Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for being highly tolerant towards people from all walks of life. Locals themselves are huge on the saying, “to live and let live”, but that’s not to say that there are no rules or that anything goes. Tourists will surely have plenty to enjoy, as long as they respect the ancient city and its laws and culture. After all, every bit of freedom enjoyed by the people has been carefully shaped over its 750 years of existence.

A dam was placed in the river Amstel in 1275. Since then, the city has been a hub for people from all over the world to come and trade. Because there was a high tolerance regarding religion, Amsterdam was a haven for many people who were prosecuted elsewhere. The newcomers assimilated, and that is why Amsterdam is so inclusive and inviting to new people. Over the decades, trading and sailing the world made the capital a major player in world history.

Amsterdam is very lively and offers a lot of cultural activities. There are many museums to visit, restaurants to try, and festivals to participate in. People love the small size of the city and the many attractions and events that are always going on. Locals are also friendly, and most of them speak English. Three surprising things you may not know: the weather is not very predictable, the Red Light District is not an amusement park, and there are many bicycles everywhere.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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