3D2N Bintan Team-Building Itinerary Perfect For Offsite Work Retreats

3D2N Bintan Team-Building Itinerary Perfect For Offsite Work Retreats
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Bintan Island is known for both its ecological and cultural beauty, drawing visitors from all over who are looking for an exotic getaway in Indonesia. Nature lovers have many sites to visit, such as the mangrove jungles around Sebung River. Additionally, White Sands Island is a small cay with pristine white sand beaches that are perfect for sandy activities. Meanwhile, Bintan’s religious sites are also worth visiting, including Masjid Raya Sultan Riau with its gallant structure of 13 domes and 4 minarets. There’s also Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisatvva, home of 500 life-size arhat statues, and Grotto Santa Maria’s 14 Stations of the Cross.

If you’re thinking about where to hold a company or team retreat, The Residence Bintan has a place for you. So, check out our 3D2N (3 days, 2 nights) Bintan team-building itinerary perfect for offsite work retreats.

1. Explore the private beach of The Residence Bintan

Foremost of the features of The Residence Bintan is its private beachfront, which guests will have complimentary access to. Feel the soft white sand between your toes as you take a quiet walk on the shore with only the roaring of waves and calls of seabirds in the background. Once low tide sets in, the beach transforms into an amazing sandbar that stretches into the horizon.

After exploring, lay down and sunbathe on your beach towel, getting the perfect tan that will be the envy of your friends back home. If everyone is up for some action, you can even hold an inter-team beach volleyball competition for your work retreat.

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2. Take the plunge and sign up for marine and water activities

There’s a whole slew of fun water activities to partake in and try at The Residence Bintan. These can also range in purpose, be it for recreation, camaraderie-building, or even competition.

  • Kayaking (Complimentary): Kayaking is a popular water sport not only because it provides a fun form of exercise but also because of the opportunities it provides for exploring and sightseeing. Teams can take kayaking excursions together or race with each other or against other teams in a friendly competition.

  • Stand-Up Paddle (Complimentary): Stand-up paddling will let you enjoy the rolling waves without needing to exert as much effort as surfing. The longer and more stable board will also make it easier for novice boarders to stay on their platforms.

  • Marine Walks (Complimentary): For those who’d like to take a much more idyllic pace when exploring underwater, marine walking will let you literally walk on the sea floor. Through this, you can observe the myriad of sea creatures that are hidden under the water’s surface. This activity is especially popular with those who’d like to marvel at underwater scenery but find their swimming skills lacking.

  • Banana Boat (from 200,000 IDR (13.28 USD) per person for 15 minutes): Ah, yes, the ever-popular banana boat. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a luxurious beach resort that doesn’t offer this sort of ride. Feel the rush of wind and the spray of seawater as a jet ski pulls you and your buddies while you ride a banana-shaped inflatable raft. The ride is akin to being on a junior roller coaster, but you’ll be bobbing up and down because of the waves and swells instead. The banana boat is available for a minimum of two people, so be sure to grab at least one work buddy to come along.

  • Wakeboarding (from 650,000 IDR (43.16 USD) per person for 30 minutes): Since some locations in Bintan don’t have the big and speedy waves required for surfing, people instead improvise by using a high-speed boat to create a wake that you can ride using a wakeboard. You can opt to test out this activity for only 30 minutes or extend your session to an hour if you end up loving it.

  • Jet skiing (from 650,000 IDR (43.16 USD) per person for 15 minutes): You can think of jet skis as the motorcycle of the sea, both for their speed and control mechanism. If you haven’t tried it before, then you and your team should experience the thrill of speeding through the waters around this luxury Bintan resort. You can also take the jet ski tour around Trikora Coast and White Sands Island together.

  • Windsurfing (rentals from 400,000 IDR (26.56 USD) per person for 30 minutes; lessons from 600,000 IDR (39.84 USD) per person for 1 hour): Windsurfing might seem like one of the pretty straightforward things to do in Bintan, but the reality is that you’ll have to factor in multiple things just to be able to ride the water. Once you finally get a hang of the wind direction, the choppiness of water, and your balance, you’ll be well on your way to being a great windsurfer. If you’re eager to try it out, avail of the hour-long lesson available in The Residence Bintan.

3. Feel the adrenaline rush with these high-tension land sports

There is just as much to do on land in Bintan as there is in the water. If you’ve had your fill of aquatic activities, you can switch it up with these interesting land sports and pastimes.

