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Situated in northwestern Vermont is an amazing city called Burlington. With its history, awesome culinary scene, live music, shopping areas, art galleries, and quirky shops, to name a few–you don’t have to think twice about why this city is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the state. It also offers Airbnb vacation rentals and Vrbo vacation rentals to accommodate tourists and travelers. But soon, you’ll discover that the real drawcard here is its friendly and nice locals. Burlington offers two worlds–everything you would see in a typical city is also here. Meanwhile, the town’s modest size is part of its beauty. Burlington also gives you a rural vibe as nature is prevalent here so you can enjoy outdoor adventures on your holiday. Also, try visiting Ethan Allen Homestead and Shelburne Museum. Then, a fun beach experience awaits you at North Beach Park. Burlington loves art too–as proof, there are plenty of art centers and art galleries available here. If you want to explore the beauty of this city, then scroll down to learn more about the top things to do in Burlington, Vermont.

1. Cruise along Lake Chaplain

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Cruising along Lake Chaplain is one of the unique things to do in Burlington, Vermont. Experience the beauty from a different perspective as you embark on a memorable cruise along the pristine waterscape. Step aboard a scenic boat tour and set sail on the shimmering waters of this magnificent lake. As you cruise along, be mesmerized by the picturesque views of the surrounding mountains, lush greenery, and charming shoreline. Feel the gentle breeze caress your face and listen to the soothing sounds of the water.

Learn about Lake Champlain’s rich history and fascinating legends from knowledgeable guides who share intriguing stories along the way. Admire the diverse wildlife that calls the lake home, including birds, fish, and sometimes even playful dolphins. Capture stunning photos of the breathtaking scenery, including the iconic Adirondack Mountains in the distance.

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2. Hike, bike, and sightsee at Waterfront Park

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Waterfront Park is a great spot to take your family as it’s filled with everything you will need to have a great time including hiking and biking trails as well as beautiful sceneries. The park also hosts large music and food festivals from time to time so you might need to check for schedules.

The park also features several bike paths and campgrounds if ever you want to take your kids on an outdoor adventure–and you can even bring along your pets with you!

Waterfront Park

Address: 20 Lake St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States

Website: Waterfront Park

Opening hours: Open 24 hours (daily)

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3. See interesting artifacts at The Perkins Geology Museum

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Delphinapterus leucas, Beluga Whale "Charlotte Whale" - The Vermont State Fossil, Charlotte, Vermont

Posted by University of Vermont's Perkins Museum of Geology on Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Perkins Geology Museum is located on the campus of the University of Vermont. It may be a small museum but it still houses a wide collection of some of the most interesting artifacts in the region including rocks, minerals, and fossils. One of the museum’s pride is a fossil of a prehistoric beluga whale, which was found on the shores of Lake Champlain in 1849.

The best thing about the museum is that admission is absolutely free, but if you’re planning to visit, you have to reserve a week before so the museum’s administrators can accommodate you.

The Perkins Geology Museum

Address: 180 Colchester Ave, Burlington, VT 05401, United States

Website: The Perkins Geology Museum

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4. Go back in time at Ethan Allen Homestead

Your crash course about the history of Vermont begins at Ethan Allen Homestead. It is a gorgeous historic home museum, which was built by Ethan Allen, one of Vermont’s greatest iconic personalities, in 1787. In 1986, it was included on the National Register of Historic Places. The home is nestled in a peaceful area and surrounded by greenery. The tour allows you to discover what life was like during the 18th century. You will also see some of Ethan’s writings and activities through exhibits and displays.

Ethan Allen Homestead

Address: 1 Ethan Allen Homestead, Burlington, VT 05408, United States

Website: Ethan Allen Homestead

Opening hours: 10am - 4pm (daily)

Price: 10 USD

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5. Experience a water escapade at North Beach Park

Vermont: North Beach Park, Burlington Why we love it: Lake Champlain is so superb, it was briefly designated as the...

Posted by Udu Joshi on Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The stunning Lake Champlain shoreline, white sand beaches, food, refreshment–with all things North Beach Park has, it’s not surprising why plenty of tourists keep coming back to it. Don’t miss the opportunity to try exciting water escapades like kayaking and paddleboarding. Do you want to fall asleep to the sound of the waves? Wish granted! North Beach Park has a designated place for camping. It’s now time to call on your friends and visit this beach.

