Discover Osaka: Must-Visit Attractions and Family-Friendly Hotels

Discover Osaka: Must-Visit Attractions and Family-Friendly Hotels
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Osaka is without a doubt one of the most prosperous cities in Japan. It’s known for its numerous shopping districts, jovial people, and the distinct and lovable Osaka-ben dialect. With a large bay harbor and two airports, the city is a major hub not just for trade but also for travel.

Osaka’s casual and cordial atmosphere gets especially lively during big annual events, such as the Cherry Blossom Festivals held at major parks around the metro. Tenjin Matsuri is another big event and is considered among the top three of Japan’s highly celebrated Shinto festivals. This festival involves multiple processions both on the streets and on the Okawa River, with revelers and worshippers joining in special outfits and costumes.

Many travelers who have visited recommend spending at least 3 days in this city, but you can certainly opt for a 5 to 7-day stay if you want to cover a lot of ground. While you’re planning your trip to Osaka, you’ll of course need lodgings. In such a diverse and vibrant city, travelers should be very picky with their choice when it comes to accommodations. Fortunately, Minn Apartment Hotels await, offering a remarkable stay experience that will match the convenience and comfort of both hotels and serviced apartments. Each of their properties is located near major train stations, providing an easy way to get around and enjoy Osaka’s many wonders just like a local. As an example, Universal Studios Japan is just a 19-minute drive from Minn Juso and a 30-minute train ride from Minn Shin-Osaka. Interested? Then make sure to continue reading to learn more.

Family-friendly hotels in Osaka and must-visit attractions near them

1. Minn Juso

Minn Juso offers eight guestroom configurations that accommodate solo travelers, couples, as well as groups and families. The size of the rooms vary from 29 sqm (312.15 sqft) to 46 sqm (495.14 sqft), ensuring there’s plenty of legroom to relax and move around in.

Four of the suites have a dedicated living room area and a washing machine with which you can keep clothes clean and fresh. All rooms have a kitchen with basic amenities as well as a desk for eating meals and doing work.

This apartment hotel in Osaka is also a good jumping point to reach Universal Studios Japan, which is just 25 minutes away by car or taxi, as well as Osaka Castle, which is 19 minutes away.

Minn Juso

Address: 1-17-20 Jusohonmachi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture

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Minn Juso is situated in a very local area in Osaka, so you’ll be fully immersed during your stay!


If Dotonbori is the colorful and vivid face of the city, Juso would be its brightly smiling yet mature and down-to-earth counterpart. This area is where travelers can find a very authentic “local atmosphere” that is distinct to the city.

Bars and izakaya line the streets with bright neon signs or traditional red lanterns, crowded by businessmen and workers unwinding after a day’s work. The Hankyu Juso station is a quick 5-minute walk from Minn Juso, perfect if you’re traveling overland via Hankyu Railway, or if you’re planning to explore the rest of the city via train.

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2. Minn Shin Osaka

Minn Shin Osaka gets its name for its proximity to Shin-Osaka Station, from which guests can easily grab a ticket to explore and enjoy Osaka’s sightseeing spots.

When they’re not out doing activities, guests can take a refreshing and relaxing break in their accommodations. The rooms of Minn Shin Osaka are unique from other Minn Apartment Hotels because all rooms are configured as Theater Rooms equipped with a screen, a projector, and speakers. Prepare movie munchies, such as popcorn, in the kitchen and get ready for a fun time watching flicks with your friends and loved ones.

The Shin-Osaka Station is a critical hub for travel in Osaka as it serves multiple local train lines including Japan Railways and Osaka Metro, as well as the bullet trains of the Tokaido, Kyushu, and Sanyo lines. Guests staying for the short-term, wondering what to do in Osaka for 3 days, will have numerous options.

Minn Shin Osaka

Address: 1-21-29, Higashinakajima, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

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Here are a few must-visit Osaka City attractions worth checking out if you’re staying at Minn Shin Osaka.

Universal Studios Japan

Sightseeing around Osaka is a no-brainer, and if you’re planning a fun family day, Universal Studios Japan should be at the top of your list. It’s home to Japan’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and you’ll likely see plenty of local fans representing their Houses by wearing their wizard robes.

