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As a country whose history is intertwined with most other countries in the world, England has a lot of attractions to offer its tourists. From medieval castles to historic museums and modern marvels, it is a country that comfortably blends the old with the new. Whether you are crazy about the royal family, love the English customs, admire their marvellous architecture, or simply in love with the accent, this is a place that is high on everyone’s travel list. But besides the usual tourist attractions, the country also hosts numerous festivals that you must definitely attend. From Lake District to the streets of London, there are many festivals to enjoy here. Scroll down to know more about the top festivals in England, UK.

All-new English festivals launching this 2024
The festive seasons will get more cheerful as the following festivals will make their hotly anticipated debut in various parts of the country:

  • Bath Fashion Festival: Championing the talents and works of local fashion designers as well as students from Bath Spa University, the first Bath Fashion Festival will take place at the historic Holburne Museum from 7th to 9th June.
  • Flourish Food Festival: Scrumptious foods, local produce, a bright atmosphere - these are what you can expect at this new food festival, to be piloted by Flourish Foodhall in Saltford on the weekend of 22nd and 23rd June.
  • Hand in Hand Festival: The biennial event that spotlights LGBTQ+ choirs in the UK comes to Bristol, with performances slated to take place across multiple venues within the city from 16 to 18 August 2024.

1. British Grand Prix

Source: Photo by user Stephen Grimes used under CC BY-SA 2.0

British Grand Prix is a Formula 1 car racing event that attracts millions of visitors from across the world. Spread out over a three-day weekend, this has a festival-like atmosphere with live musical performances by top artists and some family fun events like archery, paddle boarding, face painting, bouldering, and land zorbing, among others. The interactive ‘Silverstone Experience’ is also worth checking out at the venue. And of course, racecar enthusiasts get to watch some of the world’s fastest drivers race the F1 cars along the winding turns of the historic Silverstone circuit. Parties and after-parties ensure that the fun continues even after the race is over.

British Grand Prix

Address: Silverstone Circuit, Towcester NN12 8TN, United Kingdom

Website: British Grand Prix

Takes place: July

Price: 115 USD onwards

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2. Cheltenham Jazz Festival

20170429 Elliot Galvin Trio at Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2017
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Behind The Wall O... used under CC BY-SA 4.0

As England’s most beloved jazz festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival offers visitors a taste of the region’s strong jazz traditions in a festive atmosphere. More than 20,000 jazz lovers visit each year and enjoy listening to live performances by world-renowned artists as well as up-and-coming acts. Visitors can also enjoy various family-friendly activities, feast on scrumptious food at one of the many food stalls, and of course, take in all the music in an outdoor ambience.

Cheltenham Jazz Festival

Address: Montpellier Gardens, 24 Montpellier Spa Rd, Cheltenham GL50 1UL, United Kingdom

Website: Cheltenham Jazz Festival

Takes place: April to May

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3. Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival 2014
Source: Photo by user Angel Ganev used under CC BY 2.0

Known as one of the world’s largest street carnivals, Notting Hill Carnival essentially celebrates Caribbean heritage on the streets of the famous Notting Hill area. Celebrated since 1959, this is a weekend-long event that has parades, costumed performers dancing to calypso, reggae, rumba and other genres of music. Street food vendors selling traditional Caribbean food items like jerk chicken, goat stew, rum drinks, and more can be enjoyed along the streets during the festival. There is a steel band competition, live music, and various other entertainment options available at this carnival.

Notting Hill Carnival

Address: Notting Hill in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

Website: Notting Hill Carnival

Takes place: August

Price: Free

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4. The Bath Festival

Posted by The Bath Festival on Friday, 29 November 2019

With the historical city of Bath as the centre of the event, the Bath Festival is an annual celebration of music and literature. The festival has a diverse itinerary spread out over a period of 10 days, with over 120 events to choose from. Held at different venues across Bath are musical performances by world-renowned acts, spoken word, readings by authors, and street theatre, especially over the final weekend.

