New York, US

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In this great thriving hive of boundless activity, the Big Apple is always shifting and changing through the endless rush of people living their busy lives in the city that never sleeps. Seemingly a different universe to the rest of the country and incomparable to any other city in the world, New York has an overwhelming and almost inconceivable amount of things to do. Read through our articles to find out the best places to grab a snack or where to see New York's stunning skyline. There are cinema eateries to discover, incredible art exhibits to see, parks to explore and a countless amount of fascinating people to meet. The city has five boroughs; Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and The Bronx all of which promising amazing things to do from groovy vintage stores to fine dining and cuisine. Times Square is only one example of the thousands of things to see with its humming buzz and bustle, flashing lights and gargantuan M&M store. The combination of the variety of people and the towering skyscrapers above ensures that any traveller will never stop craning their neck to see around the next corner. A definite must-see, New York hardly ever fails to impress newcomers with its constant throbbing energy and the loud characters and personalities found there.

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New York, US
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