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Muslim-friendly Accommodations

What are Muslim-friendly accommodations?

Throughout the years, accommodations have become more inclusive and welcoming to people with different backgrounds and religions. While almost all accommodations welcome them, some cater to their preferences and needs so that they’ll feel right at home. These types of accommodations include Muslim-friendly establishments, which are important because they offer a worry-free and spectacular environment for Muslims. If you want to learn more, you can check out this article.

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The growing trend of halal tourism

Halal tourism focuses on the needs of the Muslim demographic when it comes to traveling and finding appropriate accommodations. Luckily, more and more properties now adhere to this particular movement so that everyone, no matter the religion, can have fun and relax. Moreover, these accommodations continue to provide the best service to their guests by adding amenities and facilities that will make Muslim guests feel comfortable throughout, from serving halal meals to establishing prayer rooms. With over 2 billion Muslims around the world, it’s no surprise that many destinations adapt to their practices as much as they can.

Types of Muslim-friendly accommodations

• Hotels

Muslim-friendly hotels are much like any other, except for a few core differences. Common amenities provided here are praying rooms, separate pools for women and men, and a ban on alcoholic beverages. The positioning of things, such as the bed, is also considered in these hotels.

• Resorts

The amenities and services offered in Muslim-friendly resorts are quite similar to those in hotels, but the only significant contrast is the level of elegance and amount of space. Moreover, many of these resorts are situated by the beach, allowing guests to easily feel the sand between their toes.

• Vacation rentals

It’s ideal to book a Muslim-friendly vacation rental if you want a more personal and intimate experience. This way, you’ll have the space to yourself and not be overly cautious of what other guests are doing. You’ll also have the chance to provide your own cooking to ensure that your meals are halal.

Usual features of a Muslim-friendly accommodation

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• Halal certification

One of the things you should look out for in Muslim-friendly hotels and resorts is whether they have a halal certification — this includes the dining options, cosmetics, and toiletries offered. For food, you can expect lots of healthy and more ethical options, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. Plus, the different beauty products provided, if any, are also often vegan and cruelty-free. You can also check out if the hotel you’re staying at has halal-certified shops.

• Prayer facilities

Prayer facilities are accessible when staying in a Muslim-friendly accommodation because they play an important role in the religion. There are dedicated spaces where you can pray, complete with prayer mats, Qurans, Qibla direction indicators, and more. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to pray in a more secluded area even though you’re not at home.

• Alcohol-free environment

These accommodations don’t offer alcoholic beverages, as most practicing Muslims are not allowed to drink them. This gets rid of any temptation while vacationing.

• Modesty guidelines in common areas

Do note that your clothes must adhere to the guidelines of the accommodation, especially since you’ll be staying in a place where the majority of the guests are Muslim. You also need to pack modest clothes, which means that they should not show a lot of skin. This is especially followed when you’re in a common area, such as lobbies, on-site restaurants, and more.

• Gender-segregated common facilities

You’ll also find gender-segregated facilities in Muslim-friendly accommodations. For instance, if you want to swim, you’ll find a pool exclusively for women and one for men. Spas and fitness centers are also usually separated by sex. All of these provide a safer space for women and men separately.

• Culturally trained staff

You won’t have to worry about the staff not accommodating your religious needs or traditions because they’re well-trained. They have undergone sensitivity training as well as other related seminars to ensure they cater to guests in a top-notch manner. You won’t feel judged or scared to approach them.

• Consideration of Islamic holidays and religious festivals

Many Muslim-friendly accommodations also consider Islamic holidays and festivals, from Ashura to Muharram, so guests won’t need to leave the premises to celebrate or practice them. You may even find that some accommodations host cultural shows, family-friendly activities, and educational programs so everyone can have fun. Plus, if you stay in a property during an important date, such as Eid ul-Adha, you may get great deals and packages!

• Community engagement

What’s great about staying in a Muslim-friendly accommodation is that you’ll feel a sense of community and belongingness all the time. You have the opportunity to support many local Muslim communities, which can also lead to lifelong friends.

