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10 Fantastic Things To Do In Nizwa, Oman

10 Fantastic Things To Do In Nizwa, Oman
Adrian Chew
Adrian Chew

Muscat is not the only destination in Oman. If you plan to explore further in this country, you need to travel and visit each of the cities and towns in Oman. If you have been to Muscat but not other parts of the country, then it is time to spend your vacation in Nizwa. The city is well-known for its fort, ancient ruins as well as the majestic mountain. Time to set foot on a new destination and get off the beaten track.

1. Jebel Akhdar (from 174 USD)

The scenic mountain
Source: Wikipedia

The main attraction in the city of Nizwa is the Jebel Akhdar Mountain. You do not want to miss the excitement of scenic views from the top while you are here. There is one particular tour you should book to enjoy it to the fullest. Book the day tour to the Green Mountain and you will be in for a surprise. Capture your most memorable moments while you are at Jebel Akhdar. The tour guide will fetch you from either the Port of Muscat or your hotel in Muscat.

You will travel in a 4WD vehicle to visit Jebel Akhdar. The magnificent views of the villages from the mountain are totally breathtaking. There are various villages across the Hajar Mountains. You might wonder what the locals do for a living - they plant various nuts and fruits in the surrounding area as the moisture is ideal for agriculture.

Jebel Akhdar

Address: Al Hajar Mountains Range, Nizwa, Oman

Duration: About 8 hours

Price: from 174 USD


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2. Nizwa Grand Mall

Posted by Nizwa Grand Mall on Sunday, 9 April 2017

The weather in Nizwa is rather hot and if you need to cool down, head over to the shopping mall in the city center. There are more than 65 retail outlets in Nizwa Grand Mall and you can take your time to look around and visit the stores. Before you enter the mall, take some snapshots of the mall. Its architecture is magnificent and you rarely see such unique buildings in other places.

Kids will also have fun here as there are various entertainment and play areas in the mall. For souvenir hunters, this place is worth checking out and who knows, you might find something to bring back home.

Nizwa Grand Mall

Address: Nizwa, Oman

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (8am-12am)

Website: Nizwa Grand Mall

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3. Nizwa Fort (from 67.15 USD)

Magnificent fortress

This particular attraction is one of the main landmarks of Nizwa. Your trip is not complete without a tour of the historic fort. Take a look at the picture above and you will be awed by the size of the fort. The tour guide will fetch you from your hotel in Muscat and you will travel together on a minibus or a coach to the mentioned destination.

Nizwa was once a major trading hub. It also used to be the capital city of Oman. Along the way you will pass by a few towns, mountains and palm groves. So, sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery from your vehicle. Once you reach the fort, you will get to tour around the fort and take some photos. There are many courtyards and towers to see within the fort and you will have a great day. The 17th-century fort will offer you a memorable experience of the city while on vacation.

Nizwa Fort

Address: Nizwa, Oman

Duration: Around 9 hours

Price: from 67.15 USD


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4. Oman Trekking Guides

If you are interested in trekking or go on a trekking tour, then you should book your tour through Oman Trekking Guides. There are various activities you can enjoy. Among them are rock climbing, canyoning and swimming. Choose the guides that you prefer but they are subject to availability. There are options for locals or Western guides. Besides that, you can either choose English or French speaking professional guides.

Kindly refer to the website for details and as always, you need to book in advance. You will get to see more than just mountains with these guided tours.

Oman Trekking Guides

Website: Oman Trekking Guides

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5. Tanuf Ruins

Ancient ruins

Ancient and historic ruins are common in Oman. There are many such ruins in Nizwa too. The ruins are located between two cities, Bahla and Nizwa. It is not just an ordinary ruin as the entire place used to be a village. The locals used to stay at the village but after the 1950s Jabal Akhdar Wars, the entire village was destroyed. It was later abandoned by the villagers as they moved to other places. Did you know that this village is also famous for its mineral water bottling plant? It is located near the historic ruins.

If you come here, remember to bring your camera. You need to snap pictures of the ruins while walking around the village. Apart from that, you can see magnificent views of the mountain from here.

Tanuf Ruins

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (24 hours)

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6. Desert Camels Adventure Tour (from 349 USD)

Camels tour
Source: Pixabay

Riding on a camel and exploring the desert in Oman is a must for everyone. Embark on an exciting trip to the vast desert land. You should book “The Best of Oman” tour to experience nomad living in Nizwa. You get to see more of the city of Nizwa with this tour, so do not miss the excitement and opportunity to do so. The Wahiba Desert is the best place to see the scenic views of the surrounding area. Of course, you need to hop on a camel too and not just enjoy your ride from a 4WD vehicle.

Kids should also come along, as they will have fun with the camels. If you are interested in this tour, book your tour in advance to avoid disappointment.

Desert Camels Adventure Tour

Duration: About 2 days

Price: from 349 USD


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7. Birkat Al Mouz Ruins

Historic ruins

Another notable ruin you need to check out is Birkat Al Mouz Ruins. Apart from the ruins, the historical buildings nearby are also worth visiting. Although it is an ancient village, there are still some locals living here. The longest falaj system in the country is also located here. There are banana and date plantations in the surrounding areas. It is indeed an oasis.

Book the “Cool and Green Garden Tour” and you will get to know more about the ruins from your tour guide. Your guide will fetch you from your accommodation in Muscat and you will board a 4WD vehicle to the historic village. Time for another adventure!

Birkat Al Mouz Ruins

Address: Birkat Al Mouz, Nizwa, Oman

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (24 hours)


Price of Tour from 516.50 USD

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8. Al Masharef Turkish

A post shared by Janaína Marra (@vivoleve) on Apr 18, 2017 at 2:00pm PDT

If you are looking for kebabs, then you should go to Al Masharef Turkish Restaurant. Kids will also like the food here as the half roast chicken is delicious and you will want to order those refreshing fresh juices too. If you plan to dine here, do come early as this restaurant is very popular among locals and the place is usually full of diners.

Al Masharef Turkish

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (8am-12am)

Facebook: Al Masharef Turkish

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9. Peppercorns Restaurant

Posted by Peppercorns Restaurant on Thursday, 18 February 2016

Surprisingly you will come across an Indian restaurant in Nizwa. It is indeed rare to find such a restaurant in Oman. Get ready to spice up your taste buds with a mix of Indian and Omani cuisines. Among the dishes you must order are mutton masala, kadai chicken as well as parathas with dal tadka. The good thing about this restaurant is not just the food, but its service and cozy environment.

Peppercorns Restaurant

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (8am-11pm)

Facebook: Peppercorns Restaurant

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10. Hungry Bunnys Restaurant

Posted by Hungry Bunny Oman on Thursday, 4 September 2014

If you are looking for a restaurant where your kids can go and eat, then Hungry Bunnys is the place to go. It is strategically located in Nizwa and you can find the restaurant with ease since it has a unique logo with a bunny on it. While having your meal here, you can let your kids have some fun at the children play area. Everything is freshly cooked and you do not need to worry about the quality of food.

Hungry Bunnys Restaurant

Address: Nizwa Main Road Near Farq Roundabout, P O Box 1771, Muscat 130, Oman

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday (10am-2am)

Facebook: Hungry Bunnys Restaurant

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More than just camels and deserts

Nizwa is not just another city where you go for camel rides or exploring its deserts. It is much more than that. You will find various restaurants and get to try Middle-Eastern cuisine. Besides that, the shopping mall, ancient ruins and its nature of wonders are not like other parts of the Middle East.

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