Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The first mention of Yogyakarta (often called “Jogja”) never fails to invoke images of the world’s largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur, as well as the Hindu temples of Prambanan! However, this Java city has more to offer beyond places of worship! Known for its traditional culture and arts, Yogyakarta is the place where one of the living Javanese kingdoms, Yogyakarta Sultanate, is located. Visit the palace like it was several hundred years ago!

Besides history and local cultures, natural phenomenon abounds in Jogja, which is also the home of the infamous Mount Merapi. Beautiful but treacherous, the remnants of the last volcano eruption in 2010 can be explored through a tour at Kinahrejo village - the village closest to Merapi’s crater. For outdoor lovers, head to Parangtritis beach for paragliding and horse riding! There are beaches like Nglambor for swimming and snorkeling too.

Foodies can also rejoice, as Yogyakarta is a shopping and street food paradise. Go to the Malioboro Street in downtown Yogyakarta for the best shopping and dining experience. Don’t miss gudeg, a delicious jackfruit stew, hailed as the must-have when you are in this historic city! Unique experiences await you in Jogja!

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Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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