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Many people view Amsterdam as a city unparalleled for a variety of reasons. High among those reasons, if not at the top, is the city’s abundant list of nighttime activities. Amsterdam has plenty to offer when it comes to having a serious amount of fun as night falls. The famous Red Light district is a must-visit for mature tourists. Those staying in adults-only hotels will find something spicy there to light up their innermost pleasures. If you’re on the tamer side, however, there are several other attractions that guarantee classic enjoyment. While staying in an Airbnb vacation rental in the heart of the city, you’ll uncover historical hotspots and culinary stations that look best when the sun dies down. Want to get the most out of an evening in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities? Read more to find out the best things to do in Amsterdam at night!

From transportation tips to medical essentials and everything in between, the Amsterdam local guides share all the must-know information to help you plan your trip.

Amsterdam Nightlife

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1. Enjoy stunning views from the Canals on a cruise (from USD 24.35)

things to do in amsterdam at night | enjoy stunning views from the canals on a cruise

Whether you’re going out on a normal Tuesday evening or a fun-filled Saturday night, a visit to Amsterdam’s esteemed canals is something you should not miss. The clean and peaceful waterways are great to look at as usual during the daytime, but as the sun begins to set, they becomes even more special.

What better way to seize this moment than to hop on board a narrowboat? This activity sees participants take on an unforgettable sightseeing cruise along the canals across the city’s several wonderful attractions. You’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to pass under numerous bridges as well. Among those is the Skinny Bridge, which itself bears an intriguing history.

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Amsterdam: Evening Canal Cruise

Duration: 1.5 hour

16021 reviews

2. Immerse yourself in an audiovisual space at AMAZE (from USD 28.96)

things to do in amsterdam at night | immerse yourself in an audiovisual space at amaze

Stimulate your senses with a collection of earth-shattering visuals on display at AMAZE, an immersive attraction in West Amsterdam. If you’re wondering what else to see in Amsterdam at night, look no further than this indoor experience, which offers over 30 years’ worth of striking visual effects. All of these are condensed into an hour-long walkthrough.

With its base set in an old warehouse, It offers guests near and far a scintillating show of lights and music. Each stage showcases an impressive audio design and unique light effects. While some of these are for your eyes only, several others invite you to step into the experience with live interactions and round-the-clock listening.

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Amsterdam: AMAZE Immersive Audiovisual Experience Ticket

Duration: 1.0 to 1.5 hour

2187 reviews

3. Hang out at the De Nieuwe Anita

De Nieuwe Anita
Source: Photo by Flickr user Carolina Georgatou used under CC BY-ND 2.0

This nightspot is located in the trendy Oud-West neighborhood, and may give you a flashback to a certain time in your life. Why? Well, first you have to ring a bell in order to enter. As you walk in, the front room resembles a fully fledged living room, with a stocked bar off to the side and even some lamps that seem to have been lifted from a 70’s sitcom set. The back room is where patrons go to hear a variety of live music, from folk to experimental electronica.

De Nieuwe Anita

Address: Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, 1052HN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: from 9 USD

Opening Hours: 8pm - 1am. 8pm - 2am Saturday.

Duration: visitors spend 3 hours here.

Access: 17 minutes from Amsterdam Centraal.

Contact: +31 207744922

Website: De Nieuwe Anita - in Dutch)

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Amsterdam Tour Guide

Locally Louke

Locally Louke

Hi, my name is Louke and I live and work in the historical city of Amsterdam. My style of guiding is custom. That feeling you get from meeting up with a friend that shows you around their city. Obviously, I will take you to see the things on your bucket list and I will help you get the lay of the land and share tips and tricks of how to get the most out of your stay in my city.

Tours by Locally

4. Catch a show at the Het Muziektheater

Het Muziektheater Amsterdam-Amsterdam
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Yair Haklai used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Het Muziektheater, or the Dutch National Opera and Ballet, is a cherished activity to engage in on a visit to Amsterdam. Situated in a striking building overlooking the Amstel River and not too far from the Museum Het Rembrandhuis, the Het Muziektheater has up to three productions held there yearly. In addition, there are other avant-garde productions that are held in the theater. Visitors will marvel from the sweeping balconies at the eclectic pieces of art positioned throughout the complex.

Het Muziektheater

Address: Amstel 3, 1011 PN Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: from 29 USD

Opening Hours: 12pm onwards.

Duration: around 3 hours required.

