Osaka’s Best Hotels Near The Metro - Convenience And Comfort - Updated 2024

Osaka’s Best Hotels Near The Metro - Convenience And Comfort - Updated 2024
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Osaka is one of the biggest cities in Japan as well as a popular tourist destination. Enjoy a comfortable stay at one of these hotels before heading out to experience the hustle and bustle of Osaka! If you are looking for simpler accommodations, we got you covered with this guide on Guest Houses And Capsule Hotels.

Admire the scenery from the ground or even better, from the comfort of your room!

Osaka’s municipal subway system acts as an integral part of the mass transport system there. With these hotels, you can easily hop onto a train and explore the whole district. From historical sites like Osaka castle to vibrant nightlife at Dotonbori, Osaka is filled with excitement. Here are some of the best hotels in Osaka located near train stations!

We handpicked these listings carefully, considering (wherever possible) Superhost status, recent guest reviews, location, accommodation type, prices, availability of dates, decor, and amenities. The image galleries get refreshed with the latest updates regularly. They were last updated on June 14, 2024.

1. Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka: Unique English charm (from USD 159)

Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka

Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka is located just 5 minutes from the Namba area which has streets filled with great entertainment and Osaka cuisines. The hotel is designed based on England’s cities and culture, giving it a unique atmosphere you cannot enjoy elsewhere. The gorgeous lobby, which is located on the 22nd floor, is decorated with various paintings, antique furnitures and a fireplace which give it a classy feel. There is even an art gallery where you can appreciate artworks from around the world. Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka has a chapel too and there are often weddings taking place amidst the the beautiful architecture.

The rooms in Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka are simple and modern, designed based on English libraries. The rooms with views of the city give you a splendid view of Osaka city.

Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant where over 50 choices of international and Japanese cuisine are served in buffet style. The delicious meals coupled with the fantastic view from the restaurant give a great start to your day!

This whole fantastic package can be found near the JR Namba Station.

Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka

Wifi Available Wheelchair accessible

Address: Naniwa-ku Minatomachi 1-2-3
4.29 km (2.7 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

Parking Restaurant Meeting/banquet facilities 24-HOUR FRONT DESK Non-smoking rooms Laundry Dry cleaning Facilities for disabled guests

2. Hotel Monterey Osaka: Exuding European style (from USD 53)

Hotel Monterey Osaka

Looking for classy accommodations near the JR Namba Metro Station?

Located at just a 5-minute walk from Osaka centre, Hotel Monterey Osaka was built based on a church in Brussels, Belgium. You will not have trouble finding this hotel, as it stands out well from the rows of modern buildings around the area. The antique furniture and beautiful garden are almost attractions by themselves.

Three types of rooms are available in Hotel Monterey Osaka: the Meridian Comfort on the 9th storey with its warm orange designs, the Vienna Traditional from the 10th to the 12th stories with dark brown designs, and the Donau Classic on the 13th floor, with blue colours and a courtly atmosphere. The rooms are designed in a European style and are reasonably big.

Breakfast is served buffet style with over 20 choices of Japanese Cuisine and 30 international dishes available. It is recommended that you try the croissants and bitter-chocolate bun; the freshly-baked crispy buns are amazing!

On the 8th storey of Hotel Monterey Osaka, an open-air garden with a chapel can be found, with weddings often taking place there. Furthermore, a restaurant can be found in the garden, which serves French and Japanese cuisine. Hotel guests can enjoy the food for prices as cheap as 3,500 JPY (33 USD)!

Hotel Monterey Osaka

Address: Kita-ku Umeda 3-3-45
659 meters (0.5 ft) from Umeda Sky Building

3. Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi: Italian cuisine at a classic hotel (from USD 46)

Just 3 minutes walk away from the Shinsaibashi Subway Station.

Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi is located at Shinsaibashi, a region filled with fashionable cafés and shopping malls. The modern yet classic hotel is in a quiet region and it has a strong European style.

Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi is a quality accommodation patronised by mostly Japanese tourists and businessmen. The stylish rooms are clean and comfortable, and basic amenities are also provided.

The best part about Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi is the amazing Italian cuisine you can enjoy at the hotel restaurant. Prepared by a chef who used to be based in Italy, the dishes you can enjoy there are authentic and delectable!

Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi

Address: Chuo-ku Minamisenba 3-3-17
3.47 km (2.2 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

4. Hotel Nikko Osaka: Appreciate the Mido-Suji culture (from USD 85)

With direct access from Shinsaibashi station, Hotel Nikko Osaka is built based on the concept of “Mido-Suji”, a region in Osaka. The rooms aim to represent the four seasons experienced in the Mido-Suji area. The colours of the rooms are all based on trees and nature around Mido-Suji. On top of that, basic amenities are provided as well, allowing you to enjoy a convenient and luxurious stay.

The hotel also has a total of 9 restaurants, bars and lounges, where you can have a great time with your family and friends. Many businessmen stay at this hotel too and it is one that serves all purposes.

Hotel Nikko Osaka

Address: Chuo-ku Nishishinsaibashi 1-3-3
3.61 km (2.3 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

5. Hotel Keihan Kyobashi: Enjoy the refreshing breakfast offered (from USD 42)

Hotel Keihan Kyobashi

Kyobashi station is fantastic for those who are planning to appreciate the best food in Osaka as it is surrounded by various eateries and food stalls. Located near there is Hotel Keihan Kyobashi - the perfect hotel for food lovers.

The rooms in Hotel Keihan Kyobashi are simple, and spacious bathtubs allow you to wash away your exhaustion. There are basic amenities provided and also various skin care products for females.

Breakfast is one of the best points about Hotel Keihan Kyobashi. A wide range of international and Japanese cuisines are available buffet style and it is most famous for the Osaka Mixed Juice. Fruits such as pineapples, peach and oranges are blended together and finally topped with ice cream. Also available is a supplement drink originated from Germany where numerous vegetables are blended together.

Hotel Keihan Kyobashi Grande

Address: Miyakojima-ku, Higashinoda-cho 2-1-38
4.05 km (2.6 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

6. Intercontinental Hotel Osaka: Kick back and relax (from USD 519)

The stylish Intercontinental Hotel Osaka was opened in 2013 as a “Contemporary Luxury Hotel”. Providing high-class services at reasonable prices, Intercontinental Hotel Osaka is the ideal hotel to relax in after a day of Osaka exploration.

The modern design of the rooms exudes a sense of city atmosphere blended together with Japanese beauty. Bathtubs in Intercontinental Hotel Osaka are all equipped with rain showers. The bath amenities provided are from the renowned American brand Agraria. You can also purchase other amenities at the shop on the first floor.

A mini-bar is also found in the room, with choices of wine and coffee available. You can enjoy them while appreciating the great night view of Osaka. The spacious rooms are fantastic for those who want to experience luxury in the city.

InterContinental Hotel Osaka, an IHG Hotel

Wifi Available Wheelchair accessible Visual Aid: Braille

Address: Kita-ku Ofuka-cho 3-60
570 meters (0.4 ft) from Umeda Sky Building

Parking Restaurant Room service Bar 24-HOUR FRONT DESK Sauna Fitness centre Non-smoking rooms

7. Hotel Granvia Osaka: the ideal hotel for families

Hotel Granvia Osaka

Hotel Granvia Osaka is perhaps the most convenient hotel in Osaka - it is connected directly to Osaka Station. It is patronised not just by tourists but also by business guests, and is recently gaining popularity among families as well. There are various types of rooms available in Hotel Granvia Osaka, including standard rooms, concept rooms and a suite on the top floor.