  • Bubble Soccer (from 150,000 IDR (9.96 USD) per person): While certainly quirky, bubble soccer is a new and novel way to play football with your friends and workmates. The bubble provides a protective layer around your body, preventing players from hurting their torso and arms. The Trip101 team especially loved playing a round, which lasts 30 minutes, of this game. As long as you have a team of six to eight ready, you can have fun running and bumping around a field together.

  • Paintball (from 450,000 IDR (29.88 USD) per person for 100 bullets): For a much more action-packed team-building activity, you can’t go wrong with paintball wargames. Not only will it encourage cooperation, but it will also develop awareness, quick thinking, and strategizing. Round up at least four team members to participate.

  • ATV Riding (from 475,000 IDR (31.54 USD) per person for 15 minutes on the jungle track; from 400,000 IDR (26.56 USD) per person for 15 minutes on the jogging track): Get around the rugged tropical jungle in style by rolling through with an all-terrain vehicle. The Residence Bintan has specially designated areas, such as a jungle route and a jogging track, for driving ATVs.

  • Archery (from 250,000 IDR (16.60 USD) per person for 20 arrows): Unlike a paintball wargame that’s fast-paced and full of tension, archery target practice will test your strength, endurance, and concentration. Team leads and managers may also want to make a friendly competition out of this activity, so be sure to add it to your Bintan itinerary.

4. Try your hand at traditional batik art

The tradition of batik painting goes back millennia, showing up in countries such as China, India, Japan, and even South America. For Indonesians, batik is mainly associated with the Javanese people, whose batik crafts are considered treasures by people from all over the world.

At The Residence Bintan, you and your team will have the chance to make your own piece of batik art, which you can take home to show off to friends and family. The program offers a 60-minute session where you will learn about the skill and then be provided with material as well as dyes and tools. Let your imagination and emotion flow through the ink and mark itself upon the fabric—your heart’s message for all to see.

5. Partake in many local and authentic experiences

Among the many great things about this accommodation in Bintan are the various local and authentic experiences it offers to ensure that your company can immerse itself in all the area has to offer. Pick a few or all of the activities below for more things to do in Bintan.

  • Mangrove or Firefly/Sunset Tour (single tour from 650,000 IDR (43.16 USD) per adult for 120 minutes; combined tour from 850,000 IDR (56.44 USD) per adult for 180 minutes) Dedicate a day for a serene and scenic cruise along Kawal River and Bintan's expansive mangrove forests. Watch and observe the wondrous wildlife of the mangrove ecosystem, vibrant flora, and rambunctious fauna surrounding you as you make your way through the small waterways. Monkeys will be leaping to and fro the branches, while monitor lizards and kingfishers will stalk the pools for their next meal.

Stay a while after sunset, because that’s when the magic happens. Watch as the mangrove jungle slowly lights up from the multitude of fireflies that call Kawal River their home.

  • Photoshoot (from 850,000 IDR (56.44 USD) for 20 photos over 90 minutes) Have a professional photographer capture your best memories as a team at The Residence Bintan and many nearby amazing shot locations, such as Rimbun Beach and Cinta Cove. You and your team won’t have to worry about getting around, as the package comes with a buggy service. Once done, expect a 5R printout of your best photo along with complimentary iced tea at The Pool Bar to refresh and cool everyone off.

  • Authentic Local Experiences (from 650,000 IDR (43.16 USD) per person) Visit the numerous landmarks and attractions of Bintan, including Maria Cave Gunung Kijang. Freshen yourself up during this five-hour tour with refreshments and cold towels. You’ll also take a breather with cookies and coffee at a pizzeria. Don’t forget to let the staff know at least a day before the date of your excursion. Do also be in the lobby at least 15 minutes before your departure time.

  • Fishing Trip (from 3,000,000 IDR (199.20 USD) for four persons on Mapur Island; from 4,000,000 IDR (265.60 USD) for four persons on Marapas Island) This resort’s fishing trip experience is the perfect choice for a teamwork-oriented activity or inter-team competition. Groups of four aspiring anglers can head to either Mapur Island or Marapas Island and snag some snappers, wahoo, and even barracudas. The trip will last for five hours, ensuring you plenty of time to catch your next meal. Take note to reserve this experience at least one day in advance.

