15 Must-Go Restaurants In Osaka, Japan

15 Must-Go Restaurants In Osaka, Japan
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A fan of sushi, ramen and Japanese food? Don’t worry, because Osaka boasts good food and fun places. Here are some Osaka restaurants that are bound to satisfy your local food cravings.

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Konamono (The flour-ishing food scene)

1. Ajinoya - Michelin Guide 2016 Bib Gourmand Worthy Okonomiyaki

On the 20th of October 2015, Ajinoya was selected to be featured on the “Michelin Guide Kyoto/Osaka 2016”, having attained the “Bib Gourmand”. Bib Gourmand refers to recommended restaurants that sells food under 5000 JPY (50 USD). An okonomiyaki powerhouse with 65 years of establishment, the okonomiyaki made here is known for their super soft and fluffy texture. Their most popular okonomiyaki would be the one made with pork, minced beef, squid, octopus and shrimp. With crunchy sweet cabbage and chewy squid and octopus, their okonomiyaki will certainly create a wonderful mix of deliciousness that you will never forget.


Address: 1-7-16, Nanba, Chuo-ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: [Mon] 6pm- 10:45pm [Tues-Fri] noon -10:45am [Sat] 11:30am - 10:45pm

Contact: +81 6-6211-0713

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2. Fukutaro - Negiyaki that melts in your mouth

Pork negi yaki at fukutaro, namba
Source: Photo by Flickr user nakashi used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Everyone knows about the Okonomiyaki from Japan, but if you go to Osaka, the Negiyaki is a must try! Negiyaki is, simply put, fried leek. Small cut leeks fried with flour and meat, usually accompanied by a tinge of soy sauce, definitely an unforgettable unique taste. Fukutaro is famous for Negiyaki that just crumbles in your mouth. Although Negiyaki is a fried flour food, add a squeeze of lemon onto it and you can enjoy a light refreshing taste of zest instead of the usual heavy, greasy taste. Give this uniquely Osaka food a go!


Address: 2-3-17, Sen-nichi-mae Chuo-ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: 5 pm to 12.30 am on weekdays / Midnight to noon on weekends

Contact: +81 6-6634-2951

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3. mog Pancake Cafe, Kyobashi area - Bringing back the child in you

Want something sweet for dessert, or even for your main meal? mog Pancake Cafe is there to satisfy your sweet tooth! mog is the first-ever cafe in Osaka that specializes in making pancakes. The towering pancakes will make you full, and the sweet sinful toppings will make you drool!

mog Pancake Cafe

Address: 1F Nanka Hall Bldg.,3-7-9, Nanba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: 11am - 9:30pm, last order 9pm

Contact: +81 6-6636-5995

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4. Atchichi Honpo Dotonbori Shop - Amazing takoyaki at a low price

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Right in the heart of Dotonburi is the Atchichi Honpo. A highly recommended item on its menu is the Soya Sauce Mayonnaise Takoyaki at only 500 JPY (5 USD). The shop is known for its juicy and bouncy products. In order to make this special texture, it is said that the shopkeepers used a special metal grill, coupled with outstanding skills. Since an eat-in area is available, get ready to enjoy both a visual and savoury experience.

Atchichi Honpo

Address: 7-19 Souemoncho, Chuo Ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: 10am-2am next morning (Weekdays) 9am -5am next day (Weekend eves)

Contact: +81 6-7860-6888

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5. Ramen Yashichi - A broth in a different league

Ramen Yashichi is definitely one of the must try ramen restaurants in Osaka. It ranked 39 on review website Tabelog’s top 50 ramen restaurants in 2016 and even more importantly, has cut the trouble of lining up for its customers. Servers will issue you a ticket indicating a time when you should return, so you can wave goodbye to the usual queuing woes that usually come with visiting famous restaurants. Waiting time is usually an hour on average.

Yashichi provides three main ramen options: shoyu (soy sauce), shio (salt) or tsukemen, where the noodles are served separately. Despite being small, Yashichi creates a broth that belongs in a league of its own. With its heavy, buttery, perfectly salty and creamy texture, this broth is a bonus to the fragrant chashu that tops the dish.

Of course, its convenient location near the Nakatsu Subway Station is also a plus point for hungry travellers.

