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10 Things To Do In Ubud At Night

Stephanie Anais
Updated May 31, 2017

Ubud is the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali and the place to go for rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit. After spending a wonderful day in this charming town, fringed by rivers and tropical jungle, it is time to explore Ubud by night. There are lots of things to see and do, you just need to know where to go. Here are 10 things to do in Ubud after sunset:

Top 3 activities to book in Ubud

1. Watch traditional dance at Ubud Palace (from 80.000 IDR (6 USD))

Every evening at 7.30pm, there is something magical happening at the Royal Ubud Palace, right in the center of town. You can get your tickets from the street vendor outside, practice your bargaining skills a little bit, and get ready to gaze at the enchanting traditional Balinese Legong Dance. The music, the colors, the movements - it is a thrilling experience for young and old and something you shouldn’t miss out on during your stay in Ubud!

Ubud Palace

Address: Jl. Raya Ubud, Ubud, Gianyar, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Price: from 80.000 IDR (6 USD)

Opening Hours: The show starts at 7.30pm

Why not make it a full experience by joining the Ubud Discovery Afternoon Tour that ends with you enjoying the traditional dance!

Ubud Discovery Afternoon Tour

Price: From 23.99 USD per person

Duration: 4 - 5 hours

Includes: an English speaking driver, comfortable car, petrol, bottled water and parking tickets.

Excludes: Entrance tickets, lunch, tipping and personal expenses.

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2. Cultural evenings at Bar Luna

This river-edged jungle bar is an amazing hangout hub in the center of Ubud and a must-visit during one of your evenings in the cultural heart of Bali. Every night something interesting is going on here. Think literary evenings, live music (not your usual cover band) and movie nights, showing documentaries and art movies. A great place to meet like-minded travelers and soul seekers! They also have very happy, happy hours, all the more reason to check this place out!

Bar Luna

Address: Jl. Raya Ubud, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 3pm - 11pm.

Access: 3 min walk from Ubud Palace

Contact: +62 361 971 605

Website: Bar Luna

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3. Wine tasting at Bridges Bali

Bridges Bali is located by a lush river valley in Ubud. Below the up-scale restaurant, sits the Divine Wine & Cocktail Bar. A place to enjoy a good glass of wine, delicious canapes, great company and gorgeous river views. During the daily ‘divine’ hour there is no tax on your wine and every Friday, you can attend a Wine Tasting masterclass at 5.30pm for the price of 295.000 IDR (22.10 USD). A great, fun night out, where you will learn all about these bottles filled with goodness.

Bridges Bali Divine Wine and Cocktail Bar

Address: Jl. Raya Campuhan, Ubud - Bali

Price: Wine Tasting Masterclass costs 295.000 IDR (22.10 USD).

Opening Hours: 11am - 11.30pm.

Access: 1 kilometer / 0.6 miles from Ubud Palace.

Contact: +62 361 970095

Website: Divine Wine and Cocktail Bar

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4. Caribbean vibes at Cafe Havana

For some hot, sweet Salsa dancing, you don’t have to travel across many oceans and islands, you can do it right here in Ubud, Bali, at Cafe Havana. The music will automatically get your body to move the right way, the cocktails are delicious and the ambiance is just perfect for dancing the night away as if you were in Cuba on the other side of planet earth.

Cafe Havana

Address: Jalan Dewisita, Ubud, Gianyar Bali, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 9am - 11.30pm.

Access: 400 meters / 0.2 miles from Ubud Palace

Contact: +62 361 972973

Website: Cafe Havana

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5. Movie night at Paradiso

Paradiso is a raw vegan health food café and cinema found in the center of town. Perhaps, after munching a delicious vegan dinner, you can see what’s playing in the cinema. Paradiso is the world’s first organic, vegetarian and vegan Cinema, complete with an HD projector, a 25-meter (82-feet) screen, surround sound system and comfy lounge area, seating up to 150 people. Get your drinks and GMO-free popcorn, get comfy and enjoy an evening of full-blown movie entertainment with your friends and family. Paradiso also hosts workshops, live music festivals, family afternoons and more. A ticket to the movies costs 50.000 IDR (3.75 USD), however, you will get to use it as a voucher towards your food. A great deal, indeed!

Cinema at Paradiso Ubud

Address: Jl. Goutama Sel., Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Price: from 50.000 IDR (3.75 USD).

Opening Hours: 7am - 10pm.

Duration: around 2 hours required.

Access: 1 min walk from Ubud Bodyworks Center.

Contact: +62 361 7835545

Website: Cinema Paradiso Ubud

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6. Night spa at the Dragonfly Sauna in Dragonfly Village

For an evening of cleansing, relaxation, and rejuvenation, visit the Dragonfly Herbal Steam Sauna in Ubud. For only 70.000 IDR (5.25 USD) you get access to this heavenly place on Bali Island. Every Wednesday, Thursday (silent), Saturday and Sunday, you can join the evening steam sauna sessions around a bonfire from 6pm to 9pm. Natural herbs are used, there is a salt-water pool and the place is surrounded by rice paddies. It doesn’t get more idyllic than this!

