Mention Finland, and Santa Claus and his flying reindeers probably pop up in your mind immediately. As one of the northernmost countries in the world straddling the Arctic Circle and stretching towards the North Pole, this means freezing winter days can last as long as 200 days a year the farther up north you travel.

It is easy then to understand what makes Santa Claus the most famous resident in Finland. Experience Finnish winter wonderland at Salla, located close to the Russian border inside the Finnish Lapland. Enjoy winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing, and join in the unforgettable reindeer safari trip where you get your own individual sleigh and a reindeer! Visit the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. Don’t forget to watch out for the phenomenal Aurora Borealis that will leave you mesmerised!

Of course, a Finnish holiday is definitely not just for winter and Christmas. Finland is a country with about 188,000 lakes and 179,000 islands waiting for you to explore. During summer, you can enjoy long days of sunshine where the sun does not set, commonly known as the midnight sun, for up to 73 days the farther up north you go. Relax in a traditional Finnish sauna, go on a wildlife excursion, bask in the sun and enjoy the nature, as well as attend numerous interesting festivals in the lovely outdoors.

Find out more through our articles to unveil the hidden gems of the most sparsely populated country in European Union for an enchanting Finland holiday!

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