Ramen Yashichi

Address: 3-4-8, Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka

Opening Hours: Weekday Lunch 11am-4pm

Contact: +81 6-6373-0035

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6. Umeda Kamatake Udon - Udon with a Kansai flavour

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

A close 3-minute walk away from the Umeda Station, Umeda Kamatake Udon is strongly recommended for all who want to dine in a retro atmosphere. Its udon have a distinct Kansai (west Japan) flavour of Osaka, and its thick noodles are not to be missed.

The tempura dishes in the store are highlighted by reviews. Umeda Kamatake Udon serves egg tempura on its thick udon, making the tempura dish unforgettable. Having a diet and cutting back on tempura? The restaurant also provides a healthier option of udon topped with just perilla and plum, providing consumers with a refreshing twist.

Umeda Kamatake Udon

Address: 9-26, Kakudacho, Kita-ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: 11am-10:30pm

Contact: +81 6-6363-7746

7. Dotonburi Kamukura Ramen - Ramen with a unique soup recipe

Editor's Note: Photo taken from the establishment's official social account

Dotonburi Kamukura Ramen is one of the most popular local shops. A special point of Kamukura ramen is the large amount of cabbage put into the soup, which gives the soup a healthy unique taste. The original concept was to create ramen soup that even ladies and children will enjoy.

More than that, Kamukura uses Dolce Pork from Italy, suggesting the premium quality of ingredients that go into their ramen. Along with A-grade rice from Yamagata prefecture, spring onions and cabbage from Nara, each bowl of ramen is a quality product made up of the best in different regions.

Dotonburi Kamukura Ramen

Address: 1-7-25 Dōtonbori, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-city

Opening Hours: 10am - 7am next day (Friday till 8am next day) Saturday 9am - 8am next day Sunday 9am - 7am next day

Contact: +81 6-6312-1238

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8. Miyoshiya - Super spicy curry udon

You have tried Udon, you have tried Curry Rice, but have you tried Curry Udon? For those that have tried Japanese curry rice, the usual taste would be sweet and mild. But this curry udon restaurant is unlike the usual in Japan. Spicy enthusiasts rejoice, for Miyoshiya is known for is titillating spicy curry udon. Those not used to spiciness, challenge it nonetheless! Its spiciness may leave you panting for cold air to soothe your burning tongue, but its deliciousness will leave you coming back for more!


Address: 9-17, Nanba Senjitumae, Chuo-ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: 11am-11pm. Closed on Thursdays.

Contact: +81 6-6643-2220

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9. Otaru Eiroku - Quality sushi at affordable prices

Editor's Note: There's no photo available at the time of writing

Otaru Eiroku has been serving sushi for over 20 years, and is highly recommended for anyone who craves good sushi during lunch. The interior of the store is bright and largely made of wood, giving it a warm, bright and cozy feeling that is comfortable for customers.

You can get a sumptuous 15 piece sushi platter during lunch for 1050 JPY (10 USD). Its urchin-don (urchin rice) uses urchin directly sent from Osaka, hence ensuring the freshness and deliciousness. Topping your rice with plenty of fresh urchin, you are bound to be satisfied with Otaru Eiroku.

Otaru Eiroku

Address: B1F Soken-honcho building, 2-1-8, Minami Honmachi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: Lunch / Mon -Fri only 11:30am - 2pm, Dinner/ Mon - Saturday and Holidays 5:30pm - 10:30pm

Contact: +81 6-6366-0367

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10.Gumbo and Oysterbar, Umeda Chayamachi - Fresh raw oysters

Source: Photo by Flickr user Hajime NAKANO used under CC BY 2.0

A restaurant that is famous for the freshness and “safeness” of their raw oysters, Gumbo and Oysterbar is everything about oysters. Hot pot oysters, raw oysters with lime, tempura oysters, donburi oysters, grilled oysters, fulfil your oysters fantasies here! And no small sized unsatisfying oysters, these are big, juicy, jumbo-sized oysters that would fill your mouth with oyster goodness.

Gumbo and Oysterbar

Address: 10-12, Chayamachi, Kita-ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: 11am- 3pm, 5pm -11pm (Last order 10pm).

Holidays: Sunday dinner time

Contact: +81 6-6377-2206

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11. Fugunabe - The mindblowing dish

Fugunabe, or blowfish hotpot, is one of the various interesting ways to eat the fish. As fugu requires specific ways of cooking to avoid the fish’s dangerous parts, eating it in restaurants is definitely a better option. And why not? It’s delicious! If you are eating Fugu in Osaka, a dining recommendation will be Ajihei. A low budget dining place, it is popular amongst fugu lovers.