Several family rooms are available in Hotel Granvia Osaka. Not only are the rooms spacious, but the huge windows will give you a great night view of Osaka city. The bathroom, washroom, and wash basin are located separately (except for some rooms, so please check with the hotel), saving the trouble of waiting in a queue.

Eight different suites are available on the top floor, all designed to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere. One of them is the twin room, with two 120 cm x 200 cm (4 feet x 6.6 feet) beds, which is perfect for families with children. Furthermore, the bathtub is equipped with lights with 10 different colours and provides a view of the city – the colourful experience is something kids will enjoy.

Breakfast is served buffet style, and both Japanese and international cuisine can be enjoyed. Takoyaki (Japanese octopus ball) - a must-try dish when visiting Osaka - is available too, as well as delicious omelette and freshly-baked breads.

Hotel Granvia Osaka

Address: Kita-ku Umeda 3-1-1
716 meters (0.5 ft) from Umeda Sky Building

8. Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka: The natural comfort floor is not to be missed (from USD 82)

Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka is located in the Umeda region and is a classy hotel perfect for those who want a quiet and relaxing accommodation. The rooms are clean and comfortable, with basic amenities provided.

What makes Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka appealing is the natural comfort floor. From the 19th storey to 22th storey, about 30 luxury rooms are located where each room is designed based on a different concept. The floors are themed forest, ocean, sky and flower, respectively. Shown in the photo is the ocean floor which is decorated with artworks of coral reefs and tropical marine creatures. A special card is required to access these floors, promising you a quiet and safe stay. The basic amenities provided in the natural comfort floors are also of better quality. Furthermore, the exclusive café lounge on the 19th storey allows you to enjoy a splendid time while admiring the wonderful night view of Osaka.

RIHGA Royal Hotel

Address: Kita-ku Nakanoshima 5-3-68
1.65 km (1.1 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

9. Hotel Osaka Bay Tower: The best sky-lounge in Osaka (from USD 105)

The Osaka bay area is filled with popular tourist destinations such as the Kaiyukan aquarium and Universal Studios Japan. Located there is one of the most popular hotels around, Hotel Osaka Bay Tower.

The 50-storey high hotel provides a breathtaking view of Osaka city and the nature around it - this is perhaps the best location in Osaka for the night view. All the rooms in Hotel Osaka Bay Tower are above 30 stories where you can have an exclusive view from your room.

The rooms in Hotel Osaka Bay Tower are clean and comfortable with amenities provided. There are also suites available at the top 2 storeys.

Hotel Osaka Bay Tower is best known for the sky-lounge “Airship”. Located at the top floor, breakfast is served at the 200 metres (656 feet) high sky-lounge. More than 50 varieties of dishes are served buffet style and this exciting breakfast gives a fantastic start to the day!

Art Hotel Osaka Baytower

Wheelchair accessible

Address: 1-2-1 Benten, Minato, Bay Area, Osaka, Japan, 552-0007
4.76 km (3.0 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

10. Westin Hotel Osaka: Magnificent floor for ladies (from USD 161)

Westin Hotel Osaka is located at the Shin-Umeda city region - an area with a great harmony of city life and nature.

The check-in timing at Westin Hotel Osaka is from 2 pm, earlier than most other hotels. Yet, check-out timing can be as late as 1 pm. This allows guests to be more liberal when planning their schedule.

The ladies floor “Muse” in Westin Hotel Osaka is what makes this hotel most attractive. Artworks and literature from olden Japan are located at the Muse floor lobby, making it look almost like a mini-museum. The rooms, however, are fashionable and chic. They are designed beautifully with a blend of Western and Japanese culture. A wide range of amenities are provided. Furthermore, exclusive breakfast is served with a choice of either the “Beauty Breakfast” or “Rich Breakfast”. Breakfast is served directly to the rooms - you don’t even need to bother fixing your messy hair just to go to the dining halls!

There are also fitness clubs in Westin Hotel Osaka with fitness instructors available. Swimming pools and running tracks are located within the hotel compound too.

