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A Sweet Treat At The Marvellous Med Cakes In Watford, London

A Sweet Treat At The Marvellous Med Cakes In Watford, London

Oh the joy when a new neighbourhood café arrives; everyone in the vicinity flocks there to see what it’s all about and whether it has any prospects to last. To be a café which wins the heart of an entire community and makes its mark as key part of the area is no easy task but this is why I am very pleased to share with you one café which did exactly that: my local café, Med Cakes.

Having opened over 5 years ago, this café has been a refreshing, fun and exciting place which has enlightened and ignited all my senses. Located at 308 Whippendell Road, Watford, WD18 7PD, Med Cakes is a sweet delight that is owned by two brothers that wanted to offer something fresh and authentic to its local visitors. Having embraced this café since its opening, I am thrilled to give you insight into it and would recommend that you consider visiting it if you’re in the area and/or are looking for a one-of-a-kind cake.

Clean and cute little establishment that's ready to welcome you

a sweet treat at the marvellous med cakes in watford, london | clean and cute little establishment that's ready to welcome you

Open for breakfast, lunch and an early dinner, this little place is certainly a spot to stop-by and have a break or to order take-away. Its location is right outside a bus stop, so you will see quite a bit of hustle and bustle outside of it. It has a little bit of outdoor seating and a few little spots to sit in within the café. It can accommodate approximately 12 guests (including its outdoor seating) and if you’re visiting, you’re likely to spot local residents of all ages enjoying this friendly family-run café.

It is a clean and cute establishment which is also a bakery too. You can buy freshly baked bread from 0.99 GBP (1.30 USD) to 1.29 GBP (1.75 USD). There is also an option for low GI bread from 1.09 GBP (1.45 USD) to 1.99 GBP (2.65 USD). Baguettes, including those that are low in GI too, can be purchased for only 0.99 GBP (1.30 USD). I would definitely have to say that it’s a nice little place to stop by and pause from the busyness of life, whilst enjoying a hot drink and a bite to eat.

The café offers breakfast deals where you can enjoy a hot drink and a freshly baked warm croissant for 2.19 GBP (2.95 USD) or a hot drink and a delicious pastry for 2.49 GBP (2.35 USD). If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then the option of a pastry, such as a Danish pastry or a chocolate croissant, may tickle your fancy. If you’re visiting at lunch time, then Med Cakes can serve you up a baguette, panini or wrap with fillings of your own choice. The cost for such a savoury snack is from 2.49 GBP (3.35 USD) to 3.00 GBP (4 USD). Examples of hot drinks available range from espresso, Americano, tea, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, mocha and hot chocolate. The price range for the hot drinks is from 0.99 GBP (1.30 USD) to 1.99 GBP (2.65 USD).

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Forget the big brands and chain cafes, this is the place for you

a sweet treat at the marvellous med cakes in watford, london | forget the big brands and chain cafes, this is the place for you

The star of Med Cakes and that which you will immediately radiate to will be its magnificent cakes in the glass display stands. Whilst I have visited Med Cakes over 500 times in the years since its existence, I have also found my eyes to be marvelled by how exquisite and divine the cakes at Med Cakes are in the showcase.

If you’re wondering if these gorgeous cakes in the photograph taste that good, wonder no longer as I can confirm, with my hand on my heart, that these cakes taste as good as they look (and you will find yourself ensuring you get a big slice when it’s shared). The cakes are decadent, grand and so reasonably priced that I am sure you will be left stunned. A standard 6 inch (15.24 cm) round or square cake at Med Cakes is only 9.99 GBP (13.50 USD). Goodbye to Paul’s Bakery, Patisserie Valerie and Café Concerto, the little café of Med Cakes in Watford is a real contender with value for money and taste.

What I love about Med Cakes is that it’s not a huge brand and chain but rather a growing family that wants to share its love for baking with a community. Over the years, I’ve noticed that Med Cakes has become the one place where people always go to when they want a cake for a celebration, myself included. Whatever type of cake you choose (whether it be in the café or made especially for you in advance), you will find that it is beautifully fresh, creamy, moist and has the perfect amount of sweetness to it.

Med Cakes offers personalised cakes, cakes with icing, cakes of varying tiers, cheese cakes and tarts. The sizes of the cakes can vary from 6 inches (15.24 cm) to 16 inches (40.64 cm) and the options in respect to shapes are that the cake be either round, square or a heart. You can even choose to have your sponge infused with a flavour that your palate adores. Examples of flavours include vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, caramel, banana, lemon, cherry, orange or apricot.

Catering to all your desires, Med Cakes is even able to decorate the cake on the top and side in any way that leaves you with a twinkle in your eye and a smile so big that even your neighbours will want to know what has made you so happy! If you want a cake covered with fruit, chocolates or an edible photograph, Med Cakes will make it happen. If you want a cake covered with all of this plus nuts, coconut, chocolate or cocoa powder, then unsurprisingly Med Cakes is ready to please you and make this a reality. The price for a tailor-made cake varies and will need to be discussed with the owners who will hand-bake your cake to order.

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5 masterpieces for an unbelievably good price!

a sweet treat at the marvellous med cakes in watford, london | masterpieces for an unbelievably good price!

Now, if the masterpiece cakes are a little bit too big and you only want to satisfy your own personal craving with something sweet, then fear not as Med Cakes makes delicious cakes and puddings in much smaller form. Every day, the glass counter at the back of the café has an array of sweet treats to tantalize your taste buds. All items are made daily and there are often new additions to the counter, so for those regular customers, there is always something new to taste and enjoy.

There are some items that are always featured due to popularity. For example, you will always find that there will be a fruit gateau of some sort, which will be a vanilla sponge, whipped cream and certain fresh fruit, such as strawberries, that fill and also decorate the top of the cake. If you’re not a fan of cakes, then the eclairs or fruit tarts have to be tried as they are highly rated. I have a particular liking to the coffee éclair, which is a choux pastry filled with coffee flavoured whipped cream with a coffee fondant coating. I have to urge that you try this because without it, I have to be cheeky and say that you’re missing out big time.

The glass counter has so many options that it certainly can be a time-consuming challenge in deciding which items to select; however, please don’t worry as I have the perfect solution for you in such a situation. This is that Med Cakes offers a “mix and match” option where you can enjoy 5 options for only 5.00 GBP (6.70 USD). This offer is available whether you eat in the store or take-away and is a great way to have an introduction to all the flavours and textures of the goodies at Med Cakes.

Take a look at my photograph, it’s a strawberry éclair of some sort with a strawberry glaze which is topped with nuts. This item is an example of one of the items available in the “mix and match” option and is excellent value for money. It may look small on my plate but I can assure you that it was a massive creation that stole my heart once my taste buds sampled one bite!

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A tailor-made monument has your name on it

You’ve seen the photographs and you’ve got an indication of the fantastic prices at Med Cakes, so the next thing to think about is when to visit and enjoy this super confectionary. The café is open from 7.30 am – 7.00 pm from Monday to Friday and from 8 am – 6 pm on Saturday and from 9 am – 6pm on Sunday.

In my view, as the cost of the mouthfuls of heaven that you would receive are reasonable, I think the key point for you to consider is how many celebrations do you have happening in your life? For every celebration, you need something special to mark the occasion and Med Cakes has to be the number one place of choice for a tailor-made edible monument to share with your family and friends. I strongly recommend that you enjoy the sweet delicacies at this local café and spread the word so that more people will visit this friendly family-run business that simply wants to share its love of baking with you.

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