Shinjuku, Japan

Shinjuku is a ward in Tokyo Metropolis and is one of the major commercial and business center in the city. It is also famous for hosting one of the world's busiest, most complicated and sophisticated train station.

Shinjuku offers a lot of exciting places to visit for both domestic and international visitors such as Shinjuku Gyoen, the beautiful national park, and Kabukicho, Japan’s biggest red-light district. Because of its central location and also its historical importance, many movies have been shot in Shinjuku, such as some Godzilla movies, but also Hollywood movies like “The Wolverine.”

Because of its commercial and business significance, there are many great restaurants, cafes, and hotels in Shinjuku. In addition, if you are traveling from Narita International Airport, Narita Express also takes you directly to Shinjuku. Many buses and trains start from Shinjuku to serve the rest of Tokyo, so this is a place you cannot miss while visiting Tokyo.

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Shinjuku, Japan
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