer is pleasant, but it gradually gets hotter. You can explore the countryside to escape the scorching heat. In regions without access to the sea, it is difficult even for locals to beat the heat, but you can always escape to the mountains, where it is much cooler.

Summer in Azerbaijan is an excellent time to become acquainted not only with Baku’s surroundings but also with the diversity of Azerbaijani’s natural landscape. This can include going trout fishing in the mountain lakes, visiting national parks, and admiring prehistoric rock arts in caves. Don’t miss out on the Old City’s attractions, excursions to ancient Zoroastrian temples, or the opportunity to travel through 9 of the world’s 11 climate zones.

4. In autumn, to explore Azerbaijan's natural beauty

In autumn, the weather in Azerbaijan can vary from day to day, so bring outfits for different kinds of weather. If you want to relive the summer and combine a beach vacation with a nature excursion, come to Baku in September. During this month, the temperature ranges between 25°C-30°C (77°F-86°F). The temperature gradually falls from October, but it still remains comfortable - around 21°C (70°F) during the day. November marks the start of the so-called low season, which lasts until April.

Sightseeing is the ideal activity to enjoy in Baku during autumn. You can embark on day trips nearby and hike in the surrounding area. At this time of the year, I prefer to travel through the forests and national parks as the natural landscape of Azerbaijan has a special charm.

Furthermore, autumn is the harvest season, so Baku’s central market is brimming with fruits and vegetables during this time. Try the local pomegranate juice, which is my favorite fresh juice made from sweet Azerbaijani pomegranates. Persimmon lovers should visit Baku in October when the fruit begins to ripen.

If you haven’t already made a list of places to visit, I’ll tell you about my favorite fall getaways. After spending some relaxing time in the countryside, visit Gobustan State Historical and Cultural Reserve. It is 69 km (42.87 mi) from Baku and preserves the beauty and secrets of the ancient settlements that once existed on this land.

While in Baku, you can also visit Maiden Tower and Palace of the Shirvanshahs. For some fresh sea air, stroll along Seaside Boulevard. Just remember to dress up in warm clothes as the Caspian Sea is known for its very strong winds. If you have the time to travel to other regions in the country, choose Lankaran, where you can walk along the Hirkan reserve or the seashore while admiring the view of the old lighthouse.

Plan an amazing trip to Azerbaijan

Whatever season or time of the year you choose to travel to Azerbaijan, rest assured that the country is ready to welcome you with hospitality, smiles, hearty meals, and breathtaking nature. If you want to learn more about the local culture, come here in the spring, and if you want to relax, visit during early autumn or summer. Alternatively, if you enjoy winter sports as much as I do, planning a trip here in winter will be best for you!

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