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Murrells Inlet is a charming tourist destination nestled between Horry and Georgetown Counties in South Carolina. It was once a fishing village but has been modernized to satisfy a traveler’s dream from the present day. In addition to Airbnb vacation rentals, there are also Vrbo vacation rentals that offer amazing accommodations. Whether you are looking for an exhilarating water activity or gourmet dining or exciting nightlife, this tiny paradise has an ideal spot for you. If you are a history buff, do not forget to explore the American sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens; if you are a nature-lover, MarshWalk and Huntington Beach State Park can be perfect for you. Due to the increased attractions in Murrells Inlet, you might struggle to choose what to see and do. Read on for the top things to do in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.

1. Visit Atalaya Castle

Atalaya Panorama
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ghorton56 used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Nestled in Huntington Beach State Park, Atalaya Castle is a must-visit for nature lovers and history buffs. This national landmark features a grand estate, a sculpture garden, and plenty of well-maintained spaces for visitors to enjoy. Atalaya Castle also offers tours for visitors, allowing them to check out period furniture and have a glimpse of the early 20th-century lifestyle. The property even plays host to weddings and special events, not to mention an annual arts and crafts festival in South Carolina.

Atalaya Castle

Address: Atalaya Rd, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States

Website: Atalaya Castle

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm (daily)

Price: 2 USD

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2. Walk down the MarshWalk

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by The MarshWalk of Murrells Inlet on Friday, May 19, 2023

The Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk is a scenic spot in the heart of the village that features a half-mile wooden boardwalk along a natural water estuary. With warm salt-air breezes and stunning scenery, it is a must-visit spot for travelers who want to take a break from the bustling village. The MarshWalk is also home to seasonal local events and water sports. Guests can even join some sightseeing tours, have a shopping spree, or go kayaking in the waters.

To recharge, there are several waterfront dining spots in the MarshWalk that offer amazing dining scenes. Fresh seafood and wood-fired pizzas are only some of the delicious foods available here.

The Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk

Address: 4025 Hwy 17 Business, 4065 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States

Website: The Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk

Opening hours: 5:30am - 12am (daily)

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3. Buy fresh produce at Lee's Farmer's Market

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Lee's Farmer's Market on Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Lee’s Farmer’s Market is a popular local market which has been operating since 1997. You can shop for the best quality meat, farm-fresh local produce, groceries, and international standard cheeses and wine. Due to its nearness to Myrtle Beach and Pawley’s Island, tourists and local crowd flock to this fun spot to do some exciting shopping. After a long day of shopping, you can also savor the delicious Carnegie Deli Corned Beef Sandwich in this market.

Lee's Farmer's Market

Address: North, 4883 Frontage Rd, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, United States

Website: Lee’s Farmer’s Market

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 7am - 5pm (closed on Sun)

Price: Under 10 USD

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4. Watch dolphins at Crazy Sister Marina

things to do in murrells-inlet sc | watch dolphins at crazy sister marina
Source: instagram

Crazy Sister Marina is an entertainment destination packed with some of the top adventures and activities in Murrells Inlet. It is located on the southern end of the famous marsh walk. They offer fishing trips on private charters and public head boat. Deep-sea fishing and shark fishing are the favorites among the tourists. Exciting water activities like jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, parasailing, banana boat ride, pirate adventure, sunset cruises, a saltwater marsh eco-tour, pontoon & skiffs rentals, and dolphin watching are offered here.

Crazy Sister Marina

Address: 4123 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Crazy Sister Marina

Opening hours: Mon & Wed: 7am - 6pm; Tue: 7am - 8.30pm; Fri & Sun: 6am - 7pm; Sat: 7am - 8pm

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5. Enjoy nightlife at Marsh Walk

things to do in murrells-inlet sc | enjoy nightlife at marsh walk
Source: instagram

Marsh Walk is a 0.5 mile (0.8 km) wooden boardwalk which offers stunning views of the scenic saltwater estuary. Whether you are looking to relax with food and drinks, enjoy live music, unwind with wonderful seasonal events, or simply experience the nightlife in Murrells Inlet, this is the right spot for you. Marsh Walk includes eight waterfront dining which serves mouthwatering fusion, delicious wood-fired pizza, succulent steaks, and gourmet seafood with spectacular views of waters. You can also indulge in thrilling water sports like kayaking, charter fishing, sightseeing, and shopping at this fascinating destination.

