Jule Barth

I am a twenty-something writer and photographer with a wandering soul and a deep connection to the ocean. I lead a double life, as I also study Geography at Otago University in New Zealand, work as a TESOL tutor, and as a waitress. My various hobbies and jobs all lead to the same goal - a life of soul-enriching travel experiences. I have always been mesmerised by this strange green and blue planet we live on, and the beings that occupy it. I speak English and German fluently, and can communicate relatively well in Spanish and French. Languages are how we communicate, and communication fascinates me. I have something to say about all things travel and adventure, as well as a variety of other subjects - I love to learn; I collect knowledge the way other people collect stamps or postcards. I also consciously collect experiences - I spent six months of 2014 wandering the continent of South America, doing just that. The people I met on that journey inspired me to share my words. They emboldened me to create, and to go after dreams of making a living off the things I truly love to do; wandering and writing, and encouraging others to do the same.

Good things are meant to be shared!