If there’s a country that has historically spent wisely its money, it's the Netherlands. This former Spanish colony used all the gold and silver coming from the New World to become one of the most developed countries in the world. The whole Netherlands are actually a huge work of engineering; the country sits on swampy lands and stays well below the sea level thanks to several huge dams located in the country’s coastline.

Amsterdam is, by far, the place where most of the people who visit the Orange country go, attracted by its deserved dubbing as Vice City, its stunning museums and its iconic city center, but the modern Rotterdam, Utrecht, a mini-Amsterdam in several ways, the green and chilly Groningen and The Hague, where the Netherland’s most famous beach hosts lawyers from the International Court are very interesting cities too.

The country is the worldwide capital of urban cycling: it is possible to travel from any city in the Netherlands to any other following a safe bike road which crisscrosses the tulip fields and the infinite channels that cover the Dutch countryside. Dutch people are melomaniacs too, they are arguably Europe’s biggest Jazz lovers and they embrace Classical as well as Electronic music. These are but some of the million things the Netherlands have to offer to you, find out more just a click away from you!

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