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[3% CashBack] Relaxing Getaway: 5 HomeAway & Vrbo Rentals For An Odyssey In Ohio

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Known as the Buckeye State, Ohio is not only famous for being the birthplace of seven presidents but also well known for the abundance of buckeye trees along the Ohio River Valley. They produce little brown nuts that look remotely like the eyes of a deer, and it is said that carrying one in your pocket brings you good luck.

Try that myth out by collecting a nut for yourself, while staying in one of these 5 relaxing HomeAway and Vrbo vacation rentals near some excellent nature trails:

1. Woody wonders: private riverfront home on the Mohican River (from 239 USD)

Source: HomeAway

Tucked away on Wally Road, this spacious cabin surrounded by greenery looks almost detached from the real world. Big enough for 8 people, bring your family along for a trip away from the noisy city life.

Upon entering the house, you will find yourself enveloped by the massive oaken structures, wrapping you in a warm, star-lit environment. With comfy long sofas lining the interior, you can take a short nap in the fully air-conditioned home when the weather gets too hot outdoors.

Source: HomeAway

Step outdoors for a burst of fresh air, and admire the quiet solitude of the rising sun on the wraparound porch. Suitable for a morning coffee or an evening drink, admire the gentle sounds of natural wildlife in this warm retreat.

Keep a lookout for the cardinals and hummingbirds who are frequent visitors to the bird feeder outside of the house; the kids especially are sure to be elated to watch them from the glass windows in the house!

The main dining area overlooks the gushing river. With a fully functioning gas stove and plenty of kitchenware, cook up a delicious meal for the kids while soaking up the peaceful green views that Mother Nature has to offer.

Private Riverfront 4 Bedroom Home On Mohican River (Wally Road/Central Air)

Area: Mohican River

Price: from 239 USD

Number of Guests: 8

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2. Resurrected relic: historic cabin in Amish Country (from 115 USD)

Source: HomeAway

Relocated from Coshocton County, Ohio, to Tuscarawas County, this log cabin has survived the test of time since 1820. With renovation works, this historic home has beautifully retained its rustic exterior throughout the years. Furnished with contemporary touches, this quaint gem can fit up to 6 people, making it suitable for a weekend getaway with your pals.

Source: HomeAway

Take a stroll on the vast stretch of green plains dyed a warm hue of red during the fall season. If you happen to be a light sleeper, take a hike in the surrounding area just as the sun starts to rise; the natural music of morning birds chirping to the birth of a new day will start your day on just the right note!

Source: HomeAway

With a selection of fresh eggs, butter, and juice, opt for a simple breakfast while reading that book you always wanted to start on. If the stillness is too much to bear, indulge in a hint of modernity by opening the small antique cabinet by the window. A mini cable TV awaits you, and you can catch up on some of your favourite shows.

Historic Cabin On 150 Acre Farm In Amish Country

Area: Amish Country

Price: from 115 USD

Number of Guests: 6

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3. Eco-friendly estate: green-certified lodging in Hocking Hills (349 USD)

Hidden by the shadows of towering trees is this modern apartment dubbed “The Glass House”. With large panels of clear glass windows all around the house, the view of the tranquil forest is always in your line of sight.

Spend the rainy afternoons indoors with the wide variety of entertainment to choose from. Watch the koi fish swim spiritedly in the little pool or relieve your stress by taking a nap on the massage chairs. Wash your fatigue away with the Jacuzzi tubs, while daydreaming of your next trip.

Green Certified Lodging - The Glass House

Area: Hocking Hills

Price: from 349 USD

Number of Guests: 8

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4. Serene solitude: farmhouse cabin in the heart of Laurentia Winery (from 186 USD)

Source: HomeAway

Situated on a wooded lot, this private farmhouse can be found near the Laurentia Winery, perfect for indulging in your guilty pleasures.

Source: HomeAway

Accommodating up to four people, book your next vacation while staying in this homely abode. The cream walls are comfortable on the eyes, with checkered sheets reminiscent of a simple farm life.

Source: HomeAway

Traverse across the Grand River right outside of your doorstep, and explore the winding streams of the river around the area. Enjoy the views of the cascading waterfalls after the summer showers and you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive rainbow extending beyond the canopy.

Source: HomeAway

Bask in the radiance of the sun with an outdoor chill zone. After a relaxing breakfast in the fresh open air, play with your kids by the front yard, as you immerse yourself in the soothing tranquility this cabin has to offer.

Brand New Farmhouse Cabin in Heart of Wine Region

Area: By Laurentia Winery

Price: from 186 USD

Number of Guests: 4

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5. Charming cabin: Hopewell Croft in Southern Ohio (156 USD)

Source: HomeAway

Found amongst the hilly mountaintops, this sanctuary is big enough to accommodate up to 10 people. Bring your extended family for a stay up in this paradise. With views of the woody forests extending beyond your line of sight, this is the perfect place for some peace and quiet.

Featuring an oak interior basked in warm lighting, the roomy interior has plenty of necessities for a crowd. With a cosy seating area and a flat-screen TV, catch your favourite movies while snuggling next to your loved ones. The dining table can fit up to 6 people, with two expandable tables in the cabin that bring the total dining capacity to 18. The more the merrier!

Beneath the high cathedral ceilings, spend the snowy days in your cosy loft watching the slow fall of the snowflakes. If you find yourself nodding off to sleep, feel free to take a nap in the vintage bedrooms, with tribal touches all over your sleeping quarters.

Escape into the warm embrace of Mother Nature with crisp winter deer tracks and wild flowers swaying idly in the lush forests. Enjoy the fall colours by the stream, and let the calm gush of the river wash you away into another world.

Hopewell Croft - Southern Ohio Cabin Rental

Area: Southern Ohio

Price: from 156 USD

Number of Guests: 10

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Nostalgic reflections

The enveloping silence that accompanies the presence of natural wildlife is comfortable once in a while, and these HomeAway and VRBO vacation rentals provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy a comfortable stay close to Ohio’s splendid scenery and nature. Take some time off during this holiday to re-connect with your loved ones, and reminisce about the fleeting memories you once shared back in the day.

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