North Beach Park

Address: Burlington, VT 05401, United States

Opening hours: 7am - 6pm (daily)

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6. Catch a performance at Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

Flynn Theatre marquee Burlington Vermont
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Beyond My Ken used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Situated in the vibrant Church Street Market area of Burlington, you will find a gem–Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. Everything about The Flynn is spectacular, from the classic design to a comfortable atmosphere and impeccable service. It is an Art Deco theater, evoking the rustic beauty of 1930, which offers a variety of live performances. Anything to do with big events and entertainment, you can certainly catch at Flynn Center. If you want to be a part of some big happenings, then heading to Flynn Center is a must.

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

Address: 153 Main St, Burlington, VT, United States

Website: Flynn Center for the Performing Arts

Price: From 30 USD

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7. Admire the marvelous collections at Fleming Museum of Art

For Indigenous Peoples' Day, Abenaki scholar and artist Fred Wiseman will be providing a tour of the Fleming's Native American gallery today from 1:00-2:00pm University of Vermont

Posted by Fleming Museum of Art on Tuesday, 15 October 2019

History 101 continues at Fleming Museum of Art (formerly Robert Hull Fleming Museum). The spectacular museum is perched at the University of Vermont (one of the country’s oldest universities). It is the home to 25,000 collections of anthropological artifacts and modern and historic art exhibits from a wide range of different places and eras. It was opened in 1931 as a learning institution for the youth and adults alike.

Fleming Museum of Art

Address: 61 Colchester Ave, Burlington, VT 05405, United States

Website: Fleming Museum of Art

Opening hours: Tue, Thu - Fri: 10am - 4pm; Wed: 10am - 7pm; Sat - Sun: 12pm - 4pm (closed on Mon)

Price: 5 USD

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8. Learn more and in a fun atmosphere at ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

things to do in burlington vt | learn more and in a fun atmosphere at echo lake aquarium and science center
Source: instagram

Situated in the Burlington waterfront, ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center is a mixture of nature museum and innovative science, which offers a variety of programs that will make everyone educated in a fun environment. Grab the opportunity to discover the life of different species by seeing live animal presentations. What’s more? Programs like “walk-up science and nature activities” and “interactive engineering and naturalist programs” are also available. With that being said, ECHO Lake continues to promote and inspire science and nature to everyone.

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

Address: 1 College St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States

Website: ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm (daily)

Price: 14.50 USD

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9. Indulge in some craft cocktails at Hen of the Wood

Source: Photo by Flickr user Scott Dexter used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Calling out food lovers,! Now is the time to explore the rich culinary scene of Burlington and taste delicious fare and craft cocktails only at Hen of the Wood. This excellent farm-to-table restaurant is a combination of hospitality, high-quality service, delicious food, a great selection of craft cocktails, and a cozy atmosphere–all are additional wow factors. They support their local growers, which means all ingredients they use come from fresh and local farms, which includes the Hen of the Woods mushrooms.

Hen of the Wood

Address: 92 Stowe St #1117, Waterbury, VT 05676, United States

Website: Hen of the Wood

Opening hours: Tue - Sat: 5pm - 9pm (closed on Sun & Mon)

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10. Check out contemporary art at Burlington City Arts Center

Posted by Burlington City Arts on Friday, 19 July 2019

If art is your thing, a visit to Burlington City Arts Center must be included on your bucket list. This wonderful center is a venue for learning arts (studio center), presenting artworks (art gallery), and the place is also used to host to cultural events of the town. Burlington City Arts is consistently and long known for serving the artistic and cultural needs of Burlington. Another drawcard of this center is their friendly and dedicated staff.

Burlington City Arts Center

Address: 135 Church St, Burlington, VT, United States

Website: Burlington City Arts Center

Opening hours: Tue - Thu, Sun: 12pm - 5pm; Fri - Sat: 12pm - 8pm (closed on Mon)

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11. Taste the local beer at Magic Hat Brewing Company

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

When you look for good beer in Burlington, you’ll likely be steered in the direction of Magic Hat Brewing Company. Since 1994, Magic Hat Brewing Company has been putting their effort into every pint of their delicious crafted beer. Situated in South Burlington, this wonderful brewery is consistently known for their “magic”, or traditional-style brews with creative touches. The cozy atmosphere and service add to the experience. Why not start to call on your beer-loving friends and together taste the finest beer Burlington has to offer?

Magic Hat Brewing Company

Address: 5 Bartlett Bay Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403, United States

Website: Magic Hat Brewing Company

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 11am - 7pm; Sun: 12pm - 5pm

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12. Buy fresh produce from Burlington Farmers' Market

Burlington Farmers’ Market has so much to offer. It has a wide range of organic products, local produce, and more. It has more than 90 stalls which means there is something for everyone here. The whole place is organized and well-maintained. But soon, you’ll discover that the real drawcard of the market is their happy and friendly vendors. If you desire fresh goods, you know where to head to.

