Top 8 Fireworks Festivals In And Around The Kanto Region

Top 8 Fireworks Festivals In And Around The Kanto Region

Hooray! It’s fireworks festival season again in Japan! And the Kanto region is among the leading places where people from all over the world come to watch these fabulous displays. The celebrations attract at least half-a-million visitors annually. The fireworks on display are mostly made by hand and showcase some of the most amazing lights and sounds one will ever see.

Called Hanabi Taikai, the Japanese fireworks festival season starts in the latter part of July, covers the whole of August, and happens every weekend. So, if you are interested in witnessing these magical shows, here are the top 8 fireworks festivals in and around the Kanto region.

1. Atami Fireworks Festival, Shizuoka

Summer is just one of the times that this fireworks festival comes to fruition. The setting is Atami Bay, which makes the display of lights even more majestic. With three surrounding mountains enclosing the venue, each firework explosion reverberates so loud that it mimics the sound of exploding bombs. Aside from the glitzy lights, it’s the sound people come here for.

All in all, about 5,000 fireworks are set off in a pleasant spectacle that is reflected in the bays’ crystal clear waters. The show runs for 25 minutes and ends in a dazzling choreography that will leave everyone speechless.

Atami Fireworks Festival, Shizuoka

Address: Shinsui Park, Nagisacho, Atami city, Shizuoka

Website: Atami Fireworks Festival

Time: 8.20 - 8.45 pm (differs every year)

Price: Free

2. Nasu Rindo Lake View Fireworks, Tochigi

Rindoko Lake View
Source: Photo by user Makiba Kun used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Rindoko Lake becomes the go-to destination for tourists during the summer because of its fireworks display. Although it is rather small compared to some of the others, with only 3,000 fireworks that light up the evening sky, the festival relies on its unique beauty. Such marvelous visuals are made possible by highly-skilled craftsmen, who spend a lot of time creating all the fireworks to make sure that every guest gets the best show.

Both children and adults will have the time of their lives once the show starts. The dazzling display may only last for a few minutes, but the experience will certainly be remembered for a very long time.

Nasu Rindo Lake View Fireworks, Tochigi

Address: Hei-414-2 Takaku, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi 325-0302,

Website: Nasu Rindo Lake View Fireworks

Time: 7.30 - 8 pm (differs every year)

Price: 9.25 USD (paid seats)

3. Maebashi Fireworks Festival, Gunma

音楽花火HOPE & Legacy。今年もあのスケート選手の音楽で。

Posted by 前橋花火大会 on Saturday, 12 August 2017

The second Saturday in August is when fireworks light up the skies of Maebashi. In fantastic fashion, these are all ignited to produce an array of light, colors, shapes, and sounds, which illuminate the area for a good number of minutes. As visitors congregate along the banks of the Tonegawa River, the Ohwataribashi Bridge becomes the stage for this dazzling spectacle that lures in visitors from all over the country and the world. The impressive number of fireworks at this festival makes for an immense variety of color and design and an amazing sight to behold.

Maebashi Fireworks Festival, Gunma

Address: Tonegawa Kohan Owataribashi Namboku Kasen Ryokuchi, Gunma-ken, Maebashi-shi

Website: Maebashi Fireworks Festival

Time: 7 pm (differs every year)

4. Sakura Hanabi Festa, Chiba

Hanabi Love
Source: Photo by Flickr user FollowYour Nose used under CC BY 2.0

This fireworks festival is one of the bigger ones in the Kanto region, in which 20,000 fireworks are set-off to create one of the most visually striking displays of light and color one will ever see. In this years’ festival, craftsmen have created fireworks that run for 8,000 consecutive explosions, in succession, and with precise timing. This should be an amazing sight to see.

There are two kinds of fireworks launched at the Sakura Hanabi Festa. The first are hand-piped fireworks, in which brave men hold shakus that they direct to the sky while they dance to the music. The others are water fireworks, which are launched along the waters’ edge and reflected in the water.