Also included in the festivities are striking talks and engaging workshops hosted by the most brilliant artists to grace the stage. There are even artisan food and drink stalls, family-friendly activities, local entertainment options, and much more to be enjoyed. If you find yourself in England between 17th and 26th of May this 2024, make sure you stop by Bath to participate in the festivities.

The Bath Festival

Address: Bath, United Kingdom

Website: The Bath Festival

Takes place: May

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5. Oxford Cambridge Boat Race

Finish of 2007 Oxford-Cambridge boat race
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user MykReeve used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Enjoy watching the rowing event of the year in England, an annual race between the boating clubs of two of the most prestigious universities in the world: Oxford and Cambridge. Held on the River Thames on the Championship Course between Putney and Mortlake, the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race is nearly 175 years old. Boat race enthusiasts can watch from various points on the River Thames or at one of two fan parks - Bishop’s Park in Fulham and Wainwright Fan Park. At these parks, there are big screens projecting the live race, plus some street food vendors, bars, and stalls selling official merchandise.

Oxford Cambridge Boat Race

Address: The Championship Course; River Thames, London

Website: Oxford Cambridge Boat Race

Takes place: Usualy held in April

Price: Free

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6. Leeds Festival

The Libertines
Source: Photo by user Sam Saunders used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Spend some time in wonderful Leeds and enjoy live music over a three-day-long holiday weekend at Leeds Festival. Featuring a line up of some of the best names in music, this decades-old music festival is a must-visit in England. Part of the larger and simultaneous Reading and Leeds Festival, this event offers music in a variety of genres, along with campsites and food and drink stalls. Past performers at Leeds include Linkin Park, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Post Malone, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Arctic Monkeys, to name a few.

Leeds Festival

Address: Bramham Park, Bramham Ln, Wetherby LS23 6ND, United Kingdom

Website: Leeds Festival

Takes place: August

Price: from 102 USD

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7. Pride in London [Last event in 2019]

Pride in London 2016 - KTC (124)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Katie Chan used under CC BY-SA 4.0

A celebration of the LGBT+ community in London, Pride in London is a multi-cultural and inclusive event that gives visitors an insight into the diverse residents of the city. Attended by more than a million people, the festival has an annual parade that is colourful, eclectic, and fun to watch. Various groups from London’s pride community come together to laugh, dance, protest, and march for love. Plus, there are various stages and areas throughout the parade route where visitors can watch live performances and entertaining acts.

Pride in London

Address: London, England.

Website: Pride in London

Takes place: June to July

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8. Cambridge Folk Festival

Cambridge Folk Festival 50th Anniversary (14831714285)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Bryan Ledgard used under CC BY 2.0

More than 50 years old, Cambridge Folk Festival is considered to be one of the longest-running folk festivals in Europe and in the world. It presents an impressive line up of folk artists from the UK and Ireland. Visitors can enjoy blues, jazz, gospel, American country, bluegrass, ceilidh, klezmer and such other folk music from around the world. Plus, there are special children’s concerts, music and instrument stalls, global food vendors, a youth area, and some beautiful artwork scattered across the venue.

Cambridge Folk Festival

Address: Cherry Hinton Hall, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Website: Cambridge Folk Festival

Takes place: July

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9. Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival 2015
Source: Photo by user Rachel D used under CC BY 2.0

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020, the Glastonbury Festival is believed to be the original performing arts and music festival after which all other festivals have been modelled. Spread out across 900 lush acres (364 hectares) of greenfields, this fun event is like a mini-city in itself, with different areas catering to different musical and artistic tastes. Visitors can enjoy performances at various stages and be mesmerised by attractions spread out across the venue. The overall vibe is diverse, mellow, and very unforgettable.

Glastonbury Festival

Address: Pilton, Somerset, England

Website: Glastonbury Festival

Takes place: June

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10. Chelsea Flower Show

Part of the Dibleys Streptocarpus display at the Chelsea Flower Show in May 2011
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Nzfauna used under CC BY-SA 3.0

More than a century old, Chelsea Flower Show is said to be the world’s most famous flower show. Consisting of a variety of impressive gardens presenting the very best in the latest design trends, visitors can browse through floral presentations at various artisan, urban, and show gardens. There are superb food and drink options, a variety of stalls that sell everything from garden accessories to arts and crafts, and exhibitors showcasing plants and other garden-related objects. Whether you are a home gardener or a lover of fresh flowers, this is a great event to check out.