If your kids are big fans of the Minions, they’ll have plenty of things to do at Minion Park, including photo ops, game booths, and snack bars. Super Mario superfans should head straight to Super Nintendo World for a fun experience using the Power-Up Band.

Getting to Universal Studios Japan from Minn Shin Osaka will take 33 minutes by train.

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Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

Hang out with the marine life at Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN, about 30 minutes by taxi from Minn Shin Osaka. You and your family can view massive aquariums as well as numerous special habitats simulating locations such as the Japanese forests and Antarctica.

KAIYUKAN Night Aquarium reveals a special setting once the sun sets. Special music and cool blue lights create a cozy setting and an intimate atmosphere that can be enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

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Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is a major hotspot for cherry blossom viewing during spring, so if you’re planning to visit to experience o-hanami (picnic under the sakura), you only need to take a 20-minute taxi ride from Minn Shin Osaka to reach the castle’s park.

The castle was built in 1583, and it suffered devastation several times throughout its history. Each time, it was rebuilt faithfully and even improved upon using advancements from that era. Families can enter the castle to explore and learn more about its history. Teens and children aged 15 or under can enter for free, and special discounted rates are offered for groups.

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3. Minn Kita Umeda

Minn Kita Umeda’s accommodations present style and comfort in a neat and compact package. The standard rooms are about 30 sqm (322.92 sqft) while the top-floor suite is 75.9 sqm (816.98 sqft). All configurations include a washing machine and washbasin, as well as kitchen. If you’re booking the suite room and would like to relax during your downtime, enjoy a soothing soak in the balcony hot tub.

Situated between the JR Osaka Station and the JR Fukushima Station, a stay at Minn Kita Umeda ensures you’ll have many of the best tourist spots and things to do in Osaka, Japan, within easy reach.

Minn Kita Umeda (Minn Umeda-North)

Address: 6-12-19 Fukushima, Fukushima Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture

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Minn Kita Umeda is proximate to some great shopping areas and must-see sights. Check them out below.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel

Another tall attraction in Osaka City is Tempozan Ferris Wheel, just 24 minutes away from Minn Kita Umeda. It towers at 112.5 meters (369.09 feet) and spans a diameter of 100 meters (328.08 feet). Riders who reach the top are rewarded with breathtaking views of Osaka City, Osaka Bay, and also its many rivers and waterways. General admission is 800 JPY (5.56 USD) for riders aged 3 and up.

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Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street

For those who’d rather shop till they drop, there’s no better place to be than Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street. After a successful shopping excursion, stuff yourselves at the many food stalls and restaurants at Dotonbori. Getting there will only take 15 minutes by car or 30 minutes by train via Nishi-Umeda Station. There are many kid-friendly eateries and restaurants here, especially if your children are picky eaters.

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Umeda Sky Building

For those not afraid of heights, check out Umeda Sky Building, which is just a 10-minute walk from Minn Kita Umeda. Here you’ll find the Kuchu Teien Observatory, and while many come here for the observatory and the walkway, you’ll also find some shops and restaurants on the higher floors.

The admission fee is 1,500 JPY (10.46 USD) for adults and 700 JPY (4.88 USD) for children ages 4-12. If you have the Osaka E-Pass or Amazing Pass, you have free admission when visiting from 9:30am to 4pm.

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4. Minn Higashi Umeda

Minn Higashi Umeda boasts 20 guestrooms that come in 4 different configurations. Each apartment hotel type is homey, providing a well-furnished setting while offering the comforts and some of the services of a hotel. The kitchen comes stocked with tableware and cookware, and the living space can be set up as a dining area or work area. All units also include a washing machine for your convenience.

Minn Higashi Umeda gets its name for its proximity to Osaka Metro’s Higashi-Umeda Station, just a 9-minute walk from the property. Another nearby railway station is the JR Osaka Tenmangu Station, which is 15 minutes away.