Marsh Walk

Address: Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Marsh Walk

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6. Check out indigenous species at Lowcountry Zoo

Otter with Poor Posture
Source: Photo by Flickr user Amaury Laporte used under CC BY 2.0

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Lowcountry Zoo is located in the Brookgreen Garden which includes local animals in the backdrop of the natural landscape. The native animals that live in the swamps, woods, and waters are exhibited here very closely to excite the visitors. The animals sheltered here cannot live in the wild since they were either in captivity or ill due to some injury. They offer a 50-minute tour with snacks and impart knowledge about the wildlife that lives here. This tour includes free garden entry. Visitors above the age of 12 can also spend a day with the zookeeper to learn about the animals in this zoo.

Lowcountry Zoo

Address: 1931 Brookgreen Garden Dr, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Lowcountry Zoo

Opening hours: 9.30am - 5pm (daily)

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7. Go boating at Morse Park Landing

Morse Park Landing is a beautiful park which is mainly visited for the memorial “Lost at Sea” for the loss of Johnny W. Brown and others at the sea. There is a boat launch to admire the beauty of waters surrounding the park. The marsh views in the park connect you to nature and refresh your mind. Picnic tables are available here to enjoy picnicking with family and friends. For more fun things to do in Murrells Inlet, you can also indulge in fishing or crabbing from the wooden dock in this lovely park. Dogs are allowed in this park.

Morse Park Landing

Address: 4939 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Morse Park Landing

Price: Free

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8. Admire nature at Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen Gardens 6
Source: Photo by Flickr user anoldent used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Brookgreen Gardens is a striking garden filled with iconic sculptures and a dedicated wildlife preserve. It was founded by Archer and Anna Hyatt Huntington in 1931. The garden is listed in the prestigious National Register of Historic Places. This 9100 acre (3682.6 hectares) garden is a visual treat to its visitors for its themed displays. You can just stroll in the middle of the attractive flowers, trees, and exotic wildlife to get astounded by the magnificence of nature. This attraction in Murrells Inlet also organizes several tours, programs, exhibitions, and interesting events to amuse the guests.

Brookgreen Gardens

Address: 1931 Brookgreen Garden Dr, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Brookgreen Gardens

Opening hours: 9.30am - 5pm (daily)

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9. Play golf at Wachesaw Plantation Club

Wachesaw Plantation Club is a reputed, premier club which offers plenty of entertainment to its guests. The attractive amenities include tennis courts, waterfront dining experience, and a swimming complex. There is a world-class golf course which is designed by acclaimed Tom Fazio. The club includes a golf shop which sells quality equipment, branded apparel like Fairway & Greene, Footjoy, Adidas, Nike, and Oxford and accessories to ensure the best-golfing experience. There is a professional staff to assist the players during the game.

Wachesaw Plantation Club

Address: 1930 Governors Landing Rd, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Wachesaw Plantation Club

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10. Go fishing with Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures on Saturday, March 27, 2021

To enjoy a brilliant fishing experience, go on a fishing trip with Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures. The best part of this fishing charter is that you can indulge in fishing as long as you want without any time constraint. You can glide through the enthralling Atlantic waters on this adventure and take back the best catch. Mostly, you will find flounder, red drum, trout, and blue crabs in the sea. If you are lucky, you can also catch other fish varieties. They offer both inshore and offshore trips.

Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures

Address: 4699 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Jolly Rogers Fishing Adventures

Opening hours: 6am - 7pm (daily)

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11. Camp at Huntington Beach State Park

Wood Storks and American White Ibis
Source: Photo by Flickr user Amaury Laporte used under CC BY 2.0

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Huntington Beach State Park is a pristine beach park with varied attractions. You can camp here while enjoying the sea breeze and watch the gifts of Mother Nature. The sea and wetlands in this area include beautiful sea turtles, exotic alligators, and lovely birdlife. You can also admire egrets and herons along the Sandpiper Pond Nature Trail in the park. You can relax at the boardwalk overlooking the lagoon at Kerrigan Nature Trail. Don’t forget to visit the Moorish-style castle in Atalaya which was built in the 1930s.

Huntington Beach State Park

Address: 16148 Ocean Hwy, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Huntington Beach State Park

Opening hours: 6am - 10pm (daily)

Price: 5 USD for adult; 3 USD for age 6 - 15

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12. Marvel at the paintings by Karen Pellegrino

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Oh dear, here are a few more paintings I finished very recently. I have been so busy, I forgot to post them... This...

Posted by Paintings By Karen Pellegrino on Sunday, March 5, 2017

Paintings by Karen Pellegrino is a stunning art gallery located inside the Inlet Square Mall which exhibits the finest collection of oil paintings. This is the best souvenir to take back home during your visit to Murrells Inlet. You can either restore your old paintings or buy original paintings in both landscape and portrait created by the artist.