Chelsea Flower Show

Address: Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, United Kingdom

Website: Chelsea Flower Show

Takes place: May

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11. Jorvik Viking Festival

Jorvik Viking Festival 2012
Source: Photo by user alh1 used under CC BY-ND 2.0

Spread out across the city of York is the annual Jorvik Viking Festival that is a celebration of all things Vikings-related. Visitors can take in free event shows like best beard and strongest Viking competitions, visit various encampments, participate in talks, watch dramatic combat performances, shop at the Viking-era traders’ market, and enjoy evening entertainment or indulge in various family-friendly activities. Visitors of all ages will find something to enjoy here.

Jorvik Viking Festival

Address: Parliament St, York YO1 8RL, United Kingdom

Website: Jorvik Viking Festival

Takes place: February

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12. Lake District Summer Music International Festival

Concert tonight in Kendal! 8pm at St Thomas's Church. St George String Quintet and Catriona McDermid sounding great!

Posted by Lake District Summer Music on Thursday, 2 August 2018

Held every year in the picturesque Lake District area of England, Lake District Summer Music International Festival showcases performances by local and international musicians. It focuses mainly on chamber music, with ensembles and musical acts from across the globe as well as local academy students putting up impressive shows for the audience. The venues are just as impressive as the performances, and it attracts music enthusiasts by the thousands each year.

Lake District Summer Music International Festival

Address: Stricklandgate House, 92 Stricklandgate, Kendal LA9 4PU, United Kingdom

Website: Lake District Summer Music International Festival

Takes place: August

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13. England's Medieval Festival

England's Medieval Festival grand parade
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Englandsmedfest used under CC BY-SA 4.0

At England’s Medieval Festival, take a step back in time to the medieval ages and experience what life was like in that era. This unique festival combines history and fun and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Visitors to the event are treated to lively stage shows, music and dance performances, re-enactments by costumed actors, jousting events, a traditional marketplace, and several family-friendly activities. And you can also enjoy a kingly feast at the Grand Ballroom of Herstmonceux Castle.

England's Medieval Festival

Address: Herstmonceux Castle, Wartling Rd., Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 1RN

Website: England’s Medieval Festival

Takes place: August

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14. Peterborough Festival of Antiques

Posted by A & M Restoration and Conservation on Monday, 22 April 2019

A very unique kind of festival held in England is Peterborough Festival of Antiques that is dedicated to exhibiting all kinds of valuable and historical goods. This antique fair has over 2000 exhibitors and stalls selling everything from vintage collectables to upcycled items. Browse through eclectic collections of china, jewellery, memorabilia, furniture, toys, fine art, ceramics, rare stamps, and other such interesting items at various areas of the festival. Several local food and drink options are also available here.

Peterborough Festival of Antiques

Address: The East of England Showground, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE2 6XE, United Kingdom

Website: Peterborough Festival of Antiques

Takes place: April

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15. Moseley Folk Festival

We were blessed to have LANKUM perform at Moseley Folk & Arts Festival back in 2017. We believe they are one of the most...

Posted by Moseley Folk & Arts Festival on Thursday, 14 November 2019

Held in Moseley Park, Birmingham each year, Moseley Folk Festival is a lively, three-day event that celebrates folk music and arts. Visitors can take in live performances by various musical acts and folk artists in a beautiful and energetic atmosphere. The music is a blend of acoustic, contemporary, experimental, and traditional music from established as well as new artists. The beautiful park grounds and various attractions of the park are also worth a visit.

Moseley Folk Festival

Address: Moseley Park, 82 Fazeley St, Birmingham B5 5RD, United Kingdom

Website: Moseley Folk Festival

Takes place: September

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16. Reading Festival

Posted by Reading Festival on Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Part of the Leeds and Reading Festival, Reading Festival is an annual music festival that can be enjoyed during the summer. This event sees some of the most renowned artists from across the world play live on stage, enthralling audiences from a diverse age group. A past line up of performers includes Twenty One Pilots, Pearl Jam, Eminem, Green Day, Björk, and many more world-famous names. You can camp on the festival grounds and enjoy a more immersive experience. Another great part about attending this is that it is one of the few festivals in the world committed to the cause of climate change, eliminating sing-use plastic and promoting green travel initiatives.

