8 Best Things To Do In General Luna, Philippines: A Euphoric Escape

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If the sight of cultural and historical places in the Philippines brings you a deeper understanding of the things around you; if the mountain ranges in Sierra Madre bring you to certain heights never reached before; and if the vast grasslands of Cagayan fills you with awe, Surigao del Norte will bring you highs and lows you will not get to experience in any other part of the Philippines. The General Luna experience is one that challenges the mind, body, and spirit. Exploring the seas, the different islands, and the culture is a treat one will never forget.

1. Get high on Siargao waters by surfing

Ride the Barrel
Source: Photo by Flickr user Paolo Marco Mañalac used under CC BY-SA 2.0

The active seas of General Luna, specifically around Siargao Island, are a favored destination for water riders. Surfers swarm in the area as the tide sets to its peak. If you love chasing the waves on the seas, gliding through the left or right breaks and getting into the challenging heights of a full tidal push in the blue waters of Siargao Island’s Protected Landscapes and Seascapes (SIPLAS), you should take a trip to Rock Islands.

As swelling of the water happens about 200 yards (182.88 m) off the island, these breaks will give you a wonderful experience, flying through the water. Surfing areas such as Cloud 9 (which is actually in the top 8 surfing areas in the world), Tuason’s Point, Jacking Horse, Stimpy’s, and Pacifico will give you different lifts. So come and surf in Siargao!

Rock Island

Address: General Luna, Surigao del Norte

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Surfing in Siargao Island Surfing in Siargao Island

Photos of surfing in Siargao shared by content creator from the Philippines, Joyce.

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2. Skim through the cool caves and inlets

Magpupungko Mystical Rock Formations
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user AGUSTIN MENDEZ, T... used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Contrary to the raging waters bordering the reefs that form tunnels and enable surfers to enjoy the other side of General Luna, are the calm, quite pristine and emerald green waters of its lagoons within caves and inlets. The sun’s rays glittering through the water surface as you glide underneath the naturally formed stone arches to another side, or the grand sight of the steep rock edges that extend and plunge into the depths of a cool lagoon, are things that you can look forward to when visiting. Sohoton Caves is one of those places that charms you to come and explore. It resembles the ambiance and waters in Palawan, except for some local sea inhabitants that actually enrich the place like the stingless jellyfishes.

Kayaking is the usual undertaking for one to enjoy through coves. And with more exploration, one will discover that long before infinity pools were made, these already exist. Magpupungko Tide Pool is a natural wonder that forms when tides are low, revealing a few of the reef surfaces. Seeing bats near the waters, stalactites and even wild orchids within the place are a sure promise that are a bonus during your visit!

Sohoton Cove

Address: Socorro, Surigao del Norte

Website: Sohoton Cove

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3. Get some time alone with nature

Guyam Island, Siargao
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Donnamaevillamero used under CC BY-SA 4.0

While we all enjoy ourselves with people around us, some time alone is also a requisite. The blend of the blue-green sea tones on a white sand beach is such a perfect combination for an early morning delight, and you will find this at Guyam Island. This tear drop shaped island with coconut trees at its middle is a beautiful place to explore, and is sure to entice you to enjoy the sea breeze and the clear waters for some time.

You can actually rent a boat for about 1,000 - 2,000 PHP (20 - 40 USD) to get to 3 islands, including this one. Although an extra of 10 PHP (0.20 USD) is required for entrance fees. This is nothing considering the beautiful place that you get to enjoy. With one of the most pictured islets in Siargao, you have to get booked and hop on over!

Guyam Island

Address: General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Website: Guyam Island

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Guyam Island, Surigao Del Norte
As you approach Guyam Island, you will be amazed by its pristine sand and turquoise waters. The secluded island near Siargao, Surigao Del Norte, will surely be a memorable visit.

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Video of Guyam Island, Surigao Del Norte, shared by content creator from the Philippines, Johnny Ferniz.

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4. Heaven in the waters

Dahab Blue Hole
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ggerdel used under CC BY-SA 4.0

The surfaces of the lands and waters in General Luna are quite challenging and fulfilling. But an experience underneath the water carries you to the mystifying cool blue colors of nature’s most grand cathedral, under the sea. This amazing underwater rock formation has a vertical hole. Blue Cathedral’s 20-meter (66-foot) diameter hole and 20-meter depth will lead you to a sliding slope, that will bring you to the North and East caverns.The North cavern, with a serrated rock that separates from the top ceiling called the “Sword of Gabriel,” will guide you to a hole which is 10-meters (33-feet) high and a 30-meter (99-foot) long cavern, that will lead you North into the Pacific waters.

