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things to do in Bucerias Mexico
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The little town of Bucerias is a region in Riviera Nayarit bounded by Nuevo Vallarta to the south and Cruz de Huanacaxtle to the north. Nicknamed the “place of divers,” the location has an 8-kilometer (5-mile) long beach on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The destination is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life with its calm waves, soft sand beaches, and friendly locals. It offers Airbnb vacation rentals and Vrbo vacation rentals to accommodate tourists. The place also features a myriad of art galleries, outdoor activities, shopping, and great dining options. Enjoy picturesque views of the bay and mountain from the small plaza in the town’s center, check out the flea market full of restaurants and boutique shopping closeby, and more. There is always something to keep you occupied throughout your visit. To maximize your vacation, try these top things to do in Bucerias, Mexico.

1. Experience a Bucerias cultural day tour (from USD 90.0)

Begin your exciting getaway with an immersive tour into the lifestyle, livelihood, and culture of the locals. This four-hour guided tour lets you have a one-on-one chat with small venture owners – including hammock makers, textile weavers, and artisans, who are indigenous to the small town. Don’t worry if you can’t hear the local dialect; your guide will interpret. The adventure also includes a treat to an authentic Mexican lunch, served by one of the three families you will meet. It is an excellent start to a memorable vacation.

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Bucerias Cultural Tour: Artisans, Handicrafts, Lunch

Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes

255 reviews

2. Discover the culinary scene on an exciting bike tour (from USD 90.0)

After you have gained insight about the locals, the next thing you want to do is see the amazing Bucerias countryside and delve into the town’s amazing culinary scene. This three-hour bike tour covers a total of 6 miles (10 kilometers) with stops at local eateries and cafés as well as sightseeing. For a more engaging experience, the tour is limited to six people at a time. The journey takes you through local spots to savor delicious tacos, artisanal juice, and roasted coffee. You will also see the region’s fantastic landscape – including the Sierra Madre mountains and more.

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Bucerias 3-Hour Bike and Local Food Tasting Tour

Duration: 3 hours

146 reviews

3. Buy home decorations at Splash of Glass

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Another fun class at Splash of Glass!! We follow the covid protocols -- email or message us for more information on classes. It is fun! Splash of Glass is located in beautiful Bucerias!

Posted by Splash of Glass on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

What is a vacation without taking home some of the destination’s amazing offerings? Splash of Glass is a renowned art center that sells amazing glass crafts. Buy pieces of jewelry made from stained and fused glass. Not only that, the location features a variety of flowers, vases, and wine glasses, those types that you will love to adorn your home with. If you have an eye for beauty, you might find it hard to leave this gallery and shopping spot.

Splash of Glass

Address: Calle Lázaro Cárdenas 7, Centro, 63732 Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

Website: [Splash of Glass](https://www.facebook.com/Splash-of-Glass-327148717337210/

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm (closed on Sun)

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4. View creative works at A Broken Art Mosaic Gallery

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by A Broken Art Mosaic Gallery on Monday, December 28, 2020

Art is all about creativity; this fact is evident in the beautiful mosaics produced from handmade materials and possessing an out-of-the-world elegance at A Broken Art Mosaic Gallery. This studio utilizes Smalti, stained glass, hand-painted glass, Talavera tile and pottery, and handmade Mexican tiles to make beautiful crafts. The vibrant colors of the glass, pottery, and tile give the end product a heartwarming appearance. See these fantastic mosaics and also learn some art skills by joining the workshops organized by the venture.

A Broken Art Mosaic Gallery

Address: Bucerias, Calle Lázaro Cárdenas 62, Sin Nombre Loc. Bucerias, 63732 Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

Website: A Broken Art Mosaic Gallery

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5. Unwind and dine at Breakers Beach Bar and Restaurant

Editor’s note: Establishment is Permanently closed.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the Banderas bay while sipping tasty beverages, devouring delicious local cuisines, and enjoying some live music. The beachfront spot is recreational and inviting, featuring friendly staff, drink specials, Jumbo Margaritas, and great food – including desserts, appetizers, and salads. The restaurant also features a dining room with a cozy lounge, if you’d rather dine indoors. There is also free WiFi access for your convenience. This spot is on point to add some spice to your vacation.