Reading Festival

Address: Richfield Avenue, Reading, United Kingdom

Website: Reading Festival

Takes place: August

Price: from 102 USD

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17. Plymouth History Festival

Posted by Plymouth History Festival on Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Celebrating the history and heritage of the city of Plymouth is Plymouth History Festival in England. Held at various venues across the city, this event is just a few years old but it is already very popular with locals and visitors alike. Steeped in seafaring and exploratory history, Plymouth has a fascinating past that this festival brings to light with performances, guided walks, exhibitions, talks, displays, and various family-friendly activities. You can choose from hundreds of events to make the most of your visit.

Plymouth History Festival

Address: Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom

Website: Plymouth History Festival

Takes place: May

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18. Chimney Sweeps Festival

Posted by Rochester Sweeps Festival on Tuesday, 27 March 2018

What was once a day of celebration for chimney sweeps has now become an annual Chimney Sweeps Festival in the city of Rochester. It tries to recreate the fun and merriment shared by chimney sweeps on their traditional holiday. At this event, visitors are treated to a variety of shows, craft workshops, a parade, children’s funfair, artisan produce market, folk art, food and drink options, musical instruments fair, dances, and live music. Cathedral tours and walking tours of the city are also offered for free during the festival days. Morris dance, an English folk dance performed by over 80 teams from across the country, can be enjoyed at Rochester’s High Street during the festival.

Chimney Sweeps Festival

Address: Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom

Website: Chimney Sweeps Festival

Takes place: May

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19. London Fashion Week

Posted by London Fashion Week on Friday, 4 October 2019

London Fashion Week is one of the most important events on the global fashion calendar and a must-attend for any fashionista. Besides showcasing the latest designs by the biggest names in the fashion world, it also has presentations, creative installations, shows, and cocktail parties and after-parties that are attended by famous names from the fashion industry. It is also a great place to catch a glimpse of your favourite celebrities, designers, models, and fashion bloggers. Plus, there are pop-up shops, windows displays, catwalks, and new collective previews to be enjoyed here. This event takes place twice a year and is a city-wide celebration of all things fashion.

London Fashion Week

Address: 180 Strand, London, United Kingdom

Website: London Fashion Week

Takes place: February and September

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20. Bath Fringe Festival

Posted by Bath Fringe Festival on Monday, 3 June 2019

Celebrating all forms of art is Bath Fringe Festival held in the city of Bath each year. This event is spread out over more than two weeks and includes activities related to the theatre, new music, visual art, and more - all meant to delight visitors. The origins of the festival can be traced back several centuries to the time of the Roman occupation, where festivals and street fairs were held.

Hundreds of events take place at various venues across the city and feature well-known performers from the fields of music, theatre, comedy, circus, and digital media. Apart from adults, children will also get their slice of fun with the festival’s exciting range of kids’ shows! Bath Fringe Festival will return this 2024 with its showcase of brand-new content from 24th May to 9th June.

Bath Fringe Festival

Address: Bath, United Kingdom

Website: Bath Fringe Festival

Takes place: May to June

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21. Keswick Beer Festival

Only 80 Days Until KBF 2018!! Who is ready to be back out here enjoying a beer in the sun? Friday Tickets still available.

Posted by Keswick Beer Festival on Monday, 12 March 2018

Held on the grounds of the Keswick Rugby Club, Keswick Beer Festival is a 24-year-old annual beer festival that is much loved by locals and visitors alike. This event aims to allow visitors to sample and appreciate local Cumbrian and other UK beers along with local ciders. Must-try beers here are Loweswater Gold and Coniston Bluebird. There are more than 200 beers, 30 ciders, and plenty of food and live music to be enjoyed in the festive atmosphere of Keswick Beer Festival. It is held both outside on the green lawns of Davidson Park where the Keswick Rugby Club is located and inside a huge marquee. The backdrop of one of the highest mountains in England, Skiddaw, adds a wonderful scenic quality. If you happen to be in England or are planning a trip here on the first week of June, definitely leave room in your itinerary for this fun event.