The Eastern cavern is a 15-meter (49-foot) high and 40-meter (131-foot) long tunnel. Gliding through the Devil’s pipeline would require a source of light for one to appreciate its beauty. Where the tough but fulfilling glide leads you is to the Arm of God, which is a 30-meter (99-foot) long rock sitting on three columns that reach out east to the Pacific. The spaces in between the columns that are lit by the sun’s rays from the outside are beautiful. The whole vision of the lit waters from under the sea creates the Blue Cathedral that one sees during the plunge, and it doesn’t only charm divers, but also tuna, barracuda, and other schools of pelagic fish, including sharks, who are normal house guests within the area. So experience heaven from under the waters of Siargao, with nature’s unique rendition of the Blue Cathedral.

Blue Cathedral

Address: General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Website: Blue Cathedral

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5. A 3-in-1 trip at Daku

Daku Island
Source: Photo by Flickr user EladeManu used under CC BY 2.0

Daku is another beautiful islet in Siargao that you need to go to and wander through. This is a place where you can enjoy the sea, surf and dine with the best catch from the ocean. If you want to experience the ambiance of the island culture, the crystal clear water and seafood are at their best here, so encounter one of the best locations of the Philippines in Daku.

Daku Island

Address: General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Website: Daku Island

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6. Wind in the winds

Source: Pixabay

Viento Kite School is a dream come true for its owner, Mark, who dreamt of having a kitesurfing school in Siargao. He schemed the beach front land for the school, where the winds are apt to the kites sent up high. But you don’t just get to set your kites up high and enjoy the place, you can take advantage of the hanging chairs, the beach bean bags, and the noteworthy local and international cuisine, coupled with the friendly and thoughtful service in Viento del Mar Resort.

So as you wind up setting your kites in the wind, take time to relish the widely stretched lagoon and maximize your stay between November to March, for the best wind direction and strength. Kitesurfing is best at this time. Otherwise, savor the laid-back lifestyle that everyone from the city has been contemplating.

Veinto del Mar Resort

Address: Purok 5, Tourism Road, General Luna, Siargao, 8419

Website: Viento Kitesurfing

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7. Delicious grill in Siargao

[Philippine Day] BBQ
Source: Photo by Flickr user scion_cho used under CC BY 2.0

Grilling is a cooking method which is most commonly used on the seaside. The smoky smell of the meat adds to the satisfying experience after a day of stimulating beach activities. In the island of Siargao, Mama’s Grill is the best grilling center of the island. Pork, vegetables, chicken legs and a lot of other meats can be ordered to satisfy that gastronomical needs after a demanding but fun day at the beach. And don’t forget to culminate a sumptuous meal with a well chosen and tasty ice cream to neutralize the heat and cool you down. So get the best grilled foods from 6:00 pm-10:00 pm in the crowd favorite, Mama’s Grill.

Mama's Grill

Address: General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Website: Mama’s Grill

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8. Get that big catch in Siargao

Siargao 15
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user ChaasPrime used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Like any of the islands in the Philippines, fishing has been a way of life; it’s a means of livelihood. But on the island of Siargao, fishing is also an exciting game one can get into all year round. Not all people know that the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao, is the Philippines’ sports fishing capital as well. A catch of jack and giant trevally, weighing as much as 40 to 50 kilos (88 - 110 lbs), is possible all year-round. In the artificial fish shelters, or payaos as they call them, are the small yellow fin tuna (2 - 5 kilos or 4 - 11 lbs), skipjack tuna, durado, and, when lucky, marlin.

During night fishing, a net of 100 kilos (220 lbs) of squid is feasible, depending on one’s skills. A big game fishing season for sailfish, for which Siargao is known for, is on from March to May. Night fishing is best between May to November where the yellow fin tuna, which weighs between 35 to 70 kilos (77 - 154 lbs), can be found. Trolling for durado is best between August to November. While there is plenty to see above the seawater, there is so much more to explore under the sea. You should find time to get that big catch while on the island of Siargao.

Port Pilar

Address: General Luna, Surigao del Norte

Website: Sport Fishing

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Live a life of bliss in a tropical island in the Philippines

Lake Mainit Surigao del Norte sunset
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Tim Dangerfield used under CC BY-SA 3.0

Bliss is contained in General Luna. The cool island breeze, the island’s surfing hotspots, and nature’s grand architectural designs from under the sea are a jubilation that one should experience.

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