Puja Modha

Puja Modha has trained as a lawyer, worked as a compliance officer and is an experienced travel journalist that enjoys writing about her experiences across the world. She was born in England, her parents are from Kenya and Tanzania and her grandparents are from India. She is a multi-lingual extrovert that enjoys learning about different countries and therefore its people and culture. Puja is interested in mainstream tourist attractions as well as unique, quirky and somewhat hidden sites too. In the last couple of months, Puja has visited over 15 cities across the world and has stayed in high-end luxury hotels as well as budget-friendly accommodation. Whilst she can cook, she has more of an interest in eating out and often writes reviews on restaurants in different locations. Apart from travelling, Puja enjoys volunteering in England and abroad and she has a social conscience and wants to make a positive and sustainable impact on the world.

Puja Modha's articles

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