Kristin Matteo

I love checking out new cities, sailing away on a cruise ship or buckling down at an all-inclusive for a week of island living. My “ideal” destinations include white sand beaches, aqua blue water and rows of swaying palm trees. To me, there’s just nothing better. Living at the Jersey Shore, I get to see the ocean every day, but there’s something about flying into a tropical paradise that always takes my breath away. I’ve been lucky enough to travel for both work & pleasure, visiting North America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Western Europe. I recently started a blog called “Trips & Tastes” where I share my thoughts & photos of great places to visit, impressive culinary experiences and local destination tips. My next trip is never too far in the future as I usually start planning the next, as soon as I return from the last! Personal Quote: If you’re lucky enough to live at the beach, you’re lucky enough.

Good things are meant to be shared!