8 Things To Do In Graz, Austria

things to do in graz, austria
Ashu Abey
Ashu Abey 

The City of Graz is an intermix of present and old Austria. It is thus a city that oozes an appreciable diversity that is worth visiting. Graz has one of the best safeguarded, historic city milieus in Europe. Its cultural diversity plunges the traveler into a perfect glimpse of the past, and the present.

It remains a great place for historic minds, who want to view history beyond the written pages of a book. A city that blossoms with museums, and architecture of unparalleled equivalence. There is so much to do in Graz for travelers of all ages and financial predispositions. Graz is affordable to all. It is a perfect milieu for historical allusions.

1. Grazer Schlossberg

The Schlossberg is one of Graz’s most popular attractions, providing amazing views to visitors. It is a very unique milieu with several historical sites. It is an ideal milieu for people who love culture and history.

Though the large fortifications have undergone modification, the 13th-century old Clock Tower, represents a landmark of Graz. It is a great place to appreciate the beauty of the sunset, while sipping a glass of wine.

The Schlossberg is surrounded by beautiful vegetation and is situated at the center of Graz. It remains a strategic location to enjoy the extensive views of the city. It is suitable to visit at anytime of the year, when it is convenient with the traveler’s schedule.

Grazer Schlossberg

Address: Am Schlossberg 1, 8010 Graz, Austria

Website: Grazer Schlossberg

2. Hilmteich

A beautiful lake with a park on the outskirts of Graz. Hilmteich is in proximity to the town center, making it easy for travelers to visit this vibrant milieu. The area is accessible through several means of transportation, commonly buses, which can convey a traveler from the town center to Hilmteich.

The pond is a natural ice skating milieu during winter, since it freezes during that period. There is also a wonderful cafeteria for breakfast, lunch or a hot coffee after skating. Those who enjoy skating activities are encouraged to visit Hilmteich during the winter months (November- December).

Hilmteich is quite an immense park which is appropriate for kids and families. The milieu even has a playground for kids. The presence of coffee shops and ice cream vendors amplifies the beautiful experience in this place. Nature-lovers and those that enjoy taking photos will find this environment very attractive.


Address: 8010, Graz, Austria

Website: Hilmteich

3. Leech Forest

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Leech Forest is a vibrant environment in the woods of Graz, where many activities can be performed. A visitor can benefit from a relaxing boat trip through the Adventure Park found in Leech Forest. There is also a restaurant known as Hilmteichschlössl, where one can enjoy a nice coffee with pie. Leech Forest offers a very conducive milieu to stroll and relax.

The calm atmosphere provides many other opportunities such as boating and sight-seeing. There are all kinds of amazing fauna living in this forest, which are easy to spot by vigilant visitors. This is a perfect place for lovers of nature.

There is also a rescue provision for baby animals in the milieu. In the park you can find an immense pond full of fish, several cafes, and perfect areas for a picnic. Through the park there is a running route. A suitable time to visit this area is in the month of March, when the weather is adequate for sight-seeing and other activities.

Leech Forest

Address: Hilmteichstrasse 108, Graz 8010, Austria

Website: Leech Forest

4. GrazMuseum

GrazMuseum Portal
Source: Photo by user GrazMuseum used under CC BY-SA 3.0

This museum exhibits the historical and cultural values of Graz dating back to the 16th-century. It is an attractive museum in the center of Graz that depicts the town’s history. Its position makes it easily accessible from the airport.

GrazMuseum was diligently constructed and provides valuable information about the urban growth from the 12th-century to the modern era. The information can be found in German and English. A visit gives the traveler a wider perspective of Graz history. It can be visited at any period of the year.


Address: Sackstraße 18, 8010 Graz, Austria

Website: GrazMuseum

5. UPC Arena

UPC Arena - panoramio (1)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Mister No used under CC BY 3.0

Amazing venue for watching soccer games. The stadium is accessible by trains and there is very little parking space available. This milieu is perfect for individuals who are passionate about sporting events and festivals. Kids could also enjoy the ambiance in this environment.

Beautiful, amazing, simple stadium with an appropriate space capacity. The UPC Arena opened in 1997, and is renowned as a venue for concerts and several sporting events.

This arena has remained a perfect place for fun and football lovers from many nations on the globe. The VIP facilities can be used for meetings or corporate events. Best time to visit is during major festive periods in summer.

UPC Arena

Address: Stadionpl. 1, 8041 Graz, Austria

Website: UPC Arena

6. Luttgrotte Peggau

Posted by Lurgrotte Peggau on Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The stone features at the Luttgrotte is a delight to behold and remains Austria’s largest cave. This is a milieu where mineral has accumulated over many years, and has led to the production of charming natural features. The best time to visit is during the spring period due to the welcoming weather condition.

The visitor can explore this enticing cavern complex accompanied by an expert guide. This large cavern is among the largest of its kind in Central Europe and is accessible from the Semriach entrance.

Along the route accessible from Semriach, the traveler can enjoy amazing sights that will leave long-lasting memories. Such sights include geographical features such as thick hanging stalactites and stalagmites. This makes Luttgrotte Peggau a perfect site for nature-lovers.

Luttgrotte Peggau

Address: Lurgrottenstraße 2, 8120 Peggau, Austria

Website: Luttgrotte Peggau

7. Uhrturm

IMG 0476 - Graz - Uhrturm
Source: Photo by user Andrew Bossi used under CC BY-SA 2.5

Uhrturm is an attraction of Graz that everyone must experience. It is advised that the visitor ascends to the top with a funicular due to the many steep stairs leading to the top. This offers an amazing and extensive view of Graz.

The Uhrturm is a beautiful milieu to visit. The visitor can easily spend 3-4 hours here observing the city and enjoying a delicious meal. The Uhrturm remains a very splendid watchtower for lovers of culture. The best period to visit this milieu is in May when places are clear and there are no rains.

This place has a small fort constructed on its upper section, which was utilized in the past as a form of protection from attacks. The visitor can ascend further to the top section, where there is a lovely restaurant made of glass. One can drink wine and partake of a delicious meal, while observing the vibrant city of Graz.


Address: Schlossberg, Graz 8010, Austria

Website: Uhrturm

8. Stadtpark

Hanns Koren Stadtpark-Graz
Source: Photo by user SpeciesATosm used under CC0

The park is on the exterior of what was once known as the old city wall. Stadtpark is an immense, charming milieu with ancient trees. There is a big fountain that amplifies the beauty of the park. The milieu also has a top-class restaurant for visitors at the place. It is an amazing place for a walk after a stressful day.

Stadtpark remains a renowned park in Graz, with an abundance of space to play football, toss a frisbee, and organize a picnic. There are many cafes in the area. This is a place that radiates true ambiance.

This is a perfect urban oasis with amazing pathways, play arenas and lawns. It is enjoyable in any seasons. Stadtpark is a perfect milieu for fun-lovers and kids. It is easily accessible.


Address: Innere Stadt, 8010 Graz, Austria

Website: Stadtpark

Immersion in the vibrant activities in Graz is worth the venture

The activities in Graz are breathtaking considering the diversity, parks, and museums in the city. Great works of architecture, the beauty of nature, and serene environments make this city an amazing place to visit. The undeniable beautiful aura that radiates from Graz deserves being experienced by everyone. It will be a time well spent with no regrets.

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