Access: 5 minutes via transit from Amsterdam Centraal

Contact: +31 205518117

Website: Het Muziektheater

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5. Enjoy a Jazz show at the Bimhuis

Bimhuis Amsterdam
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Steven Lek used under CC BY-SA 4.0

The Netherlands has always been a haven for jazz music and all of its fans for decades. In Bimhuis, that haven is akin to a shrine. Perched on the waterfront, the Bimhuis was first conceptualized and built in 1974 as a place where Dutch and international musicians could convene and put on shows to enliven and enlighten audiences. The present day structure was completed in 2005 on the same grounds, to allow for more seating space and added technological improvements. The result is a building that takes on the form of a sleek black box, where concertgoers can take in shows with great acoustics and possibly hear broadcasts of the Europe Jazz Network being held on-site (Bimhuis is a founding member of the network).


Address: Piet Heinkade 3, 1019 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: from 21 USD

Opening Hours: from 11am - close.

Duration: visitors can spend 3.5 hours here.

Access: 10 minutes via transit and walking from Amsterdam Centraal.

Contact: +31 207882150

Near by Food: Hannekes Boom

Website: Bimhuis

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6. Sip a cocktail at the Vesper (and check out the James Bond memorabilia)

Source: Photo by Flickr user CitizenM hotels used under CC BY-ND 2.0

If you’re someone who likes a smooth retro environment to be in as they sip on a cocktail, Vesper just might be the choice for you. Located in the Jordaan neighborhood, Vesper has gained a following since arriving on the scene in 2010. The bar space is intimate, with mahogany and copper elements as part of a speakeasy vibe. The drinks come with clever names and potent mixes, such as the “Leap Of Faith”. There’s even a taste scale that is provided by bartenders to find a beverage to suit your palate. Another attractive factor is the James Bond memorabilia dotting the walls. Bear in mind that if you’re part of a large group, the place may be too cozy for the party - unless you sign up for one of their cocktail making workshops.


Address: Vinkenstraat 57, 1013 JM Amsterdam, Netherlands

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 8pm - 1am. Friday & Saturday 5pm - 3am. Closed Sunday & Monday.

Duration: patrons can spend 2.5 hours here.

Access: 5 minutes via taxi from Centraal Station.

Contact: +31 687244056

Near by Food: Tazzina

Website: Vesper

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7. Be captivated by the Melkweg (Milky Way)

Melkweg (Milky Way) has been a cornerstone of the entertainment world in Amsterdam for over four decades. Situated on the Lijnbaansgracht near one of the prime centers of nightlife in the city, Melkweg is a massive venue that was once a milk factory back in the 19th Century. After being established as a concert hall in 1973, Melkweg has now grown to have four separate music halls inside as well as a restaurant, a private cinema, and a gallery exhibition space. Depending on the performers, you can see quite a line heading into the venue over the diminutive canal that sits in front.


Address: Lijnbaansgracht 234A, 1017 PH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Duration: visitors will spend 3 - 4 hours here.

Access: 16 minutes via transit from Amsterdam Centraal.

Contact: +31 205318181

Near by Food: Trattoria Fantasia

Website: Melkweg

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8. Pop by the Red Light District

The Red Lights District - Amsterdam, Holland - panoramio - Sergey Ashmarin
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Sergey Ashmarin used under CC BY-SA 3.0

No list is complete without a mention of the Red Light District. Known as Rosse Buurt, it’s composed of three areas: De Wallen, Ruysdaelkade, and Singelgebied. The Red Light District is essentially a cornucopia of vice, which dates back to the 1300s when women of the evening would carry red lanterns to attract customers. The streets here are dotted with windows of brothels where sex workers are on display for customers in addition to adult shops and a slew of coffeehouses. Mixed in among these lurid sights are some interesting points of interest like the Oude Kerk, a church that dates back to the 1400s making it the city’s oldest building. Going through the district takes you right into Zeedjik, which is Amsterdam’s Chinatown.

Red Light District

Opening Hours: open 24 hours.

Duration: visitors can spend up to 3 hours here.

Contact: 8 minute walk from Centraal Station.

Near by Food: The Grasshopper

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9. Grab a drink at the Cafe de Dokter

In the Cafe de Dokter
Source: Photo by Flickr user Rex Roof used under CC BY 2.0

Café de Dokter to many, represents a key part of Amsterdam’s history. No small wonder since it first opened its doors in 1798, after being founded by a surgeon who was working at the former Binnengasthuis hospital nearby. From that point, this quaint bar located at the end of Rozenboomsteeg alley has greeted anyone who enjoys quality spirits. Every inch of Café de Dokter carries history in it – the owners have kept a lot of the vintage décor intact, and it is enhanced by a soundtrack of classic jazz played during the day. It’s also in close proximity to a couple of Amsterdam’s most popular sights such as the Amsterdam Museum and the Amsterdam Dungeon.