Sakura Hanabi Festa, Chiba

Address: Usuida, Sakura-shi, Chiba


Time: 7 pm (differs every year)

5. Tachikawa Showa Kinen Park Fireworks, Tokyo

昭和記念公園 (Showa Memorial Park) - panoramio
Source: Photo by user ローザ used under CC BY 3.0

By industry standards, the Tachikawa Showa Kinen Park Fireworks is classified as a medium-scale display, with 5,000 fireworks ready to be launched. However, it does not change the fact that it has become one of the more popular fireworks displays in the region. This is a friendly family affair, where visitors wear “yukatas” or casual kimonos while sitting on the ground and enjoying what they have in their picnic baskets. The festival costs 4 USD to reserve a spot, but it is free after 6 pm. The danger here is that you might not get a good spot if you come late.

Tachikawa Showa Kinen Park Fireworks, Tokyo

Address: 3173 Midoricho, 立川市 Tokyo 190-0014, Japan

Time: 7 pm (differs every year)

Price: 4 USD before 6 pm

6. Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival, Nagano

【第36回全国新作花火競技大会】 9月1日(土)、諏訪湖の花火を締めくくる「第36回全国新作花火競技大会」が開催されました? 昼過ぎからの雨は、打ち上げ開始時には上がりましたが、低空雲と煙で花火が半分隠れてしまう場面もありました。 そん...

Posted by 諏訪湖の花火 on Monday, 3 September 2018

Welcome to the big leagues! This is the largest collection of fireworks assembled in Japan! With more than 40,000 fireworks exploding against a mountain backdrop, the Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival is acknowledged as the most colorful and longest pyrotechnic display in all of Japan! With an ending that features a huge waterfall of lights that extends at least 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) long, this festival is a pageantry of beauty and breathtaking sights that is sure to amaze everyone. The quality of this festival is second to none, as only the best and most dependable fireworks makers participate.

Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival, Nagano

Address: Suwa Lake, Suwa City, Nagano

Website: Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival

7. The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show, Niigata

Posted by PolskieFajerwerki on Saturday, 7 March 2015

It is said that the Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show is among the most significant and watched festivals in all of Japan. Its significance lies in the fact that it was organized in 1945 as a tribute to those who died from the Nagaoka airstrike. This is probably the most-watched fireworks display in the country, as it has registered records of as much as a million people. The key to this festival is the size of its fireworks, which light up the night sky of Niigata.

Size matters here and visitors can witness the “Phoenix”, that extends up to 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) long and the “Sho-Sanjakudama”, which spreads to a diameter of 650 meters (2,132.5 feet).

The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show, Niigata

Address: Shinano River, Okamura-machi, Nagaoka-shi, Niigata

Website: The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show

Price: 18.50 USD

8. Iawki Fireworks Festival, Fukushima

Posted by いわき花火大会 on Friday, 16 March 2012

This is definitely one of the very best fireworks festivals Japan has to offer. Its beautiful harmony of pyrotechnics and rhythmic tunes results in a wonderful combination that inspires awe and amazement in its visitors. If you want to witness something unique and different from the rest, this is the festival to go to. The original visuals and music turn up the excitement level of the visitors, with a highly coordinated display that focuses on Japanese fireworks done the traditional manner.

With about 12,000 shots to be set-off, this amazing spectacle attracts around 60,000 spectators, who experience sheer delight at every burst of light they see.

Iwaki Fireworks Festival, Fukushima

Address: 11-1 Onahama Honcho, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture 971-8101

Website: Iwaki Fireworks Festival

Time: 7 pm (differs every year)

The spectacle that is Hanabi Taikai

Hanabi in Adachi-ku1
Source: Photo by user Shin-改 used under CC BY-SA 3.0

July, August, and September is high season for Hanabi Taikai, or the Fireworks Festival in Japan. The Kanto region is known to take these festivals to a whole new level every year. These displays are known to provide an exhilarating experience for every visitor and are the perfect reason why everyone should visit the Kanto region.

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