20% OFF Coupon code: 6 Reasons Why You Should Rent NINJA WiFi In Japan

20% OFF Coupon code: 6 Reasons Why You Should Rent NINJA WiFi In Japan
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When you think of Japan, the first things that come to mind would probably be sakura cherry blossoms and the Shinkansen bullet train—a testament to how in this country, nature and machinery thrive in equal measure. Another thing to get excited about is the wide variety of regional and traditional food—you can never go hungry while here. Even if you don’t speak a word of Japanese, trusty Google is always there to the rescue, unless, you don’t have an internet connection. But you must be thinking, “That’s impossible!” Even outside your hotel or ryokan, surely every inch of this technologically advanced country is covered by WiFi, right? Not really. But there’s a rationale behind it. Read on to find the 6 reasons why you should rent NINJA WiFi’s pocket router in Japan.

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1. WiFi is not common in Japan

The reason why WiFi is not commonplace in Japan despite its technological advancement is rather straightforward—the Japanese have been using the internet for their day-to-day functions long before the rest of the world. With everyone having online access from their mobile phones, there is not much need for WiFi providers. A thing to note is that foreigners may indeed be changing the virtual landscape a little, with their growing demand for internet access while on vacation. Thus, some establishments have started to offer free WiFi. However, as with most things in the marketplace, seldom are things completely free. With the complimentary connection might come privacy concerns. Getting a pocket router from NINJA WiFi gives you the freedom to tour anywhere in Japan, communicate with loved ones back at home, and do business or work updates at the same time. On top of these, it also allows you to accomplish personal transactions securely. Plus, when in Japan, wireless pocket WiFi coupons are readily available.

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2. Hassle-free pickup and return options

Kansai International Airport
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NINJA WiFi’s pickup and return processes are designed to be convenient for you. The company has counters at ten major airports in Japan, so you can procure your pocket WiFi upon arrival and return it at any of the return airport counters before your departure. Note, however, that you will need to make a reservation for the device 1 to 4 days in advance, depending on your pick-up location. If you need a pocket WiFi on the same day, you can proceed to the NINJA WiFi counter in Shinjuku, and the staff there will gladly assist you. Another trouble-free option you can consider is to have the device delivered to your hotel or hostel. Later on, you can also return it through various convenience stores and courier services—both available for a minimal fee.

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3. Can be shared among multiple devices with family and friends

Multiple devices
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Just like your WiFi connection at home, a NINJA WiFi router is designed for use by multiple members of your party. This feature is especially helpful when you are traveling with the family and have brought the kids along. The internet can be your teaching aid in answering the gazillion questions your children might have about the new country they are exploring. It can also keep them occupied during your vacation downtimes at a family-friendly hotel. If you are making this trip with a group of friends, everyone who wants access can split the charges. This way, you can divert extra funds to your planned food crawl. Or perhaps you’re the type who can relax better when you’re sure everything is taken care of back home—you can only fully enjoy your getaway, knowing you won’t return to a chaotic workplace afterward. So if bringing a laptop along gives you peace of mind, then go ahead. Your NINJA WiFi pocket router allows you to connect multiple devices, such as your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Thus, you can still check on company updates and accomplish some tasks even from the other side of the globe.

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4. Easy to use

6 reasons why you should rent NINJA WiFi in Japan
Source: NINJA WiFi

Unlike the famously bewildering high-tech toilets of Japan, a NINJA WiFi pocket router need not give you pause before operating it. Just turn it on, enter the password included with your rental pocket WiFi device, and you’re all set! Some models will also allow you to connect simply by scanning a QR code! You can now start accessing the internet wherever you are in the country. If you encounter malfunctions, contact the company’s call center to get a replacement right away. Also, make sure that the full set—the Softbank router, the charging cable, and the instruction manual—is inside the pouch when you return the rented equipment. This way, you can avoid being charged a fee for missing items. In addition, you can choose to include a portable external battery, at a little extra cost, with the kit if you plan on being off the grid for extended periods.

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5. Unlimited data

Japan Pocket WiFI Rental - NINJA WiFi Promo Code
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Whether you are a heavy internet user or only need online access for emails and social media updates, NINJA WiFi has the right data plan for you. You can choose the 3GB, 5GB, or 10GB per day unlimited data plans. Any of these plans will allow you to continue using your device even after going over your data limit for no extra charge, though at lower speeds. Light internet users may prefer the cheaper 3GB per day plan, but for those who are more heavy internet users, or are sharing the connection with others, the 10GB-per-day pocket router may be better. Customize your reservation with insurance and add-ons so you can get exactly what you want! Use the internet to find city guides and coupons to make your Japan tour even more exciting.


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6. Better than a prepaid SIM

Ninja friends
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People like their electronics high-tech but user-friendly—and this fact is one of the reasons why getting a NINJA WiFi pocket router is better than buying a prepaid SIM for most travelers. The prepaid SIM cards that you can acquire in Japan will only work with compatible phones. This means that your device must not be “locked”—what cellular companies do to ensure their smartphones only work with specified networks. Also, your gadget must be a model that meets certain specifications to allow local network connections. And if that is not enough cause for confusion for the average tourist, technical adjustments have to be done to a phone’s Access Point Name (APN) settings before the internet can finally be utilized. Admittedly, there are cases when the prepaid SIM is more desirable, such as when you are traveling alone and prefer the simplicity of using only one device. Or when you plan to make a considerable number of calls to local friends or business associates—but even this feature is already enabled by your pocket router through WiFi calling. This capability has been around for years now, but surprisingly not many people know of its perks. With your NINJA pocket WiFi, you can make calls to landlines and other mobile phones within the country or abroad—different rates apply—through apps using WiFi or 4G. This is especially useful in locations where you can’t get a phone signal but still have a WiFi connection.

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Stay connected anywhere in Japan

There are multiple ways you can access the internet while in Japan. Aside from renting a NINJA WiFi pocket router, you can activate your mobile carrier’s roaming feature, purchase a prepaid SIM upon arrival at the airport, or scour the streets for free WiFi hotspots. Among all these, however, the portable WiFi device comes out the winner in various categories. It is cost-effective, secure, lightning-fast, convenient to use, and easy to acquire. Furthermore, it can be shared among multiple users and devices and provides sufficient data allowance to meet all your online surfing needs.

Get a 20% discount with the promo code trip101

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