Minn Higashi Umeda (Minn Umeda-East)

Address: 2-5, Usagano-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

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Colorful streets and attractions are easily accessible from Minn Higashi Umeda. Here are a few:

Shinsekai and Tsūtenkaku Tower

While Dotonbori gets most of the international attention due to how crowded it is, another awesome foodie destination in Osaka is Shinsekai. This shopping district is full of eateries, some of which specialize in kushikatsu, a type of deep-fried delicacy.

Tsūtenkaku Tower stands at the heart of Shinsekai, a 108-meter-tall (354.33-foot) structure with an observatory that sits 91 meters (298.56 feet) above the ground. Entry to the tower and observation deck is open from 10am until 8pm (last admission at 7:30pm).

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HEP FIVE Shopping Center and HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel

For something much closer to Minn Higashi Umeda, HEP (“Hankyu Entertainment Park”) FIVE Ferris Wheel sits atop the roof of the HEP FIVE Shopping Center, its bright red colors making it a distinct fixture of the Osaka skyline. Being 106 meters (347.77 feet) above ground, it’s also a nice way to watch the sunset in Osaka. The ticket is 600 JPY (4.18 USD) for adults and children 6 years and above.

HEP FIVE mall is filled with boutiques and stores specializing in clothing and accessories. There are also great dining options on the 7th floor, while the 8th and 9th floors are amusement areas filled with purikura (photo booth) machines and arcade games.

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Tenma District and the Tenmangu Shrine

Close to Minn Higashi Umeda is Tenma District, another place known for its shops and food establishments. This area is also the location of Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, home to Tenjin Matsuri, one of Japan’s most popular festivals.

If you’re winding down after a day of activities, you can relax and enjoy a bit of bar-hopping here. Many establishments are situated near the shrine and you’ll find kid-friendly izakayas (informal bar) and eateries serving authentic Osaka flavors.

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Why Minn apartment hotels?

Osaka has so many amazing places to visit and events to see, so as a discerning traveler, it makes sense to stay at a place where you can settle in and be comfortable. Minn Apartment Hotels cover numerous locations throughout the city, each with its own charm and atmosphere that makes it stand out from other hotels in Osaka, Japan. Similar to family hotels and serviced apartments, you can expect housekeeping services once a week to keep things in order, or you can even request it for an extra charge.

At Minn, guests will find well-appointed accommodations ranging from lovely suites to cozy group rooms. The sleek and minimalist styles are great for maximizing space without feeling cluttered and stuffy. All rooms include a kitchen so you can prepare your own recipes if you’re feeling a tad homesick. Certain configurations also come with a washing machine for keeping your clothes clean and fresh.

The suites put a focus on luxury without forgetting functionality, while the Theater Rooms at Minn Shin Osaka allow you to bond and relax with your group over a movie. They also offer family rooms for large groups who prefer staying together. The setup of each accommodation, while unique, will make you feel like a local on a staycation because of the homey ambiance.

All Minn properties are also situated strategically to provide convenience for tourists and explorers. Train stations are always within a short walking distance from your lodgings. Whether you plan to visit Universal Studios Japan or would like to enjoy Dotonbori’s delights, Osaka, Japan’s, attractions will be just one or a few train rides away.

With such factors favoring heavily toward Minn, it’s no surprise that they’re a fantastic choice for both short-term vacations and extended stays. By offering a nice balance between budget, service, and amenities, vacationers won’t regret booking with Minn Apartment Hotels in Osaka for their trip.

Minn apartment hotels

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Plan your stay in Japan's City of Water

Convinced that Osaka is the place to be? With highlights such as cheerful people, delicious food, and awesome attractions, this port city is definitely a place you have to visit with your family. You won’t regret donning robes and casting spells at Universal Studios Japan or gorging on the many treats offered at Dotonbori.

For your accommodations, skip the family hotels in Osaka and make sure to book a stay with Minn Apartment Hotels instead. Their beautiful guestrooms and suites will be a posh second home where you can rest and recover to prepare for each new day of exploring Osaka. Each location is also strategically placed, helping you fulfill your itinerary and have one of the most remarkable holidays you’ll fondly look back on.

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