Keswick Beer Festival

Address: Keswick Rugby Club, Davidson Park, Crow Park Road, Keswick CA12 5EG, United Kingdom

Website: Keswick Beer Festival

Takes place: June

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22. Golowan Festival

Celebrating midsummer in the town of Penzance is Golowan Festival in England. The ancient celebration rituals of Mazey Day now encompass events that feature the famous Golowan Band, some colourful and creatively decorated banners, structures and flags, costumed participants, dancers, and live musicians, among others. The Mazey Day Civic Parade is the highlight of the festival and sees participation from a wide variety of groups like musicians, schools, children, and artists. Other engaging events include a mock mayor election, serpent dances, fireworks display, a fair, a marketplace, and more. Handmade flags and banners can be admired throughout the duration of the festival in the town of Penzance.

Golowan Festival

Address: Penzance, United Kingdom

Website: Golowan Festival

Takes place: June

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23. York Early Music Festival

The Sixteen delighted a packed York Minster this evening with a mesmeric performance. Such a special event during the...

Posted by National Centre for Early Music on Tuesday, 9 July 2019

More than 20 years old, York Early Music Festival is a celebration of classical music composed before the 1750s. At this festival, both tourists and locals can enjoy listening to amazing classical music played by talented musicians at beautiful medieval churches, halls, and historic buildings in the city of York. The event has an interesting programme consisting of concerts, workshops, and performances by both established ensembles as well as emerging artists.

York Early Music Festival

Address: York, United Kingdom

Website: York Early Music Festival

Takes place: July

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24. Bonfire Night

Source: Unsplash

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is celebrated on the fifth of November each year to mark the day when Guy Fawkes and his men tried to blow up King James I and the Houses of Parliament in 1605. The most common way this night is now celebrated across the country is by a fireworks display, and it is also the best way to experience this unique English festival. This is celebrated by every city, town, and village in the country. Communal celebrations include lighting a bonfire on which effigies are burnt followed by a night of eating, drinking, singing, dancing, family activities, and general merriment.

Bonfire Night

Address: Various locations across England, United Kingdom

Takes place: November 5

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25. Bath Bachfest

Bath Bach Festival
Source: Visit Bath

If you’re a huge fan of Johann Sebastian Bach, have a refined taste in classical music, or are simply down for something peculiar, the Bath Bachfest should suit you well. Since its inaugural event in 2012, Bath Bachfest has joined several other similar festivals across the world in celebrating the life and works of the late German composer.

Held every February of the year, Bath Bachfest is a mini music festival that features performances by local and visiting musicians, splayed across Bath’s several historic structures and churches. From Bath Abbey to Guildhall, be captivated by the delightful compositions, with sounds that will certainly leave a sweet sound in your ear.

Bath Bachfest

Address: North Parade Buildings, Bath, Somerset, BA1 1NS

Website: Bath Bachfest

Takes place: Every February

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26. Iford Jazz Festival

Iford Jazz Festival
Source: Visit Bath

Held within the historic Iford Manor property, the Iford Jazz Festival offers guests a few nights of sultry tunes juxtaposed with stately architectural structures and well-manicured garden landscapes. The summer event features performances from revered British artists of the genre, as well as visiting acts from abroad.

It also has special jazz lunches with an award-winning three-course menu - perfect for those who prefer enjoying jazz in the daytime. A portion of the ticketing sales will go towards the ongoing upkeep of the manor’s facilities, including its heritage-listed garden. The Ilford Jazz Festival will return this 2024, between the 20th and 23rd of June.

Iford Jazz Festival

Address: Iford Manor, Wiltshire, BA15 2BA

Website: Iford Manor Jazz Festival

Takes place: Between June and July

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27. Jane Austen Festival

Jane Austen Festival
Source: Visit Bath

Spanning up to 10 splendid days, the Jane Austen Festival goes all out in celebrating Bath’s most famous resident, Jane Austen. Since its inaugural launch in 2001, the event still stands as the longest-running festival of its kind. It has even spun off into several places across the world such as Mount Dora in the U.S.