  • Local Fish Market Tour and Cooking Class (from 2,000,000 IDR (132.80 USD) for two persons; 1,000,000 IDR (66.40 USD) per additional person) Speaking of meals, you can also sign up to bond over a combo fish market tour and cooking class where you’ll be cooking fresh produce and products. The fish market tour starts pretty early and runs from 7:30am to 9:30am, so make sure to turn in early the night before. The cooking class will be led by one of The Residence Bintan’s highly skilled chefs, and you will be taught how to make a high-quality two-course meal.

  • Traditional Spice and Fish Market (from 550,000 (36.52 USD) for two persons; from 275,000 IDR (18.26 USD) per additional person) This tour starts at 8am, and you’ll be heading down to Fish Market Barek Motor, located roughly 22 km (13.67 mi) from The Residence Bintan. Check out the market stalls and buy some fine ingredients and snacks. The itinerary also includes visits to local shops, such as a traditional coffee house. You’ll have three hours to look around, so there will be plenty of time to go souvenir shopping too.

6. Spend your downtime rejuvenating and regenerating your body and soul

If it’s healing you’re looking for, take the team out for a glorious spa day for an additional charge. Choose from a wide array of incredible treatments, including signature Balinese massages, refreshing body scrubs, and even a haircut along with a pedicure and manicure. Apart from the spa and salon services, you can also take the time to detox in the steam rooms.

Another fine team-building activity would be group yoga sessions. Although the resort has complimentary morning yoga sessions every day from 8:30am until 9:00am, you can also book a lengthier program along with a dedicated instructor. The standard yoga session will cost 300,000 IDR (19.92 USD) and will take an hour. Do let the staff know in advance so that they can get everything ready.

7. Take it easy with some chill games

Sometimes, simplicity is best. If you’re planning to hold a team competition, you can settle the contest using the various ways this best Bintan resort already has available.

  • Billiards: Billiards is definitely one of the popular table games, seen often in Hollywood movies as part of a bar setting where tough guys settle problems without resorting to their fists.

  • Mahjong: Mahjong is also a very popular table game for Asians. It requires a mix of strategy, memory, and luck to win, especially if you’re gunning for high-reward tile combinations. It’s also good for building friendships and camaraderie because of the time you’ll be spending together at one table.

  • Table Tennis: A much more active table sport, table tennis requires quick eyes, limbs, and reflexes to keep ahead of your opponents. It will be a great way to settle team rivalries by way of a mini-tournament.

  • Board Games: If traditional table sports are not enough, you can always rely on board games, so long as somebody already knows the rules and can help everyone ease in. Try some cooperative board games to encourage your members to open up to each other or run a fierce contest to incite their competitive spirits.

  • Carrom: A traditional Indian board game, Carrom is also played in other areas of Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. As a game can involve up to four players, Carrom could be a good team-building activity as well.

  • Darts: If you have confidence in your accuracy and throwing arm, you can also have a friendly competition with a game of darts. Just make sure everyone stays sober enough to not affect their aim.

  • Foosball: No playroom is complete without a foosball table, and The Residence Bintan makes sure that its games room won’t be found lacking. Although it’s more for a lighthearted activity, you can still make a competition out of it as a light party game with prizes and punishments on the line.

8. Wind down with delicious drinks at The Pool Bar

After a day of frenetic activities, you won’t find a better way to cool down than a dip in the pool. Even better, The Residence Bintan has its very own poolside bar with a very fine selection of drinks and desserts to perk you back up in time for dinner.

Take your pick from the alcoholic and nonalcoholic menus. Try the hearty and healthy milkshakes or the smoothies if any of your team members are lactose intolerant. The establishment also offers fizzy soda mocktails if you prefer not to be buzzed before dinner. If you are indeed looking to get buzzed, check out the lineup of beers and liquors as well as the signature cocktails you’ll find only at The Residence Bintan.

If you’re booking a stay for the weekend, you can catch live music performances at The Pool Bar every Saturday, usually starting at 6:30pm up until 10pm. The live music will certainly add to the festive and wholesome atmosphere and make your team bonding even more remarkable.

9. End your days with an exquisite and fulfilling dinner

Sure, there may be plenty of dining options around Bintan Island, but you’ll definitely miss out if you don’t try the dishes at The Residence Bintan restaurants. Painstakingly and lovingly prepared by professional chefs, each meal is guaranteed to be a feast not just for taste, but for all five senses.

