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A Trip Out Of The Norm: 8 Things To Do In And Around Sarvar, Hungary

Published Nov 30, 2017

Sarvar is spread between both ends of the Raba River and is rich in natural resources. During its pre-historic years, the city was densely populated. The Roman Empire saw the need to protect its primary merchant route; hence, the presence of military camps on both riversides, as well as the creation of a fort for defense.

Today, it’s regarded more as a spa town than for its military history. There are a total of 13 spa resorts in the township, with two certified spa resorts: “Sarvar - medical miracle” and “Sarvar - arboretum.” Its status as a spa town has boosted its medical tourism as well as piqued the interests of travelers to stop by and reap its relaxing benefits. As far as sights go, Sarvar certainly doesn’t fall short with places like Nadasdy Castle, the Boating Lake, and St. Laszlo, one of many Roman Catholic churches on its list.

Where do you go to get the well-rounded visit and appreciation for this wonderful village in Hungary? Here’s 8 places that made it to our prized list!

1. Sárvár Arboretum

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Sárvár Arboretum is famous for its cultivated garden and plants, with its landscape being featured since way back in the 16th century. While it might not be bigger than an actual park, it certainly has a unique selection of trees within. It is very well maintained – even the trail seems like it has been manicured to perfection. Some trees in its range are aged up to 400 years, and probably more! There are designated picnic areas, complete with benches for you to rest your aching legs, especially when you’re done checking out its tiny stream and meadows.

Sárvár Arboretum

Address: Varkeruelet utca 30 A., Sarvar 9600, Hungary

Website: Sárvár Arboretum

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2. Nadasdy Historical Festival

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Posted by Takács Viktor on Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Nadasdy Historical Festival is an annual festivity that started back in 2009, and is a great event for all – dress up in medieval gear and try the dishes from back then too. Kids get to enjoy rides on horses. What is the highlight of the festival? The siege plays that are all about self-sacrifice and heroism.

Nadasdy Historical Festival

Address: Varkeruelet utca 1., Sarvar 9600, Hungary (Formerly Sarvar Nadasdy Castle)

Website: Nadasdy Historical Festival

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3. Gyogy- es Wellnessfurdo Sarvar

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Who doesn’t love diving head-on into a water-filled pool? Gyogy- es Wellnessfurdo Sarvar provides you that experience and many more, with amazing slides and thermal baths dotted both in the indoor and outdoor areas. It is a huge park and from what we’ve heard, the entrance fee is low. There is a place to camp out if you’d like to spend a night outside.

Gyogy- es Wellnessfurdo Sarvar

Address: Vadkert koerut 1, Sarvar 9600, Hungary

Website: Gyogy- es Wellnessfurdo Sarvar

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4. Nadasdy Castle

Nadasdy Castle is a Renaissance-period castle which is the symbol of Sarvar town and one of Hungary’s most treasured monuments. The castle is named after the country’s influential aristocrats, and has lived through heinous crimes during some trying political upheavals and military challenges. The castle stands out in its distinct pentagonal shape and a now dry moat is found along its walls.

Nadasdy Castle

Address: Sárvár, Várkerület u. 1, 9600 Hungary

Website: Nadasdy Castle

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5. Pannonia Ring Track

Pannonia Ring Track is a well-equipped race circuit for those who love speed. If you’re intending to drop by and see what it’s like in a Hungarian racecourse in summer, brace yourself for the weather and bring shades and cover. Admission for spectators is free, and you get to see what technical sports is like in a new place!


Address: Ostffyasszonyfa, 9512 Hungary

Website: Pannonia-Ring

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6. Nadasdy Ferenc Museum

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The Nadasdy Ferenc Museum lies in the heart of town, and has ongoing programs and exhibitions to entice visitors to stop by and learn more about the country and township. The Knights’ Hall, for instance, speaks about stories for the battles of the Black Bey and the Ottoman. The museum also showcases the heritage of the Bavarian Wittlesbach family, as well as an intriguing glass collection from around the world. This is truly a stop that will make you stare and wonder.

Nadasdy Ferenc Museum

Address: Varkeruelet utca 1., Sarvar 9600, Hungary

Website: Nadasdy Ferenc Museum

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7. Sarvar Adventure Park

Már minden hétvégén nyitva a kalandpark! Péntektől vasárnapig várunk Benneteket kötélpályázással, katonai pályával, íjá...

Posted by Sárvári Kalandpark on Thursday, 27 April 2017

Sarvar Adventure Park is a thrilling park to visit with kids and friends alike, and is open every day from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Attempt to climb in the dark by going on their high rope course, or take the test of courage by climbing a high totem pole (you’d be fully secured, of course!). Entrance fees vary based on the course you take – special challenges, archery, and shooting, or even as a group package. Payment is accepted in the form of cash (Euro or Forint) as well as credit card transactions. This is a worthwhile place to check out for the entire clan – be it that of friends or family!

Sarvar Adventure Park

Address: Sárvár, Vadkert utca 1, 9600 Hungary

Website: Sarvar Adventure Park

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8. Sarvar Waterpark and Sarvar Spa

Sarvar’s famous for two things: its spas and waterparks. If you were to drop by its wellness center, you’d find its thermal water healing treatments truly therapeutic. What’s good is that the place is also open until 10 p.m., so you don’t have to rush out the moment the sun sets. There are many water slides for kids and adults to dive into. Want to go for something really different? Take the chocolate massage – it’s reasonably priced too!

Spa and Wellness Center Sarvar

Address: Sárvár, Vadkert krt. 1, 9600 Hungary

Website: Spa and Wellness Center Sarvar

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A truly relaxing holiday awaits in Sarvar

Yes, water is always stress-releasing, and it helps that you’d also get to squeeze in a massage too while in Sarvar. So pack your bags and book your flight, for it’s time to go to this fantastic place in Hungary!

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