Breakers Beach Bar and Restaurant

Address: Av Pacífico 15, Centro, 63732 Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

Website: Breakers Beach Bar and Restaurant

Opening hours: 11am - 9:30pm (daily)

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6. Take a picture with El Buzo

Life size statue of El Buzo (the diver) prying open an enormous oyster. This tradition is where Bucerias got its name, as many divers have worked here for years, diving for pearls and for food. I swam past some yesterday: the work goes on much as it has,
Source: Photo by Flickr user Dylan Tweney used under CC BY 2.0

The El Buzo is a 19.7-foot (6-meter) bronze sculpture sitting on the Bucerias Malecon. This incredible work of art and engineering was made in honor of the founding fathers of this small region and it’s a nod to the pearl diving and oyster industries in the area. The slender pole held by the diver represents an underwater spear. If you find yourself around the central plaza, it’s rewarding to immortalize your memory of Bucerias by taking a shot with this beautiful sculpture.

El Buzo

Address: Av Pacífico s/n, Centro, 63732 Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

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7. Enjoy time with your family at Wibit Mex Bucerias

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Por su seguridad esperaremos que la temporada de lluvias acabe, estaremos abiertos NOVIEMBRE 2017. GRACIAS For...

Posted by Wibit Mex on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

This fun spot also sits on the Banderas bay and features upscale amenities to keep your adrenaline pumping. The location is equipped with a variety of inflatables, half tubes, walkways, curves, domes, bridges, rope towers, slides, and bouncy houses. Your kids of four years and above will be allowed in as long as they know how to swim. For your safety and that of your family, your young ones must wear lifejackets. There are trained lifeguards on the watch all day. All-round family fun is inevitable in this lovely place.

Wibit Mex Bucerias

Address: Av Pacífico 14, 63732 Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

Website: Wibit Mex Bucerias

Opening hours: 10am - 7pm (daily)

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8. Sample tequilas at Museo Casa Tequilera

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Do you love sampling tequilas and discovering new flavors? Then you got to drop by Museo Casa Tequilera, a museum dedicated to the famous beverage. They have offerings that can’t be found anywhere in the United States or Canada, which includes peanut butter passion fruit and more than 20 other flavors. There is also an ice cream store nearby to complement the experience.

Museo Casa Tequilera (museum)

Address: Rtno. Flamingos 6, Flamingos, 63732 Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico

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9. Have an adventure at El Cora Crocodile Sanctuary

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Sight wild animals and cute birds as you connect with nature at this fantastic sanctuary. Just as the name implies, the spot is crocodile-themed and feature lots of them in their natural habitat alond with other wildlife such as turtles and the Mexican raccoon. Also, see and play with a variety of birds – including chickens, geese, and parrots around. You can also explore the swamp in a little boat with an hour-long tour that comes with a surcharge. The area also features an alfresco dining spot offering sumptuous seafood, meals, and drinks.

El Cora Crocodile Sanctuary

Address: Bucerias, Carretera Puerto Vallarta-Tepic Bucerías, Flamingos, 63735 Nuevo Vallarta, Nay., Mexico

Website: El Cora Crocodile Sanctuary

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 10am - 5pm (closed on Mon)

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10. Tee off at Flamingos Golf

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Flamingos Golf on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Flamingos Golf is a standard 18-hole course, featuring slender fairways with naturally inclined terrains, and stretching 3.9 miles (6.2 kilometers). The large spot is adorned with Bermuda grass in the greens and fairways and has 43 bunkers and 9 water hazards. Whether you are a beginner, professional, or a fan of the game of golf, Flamingos will provide a fulfilling experience. There are course marshals and golf professionals on the ground to help with your skills. The venue also plays host to footgolf, an all-age fun game.