Burlington Farmers' Market

Address: 345 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States

Website: Burlington Farmers' Market

Opening hours: Sat: 8:30am - 2pm (closed from Sun - Mon)

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13. Learn about history at the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Benjamin Whitcomb's Independent Corps of Rangers was just minding their own business doing training drills... when a...

Posted by Ethan Allen Homestead Museum on Sunday, May 28, 2023

Step back and delve into history at the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum in Burlington. Immerse yourself in the life and legacy of Ethan Allen, a prominent figure in the American Revolutionary War. Explore the meticulously preserved homestead, which includes the original 18th-century house and its surrounding grounds. Marvel at the period furnishings, artifacts, and exhibits that offer insights into the daily life and struggles of the Allen family.

Learn about Ethan Allen’s significant role in the fight for independence and his leadership in the Green Mountain Boys. Discover the stories of his daring exploits and impact on the formation of Vermont as a state. Participate in interactive demonstrations and educational programs that provide a deeper understanding of the era.

Learn about history at the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

Address: 1 Ethan Allen Homestead, Burlington, VT 05408

Website: Ethan Allen Homestead Museum

Opening hours: 10am - 4pm (daily)

Price: 15 USD

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14. Discover the edible history of the city with Burlington Edible History Tour

If you truly want to know about the history and experience the rich culinary scene of Burlington, then, there’s no better way than joining this wonderful tour called, “Burlington Edible History Tour”. During the tour, you’ll have the chance to learn the local food traditions all over the world. Joining this tour will let you experience their eating culture and traditions (usually from their own backyards). Learn about the first food cart on Main Street, observe the grapevines used for wine production, meet the famous Chinese restaurant owners–the list just goes on and on. Don’t miss this tour for the world!

Burlington Edible History Tour

Address: Burlington, Vermont

Website: Burlington Edible History Tour

Price: 60 USD

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15. Shop till you drop at Church Street Marketplace

Church Street Marketplace (Burlington, Vermont)
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Kenneth C. Zirkel used under CC BY-SA 4.0

Whether you are wanting to explore the vast culinary scene, aiming for a relaxed night, or looking for shopping activities in Burlington, Vermont, –Church Street Marketplace has it all. It features shops, taverns, restaurants, and more. Plus a splendid cruise on nearby Lake Champlain is also possible here. With plenty of unique and gorgeous shops here, it’s very tempting to go on a shopping spree!

Church Street Marketplace

Address: Main St., Pearl St., Burlington, VT 05401

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16. Play some video games at The Archives

Posted by The Archives on Friday, 18 October 2019

The Archives promises lots and lots of fun. This is a venue where you can play classic arcade games while having a tasty cocktail. They offer original creations of cocktails without setting aside the old classics. Reminisce your childhood by playing on pinball machines. Or perhaps, modern games like Tekken 3 will complete your day. Whether you are looking for some exciting games, good beers, or a relaxed night, The Archives is always open for you and your buddies to have a good time.

The Archives

Address: 191 College Street Burlington, VT 05401

Website: The Archives

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 4pm - 2am; Sat- Fri: 12pm - 2am

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17. Check out the paintings at Frog Hollow Craft Center

Frog Hollow Craft Center is a great place to grab something that will remind you of Vermont. It takes pride in being the country’s first state craft center, which showcases the works of Vermont’s artists. Here, you will find over 100 art displays and exhibits which are a collection of traditional and modern craft and art. It is a non-profit institution that aims to promote and preserve Vermont’s tradition of fine craftsmanship. Since 1971, the year it was founded, the center never stopped giving educational programs for the local community. They have also been long known for supporting and helping practicing artisans.

Frog Hollow Craft Center

Address: 85 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States

Website: Frog Hollow Craft Center

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 6pm; Sun: 10am - 11pm

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18. Indulge in some delicious pizzas at Pizzeria Verita

What sets Pizzeria Verita apart from other restaurants is their delicious wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. Their traditional style of a classic, artisan product and their commitment to maintaining the quality of a farm-to-table setup and to sustainability are what make their pizzas shine among the rest. Pizzeria Verita’s offerings are not only limited to pizzas, but they also offer craft cocktails and Italian spirits like no other. Moreover, they also serve a non-dairy cheese option (Daiya) for any pizza, which are suitable for vegans. Overall, this wonderful restaurant is an epitome of what a restaurant should be, from service to atmosphere, from food to drinks.

