10 Best Airbnb Vacation Rentals In Kruezberg, Berlin! - Updated 2022

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When it comes to the top stays in Kreuzberg, you’ll find that you’re picking from a near-perfect lineup of sensational locations. From downtown Berlin apartments to lavish houses, you won’t find yourself hard-pressed for comfort at any such location! Given the fact that Kreuzberg is well known for the high quality of its hospitality, it should come as no surprise that so long as you adhere to our recommended portfolio of world-class examples of Kreuzberg getaways, you’re in for the experience of a lifetime!

1. Kreuzberg art studio (from 97 USD / 82 EUR)

Down to the finest of details, this newly renovated art studio location, set in the finest area of Kreuzberg, has your name written all over it. Additionally, it has all of the amenities you could ever ask for, and then some. From a DVD player to complimentary Internet access to recently renovated facilities, this art studio exists as one of the most modern, most attractive stays in the immediate area. Booking this Kreuzberg art studio also comes with an added perk: you’re only steps away from some of the best sights and sounds in the region! Everything and anything that characterizes Kreuzberg as truly unforgettable is yours for the taking only a short distance from the location’s front doors, from the cafes to the restaurants to the bars. When you and one other privileged guest elect to call this location home, you’re in for the certified Kreuzberg stay of a lifetime!

Kreuzberg art studio

Price: from 97 USD / 82 EUR

Number of Guests: 2

2. Spacious Kreuzberg apartment (from 158 USD / 134 EUR)

You’ll wonder how you could have ever doubted the sheer quality of your prospective stay in Berlin, the second you get to experience the full effects of this Kreuzberg classic of an apartment for yourself! Sensationally gorgeous in all aspects, and readily affordable for even the traveler on the tightest of budgets, this spacious Kreuzberg apartment is teeming with possibilities, and with a terrific series of enviable amenities! First and foremost, a large, comfortable bed awaits your indulgence, for those moments at the end of the day when your head deserves to hit only the fluffiest of pillows. You’ll also find yourself the witness to great views of the surrounding attractions through your own apartment windows, as well as the recipients of perks like a coffeemaker, television, kitchen, and wireless Internet access! make sure that you’re providing your stay in Kreuzberg with the apartment that it deserves, when you select this spacious Kreuzberg retreat!

Spacious Kreuzberg apartment

Price: from 158 USD / 134 EUR

Number of Guests: 4

3. Freshly renovated Berlin stay (from 133 USD / 113 EUR)

Well-lit and excellently furnished, this recently renovated stay has everything that you could possibly hope to discover in a retreat of its caliber. From its studio nature to its ability to host multiple individuals to its kitchen, cable televisions provisions, and wireless Internet, a freshly renovated Berlin stay of this nature isn’t going to stay available for long. Additionally, this venue offers discounts to those who stay on a weekly or monthly basis, and offers the individual or individuals who stay there the chance not only to make themselves fully at home, but also the chance to familiarize themselves with the finest examples of local culture! Only a short distance from your front door exists local heritage staples, locations like cafes, market-filled streets, and friendly faces! it doesn’t take much to make for a world-class stay when you elect to make this freshly renovated Berlin estate your own.

Freshly renovated Berlin stay

Price: from 133 USD / 113 EUR

Number of Guests: 2

4. Berlin central apartment (from 164 USD / 139 EUR)

You don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to this Berlin central apartment! This modern, contemporarily furnished apartment offers you access to everything and anything that makes Kreuzberg a gem of Germany. Take advantage of this location’s many amenities, items that include room temperature controls, television, laundry facilities, iron, and more! You along with two of your closest friends or family members will undoubtedly feel proud to call his location your home for the complete duration of your stay in Kreuzberg, given the fact that it has everything that a visitor to the area needs! The view, the amenities, and the feel of the apartment’s atmosphere are all well deserving of your company.

Berlin Central Apartment

Price: from 164 USD / 139 EUR

Number of Guests: 3

5. Bright home away from home (from 65 USD / 55 EUR)

Make the absolute most of your next stay in Kreuzberg, Berlin when you take this venue up on its offer of sensational European hospitality! With all of the comforts of home, this brightly lit, well furnished residence allows you the luxury of making the place entirely your own. Watch out; if you’re not careful, you’re going to easily forget that you’re not in your own home! When it comes to the full effects of this establishment, you and one other esteemed friend or family member get to rejuvenate while you call the place your own, while enjoying amenities like a hot tub, and wireless, high-speed Internet onsite! The sky is the limit at this home away from home, where excellence in hospitality is as easy as a quick glance around the room! It’s affordable, luxurious, and awaiting your indulgence.