The original Jane Austen Festival is best known for its Regency promenade. Hundreds of participants parade the streets of Bath wearing their best period costumes, and the livery is more than enough to draw crowds from time to time. The yearly event offers more than just the promenade - expect a full lineup of talks, tours, and performances featuring works of the beloved female British writer.

Jane Austen Festival

Address: Various Locations across Bath and Somerset

Website: Jane Austen Festival

Takes place: September

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28. Bristol Light Festival

Bristol Light Festival (Photo by Andre Pattenden)
Source: Visit Bristol

Setting the nights alight between the end of winter and the start of spring is the Bristol Light Festival, which features stimulating light shows, exhibitions, and installations across multiple locations within the city centre. Local and foreign artists flock to the bustling district’s streets and thoroughfares to showcase their works for everyone to see.

What’s great about the Bristol Light Festival is that you won’t need to pay more than expected, as everything is free. If you happen to stumble upon any of the festival’s installations during your Bristol trip early each year, please don’t hesitate to pull out your phone and seize your Instagram-worthy opportunities!

Bristol Light Festival

Address: Multiple places across Bristol

Website: Bristol Light Festival

Takes place: Between February and March

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29. Lyra: Bristol Poetry Festival

Lyra: Bristol Poetry Festival
Source: Visit Bristol

Are you the type to wax poetic about everyday things? Or are you just as enthusiastic about literature in general? Lyra: Bristol Poetry Festival might suit your speed well. It comes with a full lineup of performances, competitions, lectures, and talks, each held in various venues across Bristol, one of England’s top creative cities.

Although visitors may choose to watch some of the festival’s many offerings, they’re also given the chance to participate in its competitions. From lively slam poetry contests to thought-provoking readings, literary aficionados will certainly have a ball at the yearly festival.

Lyra: Bristol Poetry Festival

Address: Various venues across Bristol and online

Website: Lyra: Bristol Poetry Festival

Takes place: Between March and May

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30. Bristol Harbour Festival

Bristol Harbour Festival
Source: Visit Bristol

Held adjacent to the creative city’s seaside, the Bristol Harbour Festival is among the hotly anticipated events during the British summertime season. It attracts over 250,000 visitors each year, and there’s no question why it sees such large numbers. With so much variety to offer, one day truly isn’t enough to enjoy the festival to the fullest!

Treat yourself to performances from various acts across the entertainment spectrum, ranging from circus groups to musical artists. A colourful display of sailboats docked near the harbour help make the festival twice as vivacious. The Bristol Harbour Festival is coming back in 2024, so if you happen to be near the shores between 19th and 21st July, you’ll be in the best of luck!

Bristol Harbour Festival

Address: Bristol Harbour, Millenium Square, Queen Square, and various other venues near the seas

Website: Bristol Harbour Festival

Takes place: July

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31. Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta
Source: Visit Bristol

Garnering wide acclaim as Europe’s top hot air balloon event over the years, the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta brings participants and their balloons from around the world to the fields of Ashton Court Estate. Enjoy a lovely picnic at the grounds with your loved ones and watch as a striking arrangement of colours dots the summer skies.

In the evening, treat yourself to a captivating show of lights from the fire-powered balloons in the much-anticipated Night Glow event. Apart from balloon-related festivities, there are more exciting activities on offer within four days. Among those include live music performances, pop-up food stalls and pubs, and fun shenanigans for the kids!

The free-admission event stages its comeback in 2024, so don’t forget to mark the dates between 8th and 11th August in your calendar if you’re ready to join the fun.

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Address: Ashton Court Estate, Long Ashton, Bristol BS41 9JN

Website: Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

Takes place: August

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Festive England!

Besides the handsome architecture, the royal family, and the breathtaking countryside, England also hosts a range of festivals that locals and visitors can enjoy. For a great time, do remember to check out our list of the top festivals in England, UK.

Any must-sees we missed? Tell us about them in the comments section or write a post here to help out fellow travelers!
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