Attractions & theme parks

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If you love spending days filled with laughter and giggles, you’ll almost certainly enjoy finding out about a wide assortment of cool theme parks and similar entertaining and exciting attractions. Take some time out of your busy travelling plans for days of pure fun in many places around the globe. Great for families, groups of mates, couples, and even solo travellers, theme parks are terrific for so many people.

Whether you love getting wet and wild at water parks, enjoy feeling your heart racing and adrenalin running through your veins as you grip the rails of thrilling roller coasters, like watching entertaining shows, get high on feeling alive as you zip through the tree tops, or are a dare-devil who seeks out high octane activities like bungee jumping and sky-diving, don’t miss our great reviews and recommendations of places that we think you’ll find appealing. Based on visits by other travellers, let the pictures and descriptions tempt you for a brilliant day out!

With places in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, the UK, Denmark, Spain, France, South Africa, and more, what’s stopping you from letting your hair down and having a day (or more!) of unadulterated fun on your travelling adventures?
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