During summer, you can catch a glimpse of the fireflies in the Westin Hotel Osaka garden - something you cannot experience at most hotels in Osaka.

The Westin Osaka

Address: Kita-ku Oyodonaka 1-1-20
68 meters (223.7 ft) from Umeda Sky Building

11. Swissotel Nankai Osaka: Start the day right with its luxurious breakfast

Swissotel is a hotels and resorts group with branches located all over the world. Swissotel Nankai Osaka is conveniently located right above Namba Station, which has a direct train from Kansai International Airport. You will probably be using this airport if you are visiting Osaka directly from abroad. There is no need to walk outdoors, as a lift will bring you directly from the station to the hotel lobby, making access comfortable regardless of the weather.

The hotel rooms are simple and clean, with comfortable snow-white beds welcoming you. The bathtubs are relatively big too.

Swissotel Nankai Osaka is known for its luxurious breakfast at the Tavola36 Italian Restaurant Sky Bar. An international buffet breakfast can be enjoyed while having a fantastic view of Osaka city. Numerous choices of bread are available, and other items include ham and cheese, fruits, and croissants. Furthermore, breakfast is served from as early as 6:30 am, ideal for those who want to maximise their time. An Italian lunch buffet, an afternoon tea buffet, and dinner are served at Tavola36 too.

Swissotel Nankai Osaka

Address: Chuo-ku Namba 5-1-60
4.73 km (3.0 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

12. Mitsui Garden Hotels Osaka Yodoyabashi: Sample Osaka cuisine here (from USD 38)

Mitsui Garden Hotels Osaka Yodoyabashi

Mitsui Garden Hotels Osaka Yodoyabashi is located in the business district and is a popular hotel amongst businessmen. Tourists often stay at this hotel as well and it is one that serves all kinds of guests.

The rooms are designed in a restrained manner, with dark brown-based themes giving them a calm atmosphere. Basic amenities are provided and the pillows in Mitsui Garden Hotels Osaka Yodoyabashi are specially made to provide guests with great sleep.

The lounge in this hotel can be accessed for free. Free flow of drinks are available and numerous guidebooks are placed there, allowing you to plan your travel. 3 computers are also available with free printing services - perfect for businessmen.

The breakfast in Mitsui Garden Hotels Osaka Yodoyabashi is served buffet style. Numerous Osaka cuisine, such as the famous Osaka mixed juice, are provided. Also available is the Popeye Omelette - an omelette with spinach. The delicious and healthy dish is fantastic for breakfast!

Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Yodoyabashi

Wifi Available

Address: Chuo-ku Koraibashi 2-5-7
2.18 km (1.4 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

Parking Restaurant Meeting/banquet facilities 24-HOUR FRONT DESK Non-smoking rooms Laundry Dry cleaning Ironing service

13. Courtyard Marriott Shin-Osaka Station: A cut above the rest (from USD 115)

Whether or not you are travelling by subway or bullet train, you can’t find a hotel more convenient than this - Courtyard Marriott Shin-Osaka Station is located just 1 minute from Shin-Osaka station by foot.

A total of 332 spacious rooms are available in this hotel. There’s no need to worry about space even if you open up your luggage.

Located on the 17th and 18th stories are the executive rooms with sofas and dining tables in the room. There are also exclusive lounges available with drinks and snacks.

Breakfast is served at “Dining & Bar LAVAROCK”, within the hotel, with Japanese, International and Chinese cuisines available.

Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station

Address: Yodogawa-ku Miyahara 1-2-70
3.35 km (2.1 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

WiFi available in all areas Cashless payment available Daily housekeeping Restaurant Use of cleaning chemicals that are effective against Coronavirus Air conditioning Guests have the option to cancel any cleaning services for their accommodation during their stay Physical distancing in dining areas

14. Shin-Osaka Station Hotel Annex: Great hotel for families (from USD 40)

Travelling as a family is not always fun and laughter, especially when you are carrying your baby along. Finding the right hotel is crucial to give them a comfortable rest, and you need to worry about the availability of baby beds too. Shin-Osaka Station Hotel Annex is the perfect hotel for such families.