Flamingos Golf

Address: Carretera, Tepic - Puerto Vallarta Km. 145, Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

Website: Flamingos Golf

Opening hours: 7am - 7pm (daily)

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11. Delve into the local art scene with Bucerias Art Walk

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Bucerias Art District on Thursday, October 13, 2016

Join many other spectators and art enthusiasts from November to April every Thursday to see fantastic creative works up close, meet local artists, and even participate in the organized art classes. The event takes place along the Lazaro Cardenas Avenue and starts at the Art Walk Plaza. It features more than 15 galleries with some artists displaying their skills in front of you. It is an excellent way to commune with the locals, support locals artists, and appreciate exceptional creativity.

Bucarias Art Walk

Address: 62 Lazaro Cardenas, Bucerias, Mexico

Website: Bucarias Art Walk

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12. See the beautiful Parish of Our Lady of Peace

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

#Bucerías #PatronSaint #Festival In honor of the patron saint of fishermen, #OurLadyOfPeace, dozens of fishermen will...

Posted by Riviera Nayarit on Thursday, January 15, 2015

This parish is one of the major highlights of the town and it is situated in the laidback downtown. It is one of the many structures built in reverence to the Virgin Mary, who is considered as the patron of many communities, especially in Spanish communities. The building features a tower with three sections containing the bells which ring after every passing hour. At the frontage of the church is Plaza de Armas, with a lovely garden covered with beautiful lawns and palm trees.

Parish of Our Lady of Peace

Address: Av. Héroes de Nacozari s/n, Centro, 63732 Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 5:01pm - 8pm (closed on Sat & Sun)

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13. Shop for souvenirs at Tianguis De Los Domingos

Bucerias, Mexico
Source: Photo by Flickr user Marco Valentini used under CC BY 2.0

November to April is high season in this part of the world. So many events and festivals take place at this time, and one occasion you shouldn’t miss is Tianguis De Los Domingos held every Sunday of these months. You will love the bustling market scene with myriads of stores selling handmade clothes, sausages, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables. It is a great location to buy local products as souvenirs to keep the memories of your trip to Bucerías.

Tianguis De Los Domingos

Address: Arroyo del Indio, Sin Nombre Loc. Bucerias, 63732 Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

Opening hours: Sun: 7am - 2pm (closed from Mon - Sat)

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14. Gain insights into local flavors and recipes at My Mexican Kitchen

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

We will be sharing videos of our amazing #culinaryexperiences here in Puebla, Edgar's home state. Some visual references of what we talk about in #cookingclass. Stay tuned!

Posted by My Mexican Kitchen on Friday, September 24, 2021

My Mexican Kitchen was established in December 2006 and it specializes in offering spicy local foods and catering services for large and small events. Enjoy a superb gastronomic experience with the authentic Mexican cuisines prepared by an experienced chef, who grew among eatery owners and toured the country to gain insights into different flavors and recipes. If you are also interested in learning how to prepare the best of Mexican dishes, this eatery provides interactive cooking classes for small groups.

My Mexican Kitchen

Address: Agustín Melgar #9, Colonia Zona Dorada, 63732 Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

Website: My Mexican Kitchen

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 5:30pm - 9pm (closed on Sun)

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15. Make your nights exhilarating at The Drunken Duck

Editor’s note: Establishment is permanently closed

When you’ve had a fun-filled day, exploring, and you wish to relax over a cup of beverage and live music at night, The Drunken Duck is your best bet. This place is not only suited for adults, but you can also book a special family get together and savor comfort foods – including cured meats, Mexican amd Asian treats, and much more. Their customer service is top-notch and the beer is ice cold – just the way you like it.

The Drunken Duck

Address: Av México 16, Flamingos, 63732 Bucerías, Nay., Mexico

Website: The Drunken Duck

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 2pm - 12am (closed on Sun & Mon)

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Make each day of your Bucerías getaway exciting

Bucerias, Mexico - panoramio (6)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Michelle Maria used under CC BY 3.0

“The Place of Divers”, as it is also called, has a mix of everything to make your vacation a one to remember. With its relaxing beaches, hiking mountains, art galleries, and fantastic food and drink scene, your holiday will be fully occupied with activities you enjoy. Have a memorable time away from home with these top things to do, Bucerias, Mexico.

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