What To Buy In Warsaw, Poland

what to buy in warsaw

Warsaw is increasingly seeing a growth in the number of retail stores that are sprouting in the city. This European city is a magnet for brand names, especially things like smart apparels. Eager shoppers will be able to find a range of delightful small boutiques in the streets of Warsaw. From shopping malls to small boutiques, flea markets and designer fashion festivals, Warsaw is indeed a great place for shopping. If you are visiting Warsaw, you might be interested in taking home some of the city’s best treasures for yourself or for your friends and family. If so, fret not. Continue reading below to find out about some of the top things to buy in Warsaw.

1. Amber jewelry

House of Amber - Magical moods and unique rings
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user House of Amber used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Amber jewelry is known as the Gold of the North and is found in abundance in Warsaw. In fact, amber jewelry, which originates from the Baltic is known worldwide for its beauty. As such, one looking for amber jewelry in Warsaw will be able to find a large selection of artistic amber and silver necklaces along with pendants, earrings and rings. Amber is said to have various degrees of translucency, appearing in various colors, from pale yellow to green and white. This range of colors makes it a good material for various types of ornaments. One thing is for sure, they definitely make great gifts for anyone.

Amber jewellery

Where to buy: Mostly in the Old Town like Piwna, Świętojańska, and Wąski Dunaj streets.

Cost: From 34 USD

2. Linen products

Source: Needpix

If you did not already know, Poland is known for its linen products being the best quality in the world. Using linen, several items like tablecloths, bed linens, napkins and curtains are made. All of these make great keepsakes as well as gifts. One can easily find linen products along the streets of Warsaw. Don’t you fancy bringing home a piece of Polish linen to show off to your friends and family? There are several shops offering linen products in the city, especially in the main shopping streets.

Linen products

Where to buy: Galeria Artis, Galeria Lnu, etc

Cost: From 15 USD

3. Ptasie Mleczko - Polish sweet

05173 cakes of sanok, cupcake, kremowska, ptasie mleczko
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Silar used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Ptasie Mleczko essentially means “bird’s milk”, meaning that this distinctly Polish sweet is made of a soft milky foam type of candy and coated with chocolate. There are many flavors, of which vanilla is the most common. Ptasie Mleczko is a must-try candy when in Warsaw. The candy is sweet but light on the tummy. These candies are usually sold in large boxes and make beautiful gifts for everyone. Ptasie Mleczko can be found in many grocery stores throughout Poland.

Ptasie Mleczko

Where to buy: Delikatesy Jerozolimskie, Carrefour Market at Złote Tarasy shopping mall, etc

Cost: From 4.50 USD

4. Ceramics

02014. Keramik aus Przemyśl
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Silar used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Poland is known for high-quality ceramics which are even dishwasher safe. Nice tableware can be found across stores in Warsaw selling ceramics. You will definitely be interested to get a hand-decorated pattern to bring back home. The most famous brand of Polish ceramics are derived from the city of Bolesławiec. Each Warsaw folk store stocks lots of these, leaving people baffled for choice. Come and check out the various selections of plates, cups and saucers which are intricately patterned and carefully hand-finished. The shops will wrap them up carefully for you so that you can carry them safely.


Where to buy: Bolesławiec Pottery, Galeria Artis, etc

Cost: From 8 USD

5. Dolls in folk costumes

Polish Dolls
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Cadaverexquisito used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Looking for a unique gift for a child or simply to keep for yourself as a souvenir? Then, it is a good idea to pick up one of these Polish dolls dressed in folk costumes. These dolls are very popular in the whole of Poland and are brightly colored. The folk costumes that these dolls adorn represent the various regions of Poland. One or many of these colorful Polish dolls can be used to serve decorative purposes as well. Simply pick your favorite one. These dolls can be found in folk stores, souvenir stores as well as online.