Several types of family rooms are available, such as “Welcome Baby” and “cocoon”, where each room is designed specially to provide a safe and comfortable accommodation. Chairs and tables in the rooms have no sharp corners and the electric plugs are all equipped with covers. The rooms are spacious yet have no blind spots, allowing parents to be aware of their child’s activities. Baby rooms are also available where free amenities are provided.

15. Shin Osaka Washington Hotel Plaza: Fantastic Chinese cuisine (from USD 37)

Shin Osaka Washington Hotel Plaza is a hotel that has been satisfying guests for over 25 years. Located just 5 minutes from Shin Osaka station by foot, it is surrounded by facilities such as cafés, restaurants and shopping malls.

The quiet hotel is known for the “Designers Room” from the 19th storey to 21st storey. They were opened in 2013 to provide stylish and relaxing accommodation. Splendid night views of Osaka city can also be enjoyed from the windows.

At the top floor of Shin Osaka Washington Hotel Plaza, you will find the Chinese restaurant “Chinese Table”. Not only can you have a great view of the city, you can appreciate amazing Taiwanese cuisine that is cooked with a blend of Japanese culture. Among the popular items there is the “Omotenashi Lunch” which is limited to 20 servings per day. This is a fantastic place to enjoy full-course Chinese cuisines!

Shin Osaka Washington Hotel Plaza

Address: Yodogawa-ku Nishinakajima 5-5-15
2.95 km (1.9 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

16. Osaka Garden Palace: The elegant business hotel (from USD 36)

A spacious and grand lobby will welcome you once you enter Osaka Garden Palace. Chandeliers and seasonal flowers in the hotel lobby will make you think you are stepping into a 5-star hotel instead of a business hotel.

The rooms in Osaka Garden Palace are spacious and basic amenities are provided. There are also rooms for people with disabilities, where the large space allows guests on wheelchair to move around freely. The bathrooms are equipped with sensors too.

An international restaurant and Japanese restaurant are located within Osaka Garden Palace, with the latter being extremely popular. At the Japanese restaurant Hanatsuzuri, you can delight in full-course Japanese cuisine that serves seasonal dishes.

Many people must have experienced the horrible feeling of being unable to locate their hotel. A supposed 3-minute walk from the station can end up being 20 minutes if you go the wrong way. When choosing Osaka Garden Palace, you certainly won’t face this problem as a free shuttle bus with 15-minute intervals is provided.

Osaka Garden Palace

Address: Yodogawa-ku Nishimiyahara 1-3-35
2.95 km (1.9 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

17. Marriott Osaka Miyako: Amazing high-rise hotel

Marriott Osaka Miyako is located on the upper floors of Abeno Harukas - the tallest building in Japan.

All the rooms are as good as an observatory by itself - a resplendent view of Osaka city can be enjoyed from the huge glass windows. The city shines like jewellery at night, making your accommodation part of your wonderful memories in Osaka.

What makes Marriott Osaka Miyako even better is its special access to the Abeno Harukas observatory, Harukas 300, before opening hours. You can have the spectacular view of Osaka city without fighting for space with other tourists! This is a great service especially for photographers.

A lounge is also available in Marriott Osaka Miyako where drinks and sweets can be enjoyed.

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel

Address: Abeno-ku Abenosuji 1-1-43
6.96 km (4.4 mi) from Umeda Sky Building

Have a convenient and comfortable stay

Travelling time can be greatly reduced when you choose these comfortable, attractive and conveniently located hotels. Filled with splendid services, they are the ideal accommodation when exploring Osaka!

Disclosure: Trip101 selects the listings in our articles independently. Some of the listings in this article contain affiliate links.


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