Bright home away from home

Price: from 65 USD / 55 EUR

Number of Guests: 2

6. Heart of Kreuzberg stay (from 54 USD / 46 EUR)

Speaking of luxury that awaits your indulgence, you have only the finest amenities from which to choose for the complete duration of time which you elect to spend at this stay, right in the heart of Kreuzberg! Where expectations meet reality, there you will find this excellence example of German hospitality, complete with a more than fair series of attractions that will more than define your stay in Kreuzberg as completely and entirely unforgettable. Brightly lit and visually appealing as ever, the heart of Berlin truly doesn’t get any better or more affordable than this. Revel in simple excellence with another guest of your choosing, with more than enough space to relax and to call the place your own. So long as the standard for hospitality excellence exists as the quality of one’s stay, this heart of Kreuzberg getaway will be one of the finest retreats from which you can choose!

Heart of Kreuzberg stay

Price: from 54 USD / 46 EUR

Number of Guests: 2

7. Sunny Kreuzberg flat (from 54 USD / 46 EUR)

Where the finest Kreuzberg stays in the sun can be found, you’d be wise to take notice of the astute amenities that accompany this Berlin flat. From top to bottom, this location boasts all of the enviable features that come to characterize an award-winning, unforgettable European stay. It always feels as though the late summer sun hits all of the right places through the glorious windows of this venue, and with its sheer affordability, you can’t find an excuse good enough to say no! Located in one of Berlin’s nicest neighborhoods, this flat will leave you speechless with its stunning combination of amenities and vibe. You and two friends could soon call this location home, with a kitchen, laundry facilities, and wireless Internet throughout the property! This venue is even equipped with quality family-friendly amenities, including a crib, for those with small infants. It’s a stay for the ages, when you make this Kreuzberg flat your own, for the duration of your time in Berlin!

Sunny Kreuzberg flat

Price: from 54 USD / 46 EUR

Number of Guests: 3

8. Private Kreuzberg getaway (from 58 USD / 49 EUR)

If you’re looking for a stay that boasts as amazing of a view as it does homestyle amenities, then your search has found a worthy conclusion when it comes to this private Kreuzberg getaway. Set on the very edge of the canal, you overlook the water, and are gifted scintillating views of the hustle and bustle that takes place along the often crowded water’s edge. Furthermore, the sunset across the water is simply breathtaking, and that view and many others are yours when you say yes to a stay of this caliber. This room has everything that you’re looking for in such a pristine stay, from a desk for work-related tasks, to a large, spacious bed, to well-lit furnishings and wireless Internet access throughout! Pets are also allowed at this stay, so you can bring your furry friend along for your Kreuzberg journey!

Private Kreuzberg getaway

Price: from 58 USD / 49 EUR

Number of Guests: 2

9. Old-style Kreuzberg estate (from 197 USD / 167 EUR)

Allow yourself the chance to fall in love with some vintage Berlin architecture, and you’ll discover that in no time at all, you’ll come to adore this old style Kreuzberg estate! What may appear to be old style on the exterior is indeed not lacking a single amenity on the interior. You’ll find yourself to be the privileged guest of modern, contemporary furnishings, for a rustic, homey feel that you’ll find irresistible. Light, bright rooms typify this estate in its entirety. You will also enjoy the fact that when it comes to his old style Kreuzberg estate, you’re the recipient of complimentary, mobile Internet access, so that no matter where you are at the estate, you’re always connected to the rest of the world. You and five other guests will surely experience the time of your lives, at this old style Kreuzberg estate, a champion of local architecture!

Old style Kreuzberg estate

Price: from 197 USD / 167 EUR

Number of Guests: 6

10. Roomy, capital apartment (from 98 USD / 83 EUR)

Looking for a stay that exists in the very heart, the very pulse of the city itself? Check out this roomy, spacious apartment that exists directly in the capital itself! Featuring a wide array of amenities and with the inherent capacity to host you along with two of your closest friends or family members, this apartment is a verified memory in the making. This apartment even includes a second, separate room with a baby bed, for those traveling with infants! A family-friendly venue through and through, the roomy, spacious getaway that is this Berlin classic also allows locals and visitors alike to indulge in amenities like a flat screen television, direct balcony access, kitchen facilities, and of course, wireless Internet! All this and more can typify your next Kreuzberg escape, the moment you decide you’re looking to make your stay unforgettable, care of this apartment in the capital.

Roomy, capital apartment

Price: from 98 USD / 83 EUR

Number of Guests: 3

The very best in local hospitality

All boasting sensational amenities and a chance to glimpse some of the best sights in all of Kreuzberg, this series of world-class stays in Berlin is the perfect list you need to top off a memorable European stay. No matter the duration of time you plan on spending in Kreuzberg, or your plans upon arrival, make the most of your getaway no matter its nature, when you adhere to our compilation of the very best in local hospitality available in Berlin!

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