Dragonfly Village

Address: Jalan Raya Ubud, Subak Sukawayah, Abangan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Price: 70.000 IDR (5.25 USD)

Opening Hours: 6pm - 9pm.

Duration: around 1 hour required.

Access: 20 minute walk through the rice fields from Ubud Center.

Contact: +62 851 00 451 689

Near by Food: Dragonfly Café.

Website: Dragonfly Village

If you are looking for actual fireflies, we got you covered! Check out this countryside tour that will let you check out fireflies in their natural habitat. Don’t miss out such a rare treat.

Ubud Fireflies Tour

Price: From 64.85 USD

DuratIon: Around 5 hours

Itinerary: 18.30: Pickup from your hotel 19.00: Dinner at a local restaurant in Ubud - an a la carte menu with a choice of chicken, fish or duck cooked with Balinese spices will be served. 20.30 - 22.30: Fireflies tour. 22.30: Depart from Ubud for your hotel. Arrival will be around 11.30pm.

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7. Try real local food at the Ubud Night Market (from 13.000 IDR (9.75 USD))

The Ubud Night Market is a lively place where you can meet friendly locals and enjoy some delicious street food. Take your pick of an abundance of food stalls and munch all you can eat! Try the traditional nasi goreng, martabak, chicken satay or the Balinese specialty babi guling (suckling pig). For dessert, buy some pisang goreng (fried bananas) or the sweet martabak terang Bulan. It all tastes wonderfully good and the price is dirt cheap. The Night Market is located just outside the center on Jalan Raya Tebongkang. Go explore and remember, the authentic local food, available at markets like this, might be the thing you miss the most once you are back home!

Ubud Night Market

Address: Jl. Raya Tebongkang No.39, Singakerta, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Price: from 13.000 IDR (9.75 USD)

Opening Hours: 5pm - 2am.

Access: 6 kilometers / 3.7 miles drive from Ubud center

If you want to make full use of Ubud’s markets, why not join a cooking class so that you will learn about making the dishes instead of sampling the cooked food from the markets.

Balinese Cooking Class with Lunch or Dinner in Ubud

Price: From 30 USD

Duration: 5 hours

Highlights: Shop for ingredients at a local market and explore Kelabang Moding Village.

Get hands-on as you learn to make traditional Balinese dishes and master tips and techniques from an expert chef in a Bali home kitchen

No experience necessary: suitable for all skill levels

Includes hotel pick-up and round-trip transfers

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8. Climb Mount Batur and see the sunrise over the island (from 200.000 IDR (15 USD) including pick-up and drop-off to your hotel.)

To see the magical sunrise of Bali, gently coloring the island in the at the early break of dawn, you will need to start the Batur Sunrise Trek at 2am. This trek will thrill the adventure seekers and active travelers among us. The view on top of Mount Batur is jaw-dropping! It takes some effort to get out of bed at this early hour and the trekking is not easy but it is truly rewarding and will be memorable for the rest of your life!

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Price: from 200.000 IDR (15 USD) including pick-up and drop-off to your hotel.

Duration: around 6 hours required.

Don’t mind paying more to skip the crowds and enjoy the sunrise peacefully? Check out this private path on offer.

Mt. Batur Volcano Sunrise Trek / Private Path Hike

Price: From 39 USD

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9. Pay a night visit to the Bali Zoo

Go on a night safari trip at the Bali Zoo, a thrilling experience for the whole family. You will hear the sounds of the jungle by night and encounter amazing wildlife such as tigers and lions. After this exhilarating trip, you can relax with a yummy buffet dinner and gaze at an enchanting fire show.

Night safari at the Bali Zoo

Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu Banjar Seseh Sukawati Batuan Sukawati Gianyar Bali, Indonesia.

Price: from 73 USD for adults and 50 USD for children, including Night At The Zoo admission, hand-feeding elephants , animal encounters, set menu dinner or buffet, fire dance performance, insurance and return hotel transfer

Opening Hours: 6pm - 9pm

Duration: around 3 hours required.

Contact: +62 361 294357

Website: Bali Zoo

Why not get the ticket now!

Bali Zoo Admission Tickets

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10. Dine with a river view and a hundred sparkling lights at the Four Seasons Cafe in Ubud

Source: Four Seasons

This amazing fine-dining venue in Ubud is located by the riverside at the renowned Sayan Ridge and might be the most romantic spot to go for dinner with its natural surroundings, numerous sparkling lights, a starry night sky, soothing music and delicious food. Come and experience it for yourself.

Four Seasons Ubud

Address: Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Price: from IDR 250,000 – IDR 500,000 (20 USD – 40 USD)

Opening Hours: 7pm - 10pm.

Duration: around 2 hours required.

Contact: +62 361 977577

Website: Four Seasons Riverside Cafe

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Welcoming the night

Well, now you know: Ubud is alive at night! Let’s welcome the night and get on with it. We would love to hear about your experiences!

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