Paintings by Karen Pellegrino

Address: 12125 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Paintings by Karen Pellegrino

Opening hours: Wed - Sat: 12pm - 6pm (closed on Sun, Mon & Tue)

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13. Enjoy a fun day at Garden City Pavilion Arcade & GiGi's Grill

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Love the Three Stooges? Maybe you hate the Three Stooges. Either way come knock em around in Three Stooges Wack a Mole. #arcade #gardencityarcade

Posted by Garden City Pavilion Arcade & GiGi's Grill on Thursday, 29 March 2018

Garden City Pavilion Arcade & GiGi’s Grill is a popular fun destination for all ages in Murrells Inlet. With their wide collection of games and prizes, they have been operating since 1969. This place is ideal for ultimate entertainment with your family and friends. Whether you are looking for classic games or innovative games, this video arcade has all. After a fun day at the arcade, you can also relish delicious food varieties and ice creams at their in-house eatery.

Garden City Pavilion Arcade & GiGi's Grill

Address: 103 Atlantic Ave, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Garden City Pavilion Arcade & GiGi’s Grill

Opening hours: 9am - 1am (daily)

Price: Under 10 USD

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14. Enjoy live music at Suck Bang Blow

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Suck Bang Blow on Friday, August 5, 2022

Suck Bang Blow is a popular hangout destination for fun lovers. This 40,000-square-feet (3716-square-meter) bar is mainly frequented by the motorists. They include a good collection of beer and amazing live music to lighten the mood. The burnout pit and barbecue setup are the special features of this biker bar. They also house SBB Roadwear and Gift Shop which sells official merchandise of the bar such as t-shirts, tank tops, koozies, patches, stickers, beer mugs, and so on. Various biking events are also organized here from time to time.

Suck Bang Blow

Address: 3393 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Suck Bang Blow

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 11am - 2am; Sun: 11am - 12am

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15. Enjoy biking at Waccamaw Neck Bikeway

Waccamaw Neck Bikeway is a biking and hiking path stretching from Murrells Inlet to Sandy Island Road close to Huntington Beach State Park. This 12-mile (19 km) path can be traveled via roads and trails with the help of clear Road signs. You can find 6 miles (9.6 km) of the continuous trail and a 4 mile (6.4 km) stretch which is divided into two sections. This area is mainly used by the walkers and cyclists to work out and enjoy the scenic views. On the way, you can stop at several locations to relax which include Huntington Beach State Park, Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort, The Piggly Wiggly & Bi-Lo grocery stores, and The Food Lion at the South Causeway.

Waccamaw Neck Bikeway

Address: South Carolina 29585, USA

Website: Waccamaw Neck Bikeway

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16. Go partying at Hot Fish Club

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Hot Fish Club Gazebo on Sunday, July 3, 2022

Hot Fish Club is a historic establishment which was originally opened in the late 1700s as “Hot and Hot Fish Club” on Drunken Jack Island. The original club acted as an ideal destination to relish tasty food, enjoy strong drinks and celebrate festive times. At the end of Civil War, the club was closed. Later, it was opened on the Grand Strand as “Hot Fish Club”. This club uses farm-fresh produce and fresh fishes that are caught every day. This happening night spot destination is known for their uplifting live music and parties.

Hot Fish Club

Address: 4911 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Hot Fish Club

Opening hours: Tue - Sun: 4pm - 9pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 11 - 30 USD

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17. Eat seafood with picturesque views at Drunken Jack's Restaurant & Lounge

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Posted by Drunken Jack's Restaurant & Lounge on Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Drunken Jack’s Restaurant & Lounge is located on the renowned “Restaurant Row” and serves delicious seafood with enchanting views and live entertainment. Chef Casey Blake has been surprising his guests with personalized seafood menu for more than 22 years. In the lounge area, the guests can listen to music by local artists and choose the best cocktail from 24 specialty cocktails. The dining room has fabulous views of the inlet which offers the best dining experience.

Drunken Jack's Restaurant & Lounge

Address: 4031 US-17 BUS, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, USA

Website: Drunken Jack’s Restaurant & Lounge

Opening hours: 11.30am - 10.30pm (daily)

Price: 11 - 30 USD

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18. Kayak through Murrells Inlet (from USD 64.0)

This kayak tour enables you to enjoy the serene waters of Murrells Inlet while sightseeing fish, birds, and sea turtles. You can choose between sunrise and sunset tour. All the equipment are included in the tour. Souvenir photo can be bought for an extra fee. A professional guide will accompany you and assist you in this kayaking trip. This two-hour trip will escape you from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

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Guided Myrtle Beach Kayak

Duration: 2 hours

60 reviews

Murrells Inlet - the best hideaway in South Carolina

Murrells Inlet is an entrancing village with plenty of entertainment options combined with nature. If you wish to experience a fun-filled vacation packed with history, nature and entertainment, head straight to Murrells Inlet. Browse through our best things to do in this lovely place and explore their finest attractions and activities.

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