Top destinations with Muslim-friendly accommodations around the world

Destinations with Muslim-friendly accommodations in the Middle East

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• Türkiye

Türkiye, situated in the Middle East, is best known for its baklava, bazaars, and monuments. It’s also composed of about 99% of Muslims, making it one of the most Muslim-populated countries in the world. So, it’s no surprise that there are also Muslim-friendly accommodations, such as hotels, in a lot of its cities and towns. You can find them in places such as Fethiye, Alanya, Antalya, and Istanbul, among many others.

• United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates, or UAE, captivates visitors with its many rich offerings that will leave people wanting more. Its capital, Abu Dhabi, lures adrenaline junkies with its numerous theme parks, such as Ferrari World Yas Island, and provides Muslim-friendly accommodations. On the other hand, there’s Dubai, known for its soaring skyscrapers and incredible beaches. You can even find the top Muslim-friendly hotels in this city by clicking here.

Destinations with Muslim-friendly accommodations in Asia

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• Malaysia

Malaysia — with the tagline Truly Asia — provides visitors with an unforgettable time with its plentiful beaches, rainforests, and overall friendly locals. If you’re also looking for Muslim-friendly accommodation, check out the ones in Johor Bahru and Ipoh. For those who love serene atmospheres, head to KLCC Park or Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Meanwhile, those who want to learn about Malaysia’s long history can visit the stunning Pinang Peranakan Mansion or Merdeka Square.

• Thailand

There’s so much to love about Thailand — from its local cuisines, including the top-notch spots for halal breakfast in Hat Yai, to its vibrant nightlife, you’ll certainly find your stay here memorable. This country also boasts a rich culture and religion, with over 6 million people here being Muslims. You can also find numerous Muslim-friendly accommodations in Krabi, Pattaya City, Hat Yai, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai. Make sure to stop by Phu Wiang National Park or any beach while here!

• Indonesia

Southeast Asia boasts a lot of gems, such as Indonesia. This country has about 17,000 islands and boasts hundreds of beaches to choose from, with the famous holiday destination being the iconic Bali. There are also temples, mosques, and halal restaurants here, making it the perfect place for those practicing Buddhism and Islam. You can even find Muslim-friendly accommodations in Bali, Lombok, Jakarta, and Ubud.

• Japan

If you want to see bustling business districts and rich culture in Japan, then it’s high time to book a ticket and see them for yourself! But apart from its technological advancements as seen in its cities, such as Tokyo and Kyoto, you’ll find Japan a religious oasis, thanks to its many temples and mosques. If you’re a Muslim and want to experience Japan comfortably, stay in a Muslim-friendly accommodation in Sapporo, Osaka, and Hokkaido.

Other destinations with Muslim-friendly hotels around the world

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• Africa

This continent is teeming with vibrant cultures and heritages, so you’re sure to find all kinds of fun and diverse activities. Top-notch attractions include The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Jardin Majorelle, and Karnak. There are also plenty of mosques here, such as Hassan II Mosque and the Great Mosque of Djenne. Stop by Marrakesh in Morocco to wander through its ancient medina and many souks (markets), and to experience its blend of Arabian and European culture. For your stay here, check out Muslim-friendly accommodations in Mauritius and Cape Town.

• France

There’s nothing quite like the City of Love! Whether you’re here alone or with a significant other, you’re sure to find Paris a dream come true. This French capital is flocked with visitors from all over the world year-round, visiting attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. You can also find excellent Muslim-friendly accommodations here.

• Greece

Greece, a thousand-island country, envelops visitors with a warm embrace throughout. There’s so much to appreciate here, from its ancient ruins to beaches. Of course, your time here wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Parthenon and the Acropolis of Athens. Elevate your getaway by staying in any of the Muslim-friendly accommodations here.

• Scotland

Natural beauty is what best describes Scotland. This UK country is the perfect place to sit back and spend your vacation in peace, all while having access to a more bustling area. Make sure to allot time visiting the gorgeous lochs and castles, such as the famous Loch Ness and Edinburgh Castle. And if you’re searching for accommodation that caters to Muslims, click here for options.

• Spain

Many places in Spain are Muslim-friendly, so Muslims will have little to no issues while here. Apart from Muslim-friendly accommodations, this European country has numerous attractions. With the famous buildings in Madrid, safe neighborhoods in Barcelona, and places to visit in Valencia, this country is a perfect spot for many tourists searching for unique activities and subcultures.

