Festivals & events

Have you ever been somewhere and found out about a cool festival, celebration or other terrific event that took place shortly before you arrived? Or that is due to take place just a few days or weeks after you will already have left? Don’t miss out again! Check out our Festival & Events articles and make sure you’re in town for key festivities.

Whether you want to plan your adventures around local events or want to know if there is any events happening around the time of your trip, be inspired by diverse experiences across the planet.

Some festivals provide a perfect opportunity to enjoy different cultural practices and traditions. Others focus on certain themes, such as music, food and drink, literature, history, and art. And there are those that are great for travellers who love endless days of merriment and partying.

Did you know that the Thai town of Lopburi holds a colourful banquet each year for the resident monkeys? Or that Spain’s Cervantes hosts the biggest medieval market in all of Europe? From beer festivals in Japan to Christmas markets in Europe, and from enlightenment in the USA to celebrating the God of War in Indonesia, there are many fabulous ways to enjoy the world!
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