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5 Local Specialities You Can't Leave Hawaii Without Eating

5 Local Specialities You Can't Leave Hawaii Without Eating

Food is indeed one of the most exciting parts of your vacation. Everyone needs to eat, and when you travel to Hawaii, you are guaranteed to have ample options of great food to choose from. Most likely, if you’re new to the area , or just visiting, you won’t be familiar with where to find the local specialties. I have put together a list of recommendations for you to try during your vacation in Hawaii!

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Sweet apple bananas

Bananas are one of the most convenient foods that are also rich in nutrients that we easily have access to today. However, when you are in Hawaii you will run into regular bananas, as well as much smaller sized bananas. These are called apple bananas and they taste much sweeter, and are richer in texture, than regular bananas.

In general, fruits and vegetables are really fresh and flavorful in Hawaii than on the mainland. Even vegetables, like corn and zucchini are much sweeter in Hawaii. Of those yummy vegetables and fruits, apple bananas are always popular among locals and tourists, and you can easily find them in supermarkets along with the farmers markets. As the name suggest, these bananas taste like apples; so sweet that even those who usually do not enjoy eating regular bananas eat them. When you are in Hawaii, definitely give apple bananas a try. You will not regret it!

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Sweet Purple taro bread

Taro is a root vegetable often eaten in Hawaii. You can cook other root vegetables similar to how you would chips, and add them in your everyday meal. You’re likely to see sweet taro bread everywhere in Hawaii; especially at supermarkets or farmers markets Once you slice into the sweet taro bread, you will be surprised at how purple it looks. However, don’t be fooled by the color, it tastes really good and if you like sweet bread, this is the bread you have to try. There are also other sweet breads, like guava, which is typical in Hawaii too, but I personally really enjoy sweet taro bread. I shared this bread with a friend of mine who is only 2 and a half, and she really enjoyed it as well. Therefore, feel free to give this to your kids as a sweet treat!

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Malasada, the Hawaiian doughnuts

Malasada, Hawaiian doughnuts, are round shaped doughnuts that you often come across on the streets, farmers markets, or at events when you are in Hawaii. They are deep fried doughnuts covered in sugar, which are so bad for you, but so good! There are simple plain ones without any filling, then are those with fillings, such as mango, pineapple, and custard just to name a few. They are so ingrained in Hawaiian people’s lives that they were the sweets eaten after finishing the Honolulu Marathon in 2015.

If you get a chance, try to find freshly fried Malasadas, because they taste so much better when they’re warm or hot!. I personally like the plain ones the best, but I also enjoyed mango Malasadas, which were recommended when I tried them at one of the farmers markets.

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Spicy Poke Bowl

Spicy poke bowls make great snacks, and are excellent choices for lunch or dinner!. They are indeed spicy, so if you are not keen on spicy food, make sure you have plenty to drink near you or have a slice of bread with it., Whichever you choose, a fresh spicy poke bowl is a dish you must try in Hawaii!

The bowl in this picture is little unique as this spicy poke bowl comes with little extra. It’s great those who like spicy food, but cannot eat a whole lot at once, because this mixture gives you a little break in between from the spiciness. You can find spicy poke bowls everywhere, so definitely give it a try at least once! The one I got in the picture is from Shirokiya at Ala Moana Center where you can get plenty of yummy Hawaiian and Japanese food.

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Hawaii Kona Coffee

Hawaii’s famous coffee brand is Kona Coffee. I myself do not drink coffee, but I can still drink sweetened coffee with plenty of added milk. Of course, if you are a religious coffee drinker, you can find Kona Coffee beans wherever you go around Hawaii Kona Coffee is available at the ABC Stores, supermarkets, and at farmers markets, but if you need a little extra added milk and sugar, you can try the iced Hawaiian Kona Coffee like this UCC canned coffee.

Though, if coffee’s not your thing, Hawaiian Sun is a 100% juice made in Hawaii, which you can also find at many locations as well.

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Gain a little weight on your vacation to Hawaii

Simply put, the food in Hawaii is great. If you are here for a week or two, you just have to enjoy eating and trying the local specialties as much as you want. Of course, you may end up gaining a few kilograms (pounds), but you are on vacation, so enjoy your time in the aloha state! There is also plenty of other food that you have to try in Hawaii, like spam musubi and fresh pineapples. It is just hard to keep the list to 5 things, and because of the large Japanese Hawaiian population, as well as the massive tourism from Japan, for those who enjoy Japanese cuisine, give the Japanese food in Hawaii a try as well. You will be amazed to find that the Japanese food in Hawaii is as good as it can get outside of Japan.

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