Cafe de Dokter

Address: Rozenboomsteeg 4, 1012 PR Amsterdam, Netherlands

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 4pm - 1am. Closed on weekends and Mondays.

Duration: around 1.5 hours required.

Access: 7 minutes from Centraal Station via transit.

Contact: +31 206264427

Near by Food: Oriental City

Website: Cafe de Dokter - in Dutch)

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10. Sit back and listen at the Cafe Sound Garden

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Cafe Sound Garden gives visitors a very mellow and sometimes raucous vibe and has positioned itself as an oasis for all, united by good beer and good music. Located on the edge of the Jordaan neighborhood, Cafe Sound Garden is buoyed by a constant flow of music be it through live DJ sets or acoustic bands taking center stage. Many come to grab a drink and a seat on the garden terrace, which overlooks one of the many grand canals that make Amsterdam positively wonderful.

Cafe Sound Garden

Address: Marnixstraat 164-166, 1016 TG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: from 7 USD

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday 1pm - 1am. Friday 1pm - 3am. Weekends 3pm - 3am.

Access: 11 minutes taxi ride from Leiedsplein

Contact: +31 206202853

Website: Cafe Sound Garden

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11. Chill at the Hannekes Boom

Hannekes Boom
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user APK used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Hannekes Boom is a cafe for those who know their way around a funky music festival or two. Minutes away from Centraal Station, the cafe which is styled like a beach shack sits right on the waterfront. It takes inspiration from the old system of guard posts that were first on the same grounds back in the mid 1600s. The outdoor space is lined with gaily colored benches and is essentially atop a pontoon deck, and you might even see people pull up and stop in for a beverage or two before sailing off again. Hannekes Boom was constructed with salvaged materials, giving the place a hip, rustic look. The place is a good spot to get away from the massive crowds one will often find in the Amsterdam streets.

Hannekes Boom

Address: Dijksgracht 4, 1019 BS Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: from 7 USD

Opening Hours: 11am - 1am Sunday - Thursday. Friday and Saturday 11am - 3am.

Duration: visitors can spend 2.5 hours here

Access: 14 minutes via transit from Amsterdam Centraal.

Contact: +31 204199820

Website: Hannekes Boom - in Dutch)

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12. Head out for the Ultimate Amsterdam Pub Crawl (from USD 26.95)

things to do in amsterdam at night | head out for the ultimate amsterdam pub crawl

There are those that say that one keen way to dive into the energy of a city is to spend time in its pubs. Those that follow that logic will want to check out the Ultimate Amsterdam Pub Crawl. The pub crawl has about 5 different versions to choose from, and gets you into six of Amsterdam’s most electric club venues.

There are options on two of the crawls to grab a meal to fuel your mission, and all are led by a tour guide who’ll be a veritable gatekeeper to the city as they point out different points of interest along the way. This experience in Amsterdam is undeniably great for kicking off your Friday night out.

Ultimate Amsterdam Pub Crawl

Address: Leidsekruisstraat 35, 1017 RG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: from 21 USD

Opening Hours: Monday 12pm - 6pm. Tuesday - Friday 10am - 6pm. Closed on Saturdays & Sundays.

Duration: around 5 hours required.

Access: 17 minutes via transit from Centraal Station.

Contact: +31 207767888

Website: Ultimate Amsterdam Pub Crawl

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Amsterdam: Red Light District Pub Crawl

Duration: 5.5 to 2.0 hour

1215 reviews

Another few words on the magic of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam holds so many treasures for those who want a truly magical jaunt through its winding blocks. No matter your mood or your interests, there are enough places for you to indulge in the rich and heady vibe that this city emits.

To enjoy everything this city has to offer, you should consider staying here for more than a month. Luckily, you can find several long-term rentals in Amsterdam to make your stay even more comfortable and memorable.

Frequently asked questions about the best things to do in Amsterdam at night!

  • Which late-night activities in Amsterdam are suitable for couples?

    A cruise along the Canals is an idyllic starting point for couples who plan to go out on a lovely evening date in Amsterdam. For extra late-night fun, you can try heading out to Vesper for a night of drinks, or be entertained by the round of shows offered at Bimhuis or Het Muziektheater.

  • Which joints in Amsterdam can one visit for nightlife?

    For thrilling evening activities, Amsterdam’s Red Light district is the place to be as it offers a stimulating array of neon lights, shops and bars, and an overall pleasurable experience. Melkweg is a top-tier spot for the alternative scene, while Het Muziektheater is more suited to those with refined tastes for nightlife.

Any must-sees we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section or write a post here to help out fellow travelers!
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