Shivani Khurana

I am an enthusiastic content curator as I love exploring and researching new content online. I possess good communication and writing skills. Apart from working as a content writer, I do various activities related to spirituality, including yoga, meditations, therapies for emotional release, and much more. Being with people from different walks of life, my interest in traveling has grown so much, giving Mr exposure towards various aspects of the world. I am passionate about baking and cooking, so when I get spare time, I dig into some old recipes to twist them using some modern ways of cooking. I recently started my career in content writing and curating, which seems to be an excellent career while aligning with knowledge in new things. I never knew that my interest in reading the blogs and articles from the past many years would give me a concrete career pathway that is equally enjoyable. Working in such a profession with the ease of traveling anywhere is like a dream coming true.

Good things are meant to be shared!