Tokyo (Prefecture), Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is famous around the world for being a city that never sleeps. From Kichijoji, the famous fish market to Akihabara, the mecca for the Japanese and world geek’s heaven, this is where visitors all aim to find the next big thing!

If you are a traveler, there are so many things to explore in Tokyo. If you want to get "kawaii" (cute) and adorable Japanese items, you like to head to Harajuku where all new fashion and trend emerges. If you want to experience the taste of luxurious Tokyo life, you should go to Ginza, which is the epitome of luxury. As well as the fast-paced, colorful city life, Tokyo also offers more relaxed, peaceful environments in places like Meiji Shrine, protected by thick trees, acting like a city oasis in the middle of buzzing Tokyo.

Tokyo has something to offer to everyone: it is a must-visit that won't let you down!

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Tokyo (Prefecture), Japan
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