Museums & galleries

There are so many wonderful museums and galleries all across the world that it is super easy to spend your days learning more about an array of things and feasting your eyes on beautiful objects and pieces of art. Whilst you probably wouldn’t plan a vacation around a museum, visiting museums and galleries may very well be a major part of your holiday. Have a peek at our great museum and gallery guides and spend some time being wowed!

Inspire your inner creative at a fantastic art museum and admire many gorgeous and interesting works. Whether you’re into classical art, modern art, sculpture, pottery, or a different art form, there are so many ways to indulge in your passion.

Most major cities have at least one museum that gives an oversight of the local history and culture, and there are often many specialist museums too. With those dedicated to maritime history, children’s toys, clothing, money, science, technology, erotica, and pretty much any theme you could think of, no matter what your interests are, we are almost certain to be able to find a museum somewhere in the world that caters exactly to your niche interests.

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