Pizzeria Verita

Address: 156 St Paul St, Burlington, VT, United States

Website: Pizzeria Verita

Opening hours: Sun - Thu: 5pm - 10pm; Fri - Sat: 5pm - 11pm

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19. Get to know the chocolate-making process at Lake Champlain Chocolates

Source: Photo by Flickr user Emily McCracken used under CC BY 2.0

If you love sweet treats, especially chocolates, then your tour would never be complete without a visit to Lake Champlain Chocolates. Situated right on Church Street Marketplace, this place is a venue for a “choco-mazing” adventure. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to see and learn the chocolate-making process, indulge yourself in a variety of flavors of chocolates (including gluten-free and nut-free chocolates), and explore the taste of 10 different kinds of fudge. Their best-selling Five Star Bars are to die for, while their organic chocolate bars are best for those who love sustainability. Oh, did I mention that they also have delicious homemade hot chocolate, espresso, and your all-time-favorite ice cream? Head to this delicious chocolate haven when in the area.

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Address: 65 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States

Website: Lake Champlain Chocolates

Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 10am - 7pm; Sun: 11am - 6pm

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20. Visit the magnificent Shelburne Museum

Shelburne Museum Bridge
Source: Photo by Flickr user Davis Staedtler used under CC BY 2.0

Our history course extends to Shelburne Museum which is a great venue to see some interesting and historic exhibits and displays. Overall, there are 39 exhibitions in the building. Some structures present spectacular artworks. Discover some old charms like the round bar which has old sleighs and carriages. There are also old schoolhouse, lighthouse church, and carousel exhibits to name a few. Of course, the steamship and Ticonderoga should never be missed out on. There is also the famous and historic Vermont House which was built by Asa R. Slocumb in 1790. If you get tired, a nice cafe is available.

Shelburne Museum

Address: 6000 Shelburne Rd, Shelburne, VT 05482, United States

Website: Shelburne Museum

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm (daily)

Price: 25 USD

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21. Party the night away at Red Square

The nightlife in Burlington, Vermont, is also a priority, that’s why Red Square is here, offering an entertaining experience like no other. Whether you are looking for new friends, yearning to dance the night away, or just aiming to hear loud rock or electronic music–Red Square has got you covered. This place is a hot spot for DJs. A variety of alcoholic drinks and a wide range of music are available here as well. This club is a combination of a vibrant atmosphere, good music, great drinks, and cool people–what else could you ask for?

Red Square

Address: 136 Church St, Burlington, VT 05401, United States

Website: Red Square

Opening hours: Wed: 8pm - 2am; Thu: 6pm - 2am; Fri: 4pm - 2am; Sat: 5pm - 2am (closed from Sun - Tue)

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22. Go on an exciting scavenger hunt (from USD 30.0)

Experience this mind-blowing smartphone-led scavenger hunt with a team of up to 12 people. Customize your adventure by choosing your own start time and neighborhood. During the one-and-a-half-hour adventure, you’ll be able to explore the beauty of the town while solving puzzles and answering questions. The main goal of this tour is to enjoy the best of Vermont, from sounds to sights and tastes with a twist and a sense of action for all.

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Burlington Puzzling Adventure

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

Experience both worlds in one place

Church Street on Burlington
Source: Pixabay

Still wondering about what to do in Burlington, Vermont? Worry no more as the place has much to offer. Historic spots, nightlife, a vibrant culinary scene, markets, shops, accommodation–the list goes on and on. Indeed, Burlington never runs out of style in giving the best experience for everyone. What sets apart this town from the rest of the state is its being of “two worlds”–it has the charm of a typical rural area, which offers plenty of things to see and do. On the other hand, nature is prevalent here, which means tons of things to learn are available, from the historic houses’ built-in greenery to the water adventures that you can experience at the beach and marine center. To truly enjoy your vacation, do check out the scenic train rides in Vermont and day trips from Burlington.

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Frequently asked questions about things to do in Burlington

1. What exciting outdoor adventures await visitors in Burlington?

If you would like to participate in outdoor activities during your sightseeing tours in Burlington that offer a dose of adventure, you can hike, bike, and sightsee at Waterfront Park or experience a water escapade at North Beach Park.

2. What top attractions in Burlington are great for families?

If you would like to spend quality time with the family and little ones during your sightseeing tour in Burlington, you can cruise along Lake Chaplain or shop till you drop at Church Street Marketplace.

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