The innocuously named The Dining Room is the main restaurant, offering an exceptionally wide array of dishes from all over the world. Savor a plate of chicken jalfrazi alongside a steaming serving of mie goreng jawa and crispy spring rolls.

If you’re craving more local cuisine, Rica Rica serves wholly Indonesian cuisine. It offers a full-course menu with favorites such as gado gado and bebek betutu alongside crunchy and crispy krupuk crackers with sambal sauces.

For your last night on Bintan Island Indonesia, The Residence Bintan garden terrace hosts a fine outdoor dining experience full of irresistible and scrumptious grilled treats. Dine out and satiate yourselves with locally sourced meats and seafood, including shrimp.

10. Book a meeting room to plan out your strategies

The Residence Bintan Meeting Room
Source: Trip101.com

Whether you need a place for an upcoming team competition or just to hold a business meeting in a slightly more formal setting, you’ll find that The Residence Bintan has spacious and furnished meeting rooms available. Keep everyone focused and attentive with a serving of delicious and energizing in-meeting snacks, which can be tailored depending on your event needs. A projector can also be set up should you need one.

11. Find Instagrammable corners everywhere

With so many picture-perfect locations and well-decorated spots in the resort, you won’t have trouble finding a good place to take selfies and group photos for social media. You can even work together as a team to get some potentially award-winning snaps. If you’re a manager or a team leader looking for a fun activity, a photo contest is definitely worth considering.

How to get to Bintan from Singapore

By now, you’re probably already convinced that Bintan Island is where you should hold your next company gathering. However, making a booking at The Residence Bintan and getting to the island are two entirely different things. The latter involves booking a reliable ferry service to get you to the island safely. In our case, we chose Bintan Resort Ferries.

  • Visa and travel documents: First off, you'll need a Visa. If you and your team members are citizens of the nine ASEAN states eligible for Free Visa Travel, then you'll only need to worry about the other requirements, such as passport validity. Otherwise, you can check if you or your teammates are eligible for a Visa on Arrival instead. Visa on Arrival has a price of 500,000 IDR (33.20 USD) and grants a person a maximum stay of 30 days.

Other travel documents you’ll need also include Proof of Vaccination, which requires you to have a minimum of two COVID-19 vaccination shots, with the last dose being at least 14 days before your travel date. If you have a special case or are medically ineligible to be vaccinated, you can instead present a Doctor’s Memo to Certify Medical Ineligibility Status. You should also install Indonesia’s SatuSehat application on your device.

  • Upgrade to Emerald Class: If you’re hankering to get pampered during the ferry ride, you can upgrade your ticket to Emerald Class. This will give you access to the upper deck area where you can find comfy airline-style indoor seats and breezy outdoor seating with lovely views of the islands you’ll be passing by. You’ll also be able to enjoy complimentary drinks, access to a special lounge, and priority when it comes to boarding and disembarking. Being on Emerald Class will also help with expediting your processing and clearance.

  • Other tips: For the trip itself, here are a few tips to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable and less fussy:

    • Get a full night's rest to prepare your body for the trip ahead.
    • Eat lightly before so that you'll be less likely to deal with sea-sickness.
    • Take some motion sickness pills even if you're used to being on rough waters or traveling by boat.

Bintan Resort Ferries

Website: Bintan Resort Ferries

Make sure to book a stay The Residence Bintan like we did (from USD 187)

The Residence Bintan Terraces
Source: Trip101.com

The Residence Bintan

Wifi Available

Address: Kampung Galang Batang, Gunung Kijang Bintan, Kepulauan Riau,Indonesia
10.58 km (6.6 mi) from Teluk Bakau Bay View

Parking Restaurant Room service Meeting/banquet facilities Bar 24-HOUR FRONT DESK Fitness centre Garden

Trip101 guarantees you a great time in Bintan

Trip101 Team Retreat At The Residence Bintan
Source: Trip101.com

With Bintan close to Singapore, you can easily visit the island and enjoy an educational and fun-filled company outing. Just take another gander at our pictures, and you’ll see how much fun our Trip101 team had, which also translates to how much fun you will have! So, make sure to go through our Bintan 3D2N itinerary perfect for offsite work retreats and plan a memorable company trip.

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