Ajihei imazato

Address: 7-2-5 Shinimazato, Ikuno Ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: : 5pm to 10pm (Last order 9pm). Closed on Sundays

Contact: +81 6-6753-3301

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…and more!

12. Restaurant Hokkyokusei - The Origin of omelette rice

Omurice restaurant by POHAN in Shinsaibashi, Osaka
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user 柏翰 / ポーハン / POHAN... used under CC BY 2.0

Located in America-mura, Hokkyokusei is said to be the first restaurant of its kind in Japan to serve traditional style omelette in 1925. Enjoy the fluffy egg layers with ketchup rice underneath. Hokkyokusei is famous for their fine control of the eggs, making sure it is cooked at just the right texture. With a choice of 8 types of omelette rice on the menu, one is bound to find their favourite.

Another highlight is the architectural style of the restaurant. Guests are transported back in time as they immerse in the traditional Kizuya architectural style of the famous omelette rice restaurant. The restaurant has an inner courtyard and guests are seated in a spacious room.

Hokkyokusei Shinsaibashi Branch

Address: Japan, 2-7-27, Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: 11:30 am- 10pm. Holidays on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve

Access: 5 minutes’ walk from Nanba Station

Contact: +81 6-6211-7829

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13. Jiyuken (Nanba Store) - Famous regional product of Osaka

Jiyuken namba
Source: Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Ogiyoshisan used under CC BY-SA 3.0

With its longstanding brand name, Jiyuken has established itself as an Osaka Meibutsu (Famous regional product). Its curry is made entirely of natural ingredients, with absolutely no preservatives. At the Nanba store each day, skilled workers only start making the curry at daybreak to ensure freshness of the taste. At each store of the chain, the taste is controlled by the branch itself.

Different from the usual curry rice elsewhere, Jiyuken mixes its rice with roux to create a unique blend of flavour. By adding an egg above the mixture, another layer is added to this complex and tasty dish. It is a historical flavour that has sustained since its starting days.

Jiyuken Nanba Main Branch

Address: 3-1-34 Nanba, Chūō-ku, Ōsaka-city

Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9pm. Closed on Mondays

Access: 3 minutes’ walk from Nanba Station

Contact: +81 6-6631-5564

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14. Kushikatsu Daruma - Heavenly meat goodness on a stick

Kushikatsu Daruma
Source: Photo by Flickr user Dick Thomas Johnson used under CC BY 2.0

Kushikatsu, comprising fried food on skewers, is one of the most iconic food of Osaka. Among all Kushikatsu stores, perhaps the most popular will be Kushikatsu Daruma. Daruma is a chain store in Osaka. You are provided with a wide assortment of ingredients including meat such as chicken and beef, and even vegetables such as brinjal, capsicums and mushrooms. Turnover rate of the food is fast so it is definitely worth queuing. It is an etiquette to not dip the same stick in the sauce provided twice, as it is common manners to restrict to one dip per stick!

Kushikatsu Daruma Nanba Main Brunch

Address: 1-5-2 Nanba, Chuo ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: 11am - 9pm. (Last order at 20 minutes before closing)

Holiday: New Year’s Eve: 7pm onwards to New Year’s Day.

Contact: +81 6-6645-7056

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15. Sora Yakiniku, Tsuruhashi - Cheap and delicious horumonyaki

Horumonyaki is a kind of Japanese cuisine made from beef or pork offal. Kitazato Shigeo, the chef of a yōshoku restaurant in Osaka, devised this dish and registered a trademark in 1940. If you are looking for cheap and delicious Horumonyaki to eat, Sora is a good place to start. There are many different flavours of Horumonyaki, but Sora is proud of their 7 different sauces, and is known to be very compatible with white rice. As a local saying goes: If you think of Sora, it has to be Horumonyaki, and if you think of Horumonyaki, it has to be at Sora!

Sora Yakiniku (Tsuruhashi)

Address: 1-10 Shimoajihara-cho, Tennoji-ward, Osaka-city

Opening Hours: Weekdays from 5 p.m. to midnight, from 4 p.m. to midnight on weekends.

Holiday: Tuesdays and the day after holidays

Contact: +81 6-6773-1300

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Osaka, here we go!

Get ready to indulge yourselves in this list of food places not only loved by online reviews, but locals as well. Be sure to snap a photo of yourself, because nobody leaves these restaurants without a a triumphant “been here, done that” shot. Enjoy!

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