Dolls in folk costumes

Where to buy: Galeria Artis

Cost: From 8 USD

6. Chopin Potato Vodka

Chopin Vodka
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Arkadiusz Benedykt used under CC BY 2.0

When one speaks of Vodka in Poland, then it has to be about the Chopin Potato Vodka which is the most renowned potato vodka in the world. This vodka is said to be tasty and creamy. The beverage consists of subtle notes of vanilla and green apple. This vodka is best enjoyed on the rocks, neat or it even works well as a base for cocktails. There is a large flavor profile for Chopin potato vodka. For instance, rye vodka is known for its sweetness, making it a very good base for mixing. The Poles are proud of their vodka and even recognize it as their national drink. As such, this vodka is great to bring back home either for yourself or to give away. The best one to get would be the premium selection.

Chopin Potato Vodka

Where to buy: Airport

Cost: From 4 USD

7. Home Army Anchor Pin

The Home Army Anchor Pin has been designed to honor the efforts taken by the Home Army and its valiant soldiers who fought in the Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis in 1944. This iconic symbol is worn by many Poles indicating their pride pertaining to this victory. This pin can be picked up from The Warsaw Rising Museum gift shop when you are there to learn more about the history of Poland. In fact, what is interesting is that when you are in Warsaw on August 1st, you will notice the residents in the city standing still for one minute to remember the uprising’s tragic aftermath where about 200,000 people were killed.

Home Army Anchor Pin

Where to buy: The Warsaw Rising Museum

Cost: From 1.30 USD

8. Polish art (posters)

Trotsky on a Polish poster of 1920
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Skabowski used under PUBLIC DOMAIN

Polish art in the form of posters has a long-standing history in Poland. However, since 1989, when the old system collapsed, much of this poster culture started declining. Nonetheless, the poster industry managed to survive with private collectors being the main driving force. There is a large collection of poster collection in Poland, which is both for viewing pleasure and purchase. If you are interested in heading to an art gallery, then head to one of Warsaw’s graphic art galleries to explore the wide collection of Polish posters and many more. To make a purchase, choose one that you fancy and go home with a piece of Polish culture.

Polish art (Posters)

Where to buy: Galeria Artis, Galeria “Aniołowo”

Cost: From 12 USD

9. Krowki - Polish sweet

Krówki Milanówek
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Anonymous photogr... used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Krowki are milk candies which have a soft and chewy filling inside. As you start to eat the candy, it begins to crumble due to the crystallization of sugar. The chewy filling is made of milk, butter and sugar. This mixture is stirred and cooked in a large container for several hours. Subsequently, the mixture is poured out onto a flat surface and left to cool. Once it is cooled down, it is packed in individual plastic wrappers. It is worth noting that despite the influx of many new candies in the market, the classic krówki is still the most popular candy in Poland. These candies can be found in any store and can be bought to share with friends and family.

Krowki - Polish sweet

Where to buy: Delikatesy Jerozolimskie, Carrefour Market at Złote Tarasy shopping mall, etc

Cost: From 1 USD

10. Polish beer - Ciechan, Perla

Perła Chmielowa Pils
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Skitof used under CC0

Poland is known for its many delicious beers. Such popular beers are brands like Ciechan and Perla. The history of beer-making in Poland is long and well established. These beers can be found in most restaurants, bars and supermarkets as they are some of the most prominent ones in the country. Recently, the alcohol market in Poland is constantly growing with new flavors emerging constantly. Some of these include beers like full-bodied, sweet and hoppy Perła as well as the unfiltered honey-flavored Ciechanów Miodowe. Do note that while you desire to enjoy your beers, drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited throughout Poland.

Polish beer- Ciechan, Perla

Where to buy: Supermarkets around Warsaw

Cost: From 0.90 USD

Buy distinctive Polish products

This is one country which is known for its turbulent history. As such, the city of Warsaw also has much to offer in terms of souvenirs and food. Be sure to experience all before you depart Warsaw.

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