Catelyn Ann Fajardo

Catelyn Ann, a dedicated freelance writer and passionate traveler, aspires to inspire sustainable and budget-friendly exploration through her words. With a profound belief that words have the power to bridge the gap to countless distant destinations, she diligently researches diverse locales and eagerly immerses herself in their unique experiences. Her love for travel blossomed from a young age, nurtured by limited family journeys. As opportunities to explore the world expanded, she marveled at the beauty awaiting beyond her comfort zone. Catelyn continues to grow and expand her horizons, embarking on solo adventures, with friends, or with family. Her growing desire to share these experiences with others drives her to write. Hailing from Qatar and now residing in the Philippines, she has explored Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong and anticipates many more captivating journeys.

Catelyn Ann Fajardo's articles

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