Things to consider before booking Muslim-friendly accommodation

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• Location

Aside from finding a Muslim-friendly accommodation, it’s also important to consider the property's location. Your stay will be even more convenient and easy if you stay near mosques, Halal restaurants and grocery stores, and more. This way, you won’t have to go far from your accommodation to buy food or go to a place of worship.

• Amenities and facilities

Check out the amenities and facilities offered in the Muslim-friendly accommodation of choice on a booking site or official website to see if they provide what you’re looking for — may it be a quiet, dedicated praying room or a Halal restaurant. You also have to consider the seasonal amenities, such as the gender-segregated pools.

• Cultural aspects

Before anything else, be reminded that you’ll be staying in a Muslim-friendly accommodation, so you need to respect their culture and guidelines. It is best to follow the dress code, learn the right way to interact with other guests, and be kind to everyone.

• Reviews from Muslim guests

Getting a perspective from a previous Muslim guest will help you figure out whether the property you’re eyeing is the right place for you — and you can do so by checking out their reviews from booking sites. While at the site, you may find certain amenities or features they enjoyed and things they didn't particularly like.

A halal stay awaits you

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This article gives you insights into the offerings and beauty of Muslim-friendly accommodations. If you're planning a vacation soon, this accommodation type will make everyone feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable — thanks to its many inclusive amenities and facilities. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this article to find out more about Muslim-friendly accommodations and destinations!

Muslim-friendly accommodations in Asia

Muslim-friendly accommodations in the Middle East

Muslim-friendly accommodations in Europe

Muslim-friendly accommodations in Africa

FAQ's about Muslim-friendly Accommodations

  • What is halal tourism?
    Halal tourism focuses on the Muslim's travel needs and preferences based on their religious upbringing and faith. It is dedicated to making sure that these people have a worry-free stay.
  • What are some typical features of a Muslim-friendly accommodation?
    When going into a Muslim-friendly accommodation, common features that you’ll find are praying rooms, gender-segregated facilities, and halal cuisine. Also, rest assured that the staff is all trained to carefully and respectfully adhere to the culture and practices of the Muslims.
  • Where are Muslim-friendly accommodations located?
    Muslim-friendly accommodations can be found in many countries since there are approximately 2 billion Muslims in the world. But you can find these accommodations in places in which this religion is more prevalent, such as in Indonesia and Türkiye.
  • How can I find a Muslim-friendly accommodation?
    You can find many Muslim-friendly accommodations by simply searching for them online on any booking site or official website. You may also list the help of a travel site, such as Trip101, to find the best options for you.
  • What is a halal certification?
    Halal certification is a way of officially saying that an establishment follows halal requirements regarding the Muslim’s teachings about food, way of living, and more. You can contact the staff beforehand to clarify about their halal offerings.
  • Are there accommodations that host Muslim-friendly events and festivals?
    Absolutely! A lot of Muslim-friendly accommodations also celebrate certain events and festivals so that you won’t have to leave the premises. You can double-check the event schedule on their official website or contact them for more details.
  • Are there any dress codes in a Muslim-friendly accommodation?
    Yes, the majority of Muslim-friendly accommodations have a strict dress code to adhere to their religion. You must always wear something modest and cover up your skin to be respectful of the property and the people around you. However, you can check with the staff to learn more about the specifics regarding clothing.
  • Do Muslim-friendly accommodations allow non-Muslim guests?
    Some Muslim-friendly accommodations allow non-Muslim guests, so long as they follow and respect the rules given by the property. Before booking these types of accommodations, make sure to research or reach out to the staff.
  • Are Muslim-friendly accommodations pet-friendly?
    There are Muslim-friendly accommodations that allow your furry friends to come along, so you won’t have to leave them at home while you travel. However, it’s best to contact the host or staff for more information about the pet policy and requirements.
  • Do Muslim-friendly accommodations cater to families?
    Yes! In fact, a lot of Muslim-friendly accommodations are geared towards families so all the members can have fun together. You can book the family room and join in-property events available to make the most of your trip.

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